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Duquette Johnston

Good evening all you beautiful freaks. I’m just out here waiting on a message from the mothership. Communication has been slow, but I have hope and still believe in peace and love and I hope you will join me. Do you believe in peace and love?

Alright all you beautiful freaks let’s walk out in love and be kind to ourselves and others and encourage those around us to do the same. We all want to be loved and this world needs more love and compassion. We need to show the children of the world we care and teach those here and those who are coming to love and give love. Peace and Love to all of you.

Morning desert hair don’t care. Missing the desert right now and the vast space and freedom it gave my mind, body, and spirit. Peace and Love to each of you. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #songwriter #pioneertown

We out here, or we were, or are, anyway what an insanely beautiful few days with the @desertanddenim family. Grateful for all the conversations and knowledge, new friendships and new tattoos thanks to my brothers @premiumtattoooakland

💀📿 can’t wait to be back at @desertanddenim this weekend and hang in the desert with family. Holler if you are going! #desertanddenim #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

Happy Birthday Levi’s 501! Toured all over the world and back in a pair of 501’s, had my ass kicked in a pair of 501’s, and even watched my children be born in a pair of 501’s. Thank you @levis for making the most classic jean ever and the premium team for all your support of my shop @clubduquette and my music.
Peace and Love
#levis501 #501day #levis #clubduquette

Congratulations to Chef Stitt Pardis Stitt and their entire @highlandsbarandgrill staff for their @beardfoundation Award. The embodiment of hard work and consistency and service. Chef Stitt has been a massive influence on me since I worked for him so long ago. This photo was taken by @carynorton for @billy_reid a few years back where we interviewed each other. Was an honor then and still is today. Thank you for everything Frank and Pardis. #highlandsbarandgrill #clubduquette #rebelkingmusic

Good morning sunshine. May peace be with you and your families and loved ones today. Go put on your favorite album and get down. Hugs if you need them. #peaceandlove #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

Happy International Women’s day! My wife @ruggedandfancy and I talked about it earlier and I whole heartedly agree, we should be celebrating women every day! My wife is an amazing women. Nothing I type will do her justice, but I’ll try. She is brilliant, beautiful, gifted, talented, kind, loving, giving, a loving stepmom and greatest mother who brings absolute joy to her son, and a BOSS! A straight up BOSS! A painter, a business owner of two businesses where she creates content, does digital strategy, marketing, copy writing, photography, merchandising, buying. I’m barely scratching the top of surface. She is my partner, my ride or die, my everything. I’m in awe of her everyday and I’m not always the best of showing it. Seventeen wild years together and good Lord willing our whole lives together. I hope I can be a better husband and partner to you every day. Thank you my love. #ruggedandfancyart

Give me dat ink! Recent work done by @r.izzo More coming soon I hope. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #tattoo

Good morning planet earth! Don’t miss this get down on Friday night at @saturnbham Me and my cosmic traveling brothers and sister will be opening for the beautiful melodies of @belleadairmusic and our dear friend and fellow cosmic traveler @rachaelnroberts will be opening up the night. Come let go of your worries and let the power of music heal your soul! Thank you @birminghammountainradio for spinning our songs and using music to bring people together. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #instagrambham

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