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Good morning y'all. This is Seth @fredpudding Brown. Seth is a complete bad ass musician and human. Truly grateful to have him playing most of all the keys tracks on the new album. This is from November last year when we were doing overdubs at @commvess with Jersey @john_agnello as my son calls him. Make sure you check out Seth's band @ladylegsband Have a beautiful day and go make some art, some love and some music and just get out and shake things up. I'll be at @clubduquette until 6pm. Come see me. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

Life is not always peace and love, but you better be damn sure that me and mine are going to do our best to strive for that in our home, in our shop, in my music, in my wife's art, and how we interact with the world. We fall way short all the time with each other and others. But we ask for forgiveness and hug and kiss and keep truckin along. Thank you for your patience waiting for new music from me. There are new songs and a new album and more coming your way soon. What will you strive for today? I'm at @clubduquette all week so come see me if you want to just chill and talk life and music or mountains and rivers. I need more coffee. 😘

Super inspired by sweet potatoes and Caribbean oceans right now. (Sometimes @ruggedandfancy steals Duq's phone-- BOOOOOOM). #hashtagthatboo

Just out here in the jungle streets of this strange planet called earth searching for magical melodies and checking myself for ticks. Peace and Love to you and your family. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #filthmart

Good morning all my fellow visitors. Just remember we are all visitors here and one day you and I will be gone. This is not meant to be a bummer of a post. We will all die one day, but I want to encourage you to make the most of your time here. Be kind to others, be forgiving because we all make mistakes and screw up. We need more compassion from all of us and we need more compassion from our leaders and lawmakers. I don't understand not caring for others and not doing all we can for better healthcare and mental health care in this country and better drug treatment programs. I know I'm rambling, but in the last week my circle of friends lost several people from drug or alcohol complications and some mental health issues. I just wonder when we will all start caring more. I am not always the most caring, I try and I sure as hell will fall short. Don't waste today, be kind to your self, be kind to others. And if you don't like my hippy rant kiss my ass! Oh wait I'm not supposed to be saying that. See we all mess up and need forgiveness. Remember we are all just visitors. I hope you all have a beautiful day visiting planet earth. I'm going to eat pancakes and hang out with my family and friends and work on some songs.
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #visitors

Grateful for anytime I get with these fine gentlemen and two of my oldest friends. We've all been making music with and around each other for over 20 years. Go check out @commvess and @opluss. #clubduquette

Good morning world that I do not understand. I hope you all find some peace and love in your day and share it with everyone you meet. I hold on to hope that we can make this a better world for future generations. Go make some art, some noise, go make love, work hard but rest even more. We all just want to be loved. Peace
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #eastlake #ruggedandfancyfamily

It's Friday, it's raining and I've been in the shop all day. Where are you? What are you doing? How much do you love @otisreddingfoundation and my bud @rosserriddle I'm taking the rest of this weekend to be with my family. We've been working non stop and if you are not careful it will stop you and we always try our best to make family our priority whether it has to do with the shop or music or any project. Sometimes that means you sacrifice events or shows and making a little extra scratch. Shop will be open all weekend with our girl @tyanndozier holding down the Club and taking care of y'all. Go meet her. New music is coming soon and maybe a show in August. Stay tuned and tell me what you are up to. Peace and Love
#clubduquette #rebelkingmusic #ruggedandfancyfamily

To say I am grateful to be their Father would be an extreme understatement. These knuckleheads are my crew and I love them unconditionally and thank God they love me. I could get real sappy and I might get a little sappy. At one point in my earlier life I was a turd of a dad and I was fortunate this bad ass young woman forgave me and kept loving me and hope the little nugget TWJ will keep on loving me. Never give up, be grateful, work hard and play hard, and love your family. Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #ruggedandfancyfamily #clubduquette #eastlake

Grateful for getting to make some noise with my friends last night down in Woodlawn at @commvess I'll never stop writing and releasing music. Thank you all for the support. Got any new music I should check out? #clubduquette #commvess #rebelkingmusic #woodlawnbhm #surfeastlake

When you got a broke ass tooth and don't give a damn. This here is my brother for life mister @jakecarnley the owner of @greatbearwaxco My shop @clubduquette would not exist without him. We share our space with his company and when @ruggedandfancy is not around we listen to the @gratefuldead really loud. Peace and Love #woodlawnbhm #burnbear #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

I'm fortunate enough and always grateful to have Batman handle my security detail on a daily basis. He's been kicking away bad vibes since the day I met him. Well unless he's pissed I won't give him cookies and then he just kicks my ass. Come hang with us in Woodlawn and you might get to meet Batman in @clubduquette or see him grabbing coffee at @woodlawncyclecafe
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #woodlawnbhm #burnbear #cyclecafe

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