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Duquette Johnston  Songwriter and owner of @clubduquette with my boo @ruggedandfancy

Good morning. I’m not really awake yet. I hope you have great coffee and friendships today. Make love, not war, with yourselves and your partner. Don’t over think it. Be peace and love. Stay positive.

Space is the place! Sending peace and love to anyone who reads this, today, tomorrow, the next day and beyond.

"Yeah, okay. The truth is... I am Iron Man.” Who are you?

A Spider-Man, a leopard, and Iron Man walk into a bar.....
Halloween ruled!

This picture of mine and my sons shoes almost has me at a loss of words. So simple, so meaningful to me and a reminder to stay present in each moment. Blink and it’s all changed or gone. Choose positive and love your family.

This is not me in the picture. This is Jake. Jake likes the ocean and tacos and Jimmy Buffet. He’s an awesome dude. Peace and Love

A lot of negative and dark things going on in the world. For the love of all that is holy please don’t give into hate, or negativity or losing hope or compassion. We can change the world, but we must hold on to hope and be positive and active. Here is a photo of me and my friend @mend_marthaellen just holding hands and talking about stitching on a shirt. Get out and hold hands and love your friends and neighbors. Hope this photo brings you joy and makes you laugh. Peace and Love 📷 @ruggedandfancy

Good lord I over think! What up people? It’s Friday night. This world is crazy and I just want to spread peace and love. Choose people, choose this planet, help others and certainly don’t take yourself so damn seriously. I’m typing this in hopes of taking my own advice. Love y’all! Let’s talk. Oh and there’s a deer in my ear.

Morgan and I are super stoked on life. Come shop with us at @clubduquette You can trust us. I mean, look at us here.

Between y’all being amazing yesterday with encouragement and these two knuckle heads keeping me in check, all is well. Find you some folks that make you laugh at yourself, find you some folks who love you no matter what, find you some folks who challenge you and push you and lift you up. And don’t forget to wash your hands, don’t be spreading no colds and flu round here. Peace and Love

Hello my name is Duquette and I just took this photo. This is me here and now. I choose to fight away fear, to learn to rest, to be a better man, to be a better listener, to be a better teacher, and father and husband and friend. Today I felt massive fear and anxiety when I was supposed to be resting. Life is balance and I hope to improve and always learn. I just wanted to purely share what my day was. I’m grateful I even get to do what my family is doing. We bust our ass with Club Duquette and try our best to keep our family first. I’m writing lots of new songs and a new full length should be out next year. I love each of you and am so grateful for the support of my music and our shop @clubduquette If we can ever do anything for any of you just let me know. Choose peace and love and compassion.

I love you. #peaceandlove

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