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Duquette Johnston

Peace and Love Y'all. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

My friends kick Ass! R-tist of the @thegreenseedofficial rocking a Club Duquette original. Love getting to be a part of such an amazing record label like @commvess where all the artists elevate each other and challenge one another to make better and better albums. Everybody steps up! So get out tomorrow and support your local record store tomorrow for Record Store Day! In Birmingham we have a few but I'm heavily biased and got to my cousins shop @seasickrecords. Stop by there tomorrow Grab the @gettryin and @null_vibes split from @commvess and Seasick Records. Proceeds benefit @girlsrockbham and if you bring the album by @clubduquette you get 20% off graphic tees, except Woodlawn High. Have a beautiful weekend y'all. #rebelkingmusic #commvess #commvess #clubduquette #seasickrecords #recordstoreday

Me and the Wizard Jeffrey Cain of @commvess We go back to the start together like peanut butter and jelly. Once upon a time our bands shared a floor at the Brown Marx Tower on 1st north and 20th in Birmingham, Alabama. Grateful for his friendship, and musical and life guidance. Love these two good vibe tribe ships being next door to each other. Can't wait to release this new album on Communicating Vessels as well.
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #commvess #music #woodlawnalabama #woodlawnbhm

Karate Kicking Friday like Boo Yah! Seize the day folks! #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

Faces of rock n roll. I would not trade what I get to do for anything. Crazy long days and sometimes sleepless nights are all worth getting to make records and run my shop @clubduquette with my family. Always grateful for getting to rock with my heros like @steveshelley and my new hero @fredpudding from the band @ladylegsband Both blessed the new album with some flavor and were kind enough to join me and the rest of the crew at the recent @sxsw Work hard, don't quit, stay positive, and never be afraid to make your voice heard.#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #commvess

I don't understand hate and I don't understand greed, and I'll never understand not wanting to do what is best for our children and their children and our fellow humans and this planet where we live. Thank God for my son who challenges my heart daily, who reminds of what to focus on. He teaches me patience and makes laugh in the middle of the craziest toddler fit moments. I hope he always wants to play in the rain and mud and chart his own course. Teach love and hard work and compassion for our fellow humans. Peace and love to you all. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #ruggedandfancyfamily

Hell of a killer band and damn grateful for every one of them. Playing the @commvess showcase tomorrow night 10pm at the Velveeta Room. 📷 @wesfrazer #sxsw2017 #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette

Siting in Dallas, but headed to Austin first light tomorrow for a week of SXSW. I'm only doing one show this year so come see me and all label mates Wednesday night for the amazing @commvess showcase. My set is at 10pm with my band @steveshelley @davidswatzell @fredpudding @tmaceyt and @swtgrl235
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #commvess #sxsw2017

Saturday night throw down! What choo know about dis! This how we get down in East Lake when mom is out with friends. Next up track some songs about how tough it is to be a toddler. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #ruggedandfancy

What do you know about rock n roll! It's Saturday morning and my house is asleep. I can't stop thinking about art for my new album and how lately I have had no desire for social media. We all want connection and we need it now more than ever. Sometimes I don't post because I am insanely focused on being a good dad, husband, business owner and hopefully a good friend to those close to me. I do want to share more but being present in the moments I am living is more important. Some folks can fire off a quick silly photo a few times a day and others are pro at promoting what they do. There is no right or wrong in that I just wanted to share my struggle with posting and let people know who follow me I am still here. The new album is done, artwork is getting going, and I am headed to SXSW to play the @commvess Showcase Wednesday night at the Velveeta room. I'll be damned I just shared and promoted. I'll be down at @clubduquette today from 9 until 3. Come see me.
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #commvess

Loved getting a few minutes with this fine gentlemen @matteddmenson of @imogeneandwillie while we were in LA. Our beards are shorter and our hair is longer but we still grab each other's asses while being photographed. Stay true Stay dangerous. #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #imogeneandwillie #staywoke

Loved seeing the sunrise four mornings in a row out in the desert for @desertanddenim Such an incredible community. @tobias_indi @juniperridge and @crawlonwetdirt thank y'all so much for letting us join in. I'm already looking forward to next year. #rebelkingmusic #desertanddenim

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