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β€’ F R E E D O M β€’
Over the past three days we saw heaven literally come to earth.
Tumors in arms being prayed over and disappearing, knees being healed, relationships with family members that had been broken being restored, kids feeling REAL love for the first time, freedom from addiction, freedom from shame, just FREEDOM!! Last night we literally experienced heaven and there are no words that could actually express the beauty and glory of it all.
I get to leave completely wrecked by how good God is and how BIG He shows up. (Not to mention I got to serve alongside some of my favorite pastors and worship leaders ever. I couldn't have asked for a better dream team!!) Here's to next year!

Happy 4th everyone!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦…

My baby brother isn't a baby anymore 😭
Happy 18th Birthday to this man! (I'm gonna try to not cry all day)
To the other half of our ugly ducking duo: you are so incredible!
The way this guy loves people is the most inspiring thing I've ever seen, he constantly goes out of his way to cheer people up when their having a bad day and encourage them.
He's always the life of the party as he's making the most random (mostly stupid) jokes.
He has always been, and still is, one of the most hard working people I know. The fact that at 18 he has 4 part time jobs and can keep up with all of them is mind blowing.
He loves the Lord with every fiber of his being. Being the baby he kinda got the worst part of dad getting sick but he has pushed through it and come out so much stronger through it all.
He's the biggest daredevil and always looking for a good adventure!
He's so stubborn is ridiculous!
He has the most legit curly hair.
And he's my baby brother and I'm so honored to be able to call him that.
Happy 18th birthday James!!!

Happy Fathers Day to the strongest, most courageous, most selfless man I know.
I wish there were adequate words to say how much I love him, but there aren't. I could never say thank you enough times for it to all add up.
He showed me what real love looks like, how to be ridiculously stubborn, how to procrastinate at everything but still get things done, to follow passionately after the Lord at all costs, how to be selfless even when it hurts, how to walk out hurt and disappointment and come out on the other end a victor. Words can't come close to express how grateful I am for this man.
Forever my hero. Forever my favorite. (Now if only he had actually passed down that dark skin gene to me then I wouldn't have to tan so much 😜) I love you Papi!!

It's mah girls Birthdaaaayyy!!!!! My trusted to person to always go on late night taco runs with me.
My part time roommate.
My partner in crime.
My favorite person to harmonize to James Bay with.
My person that always makes me laugh more than I probably should.
And the person who picks on song a week and plays that song to death until I have to tell her to stop. πŸ˜‚ #Congratulations πŸ˜‘
So here's to her turning 23 and being a boss at life! Love chuuuu
(also the best part of this is she hates everyone knowing It's her birthday so it makes this even more fun)

Dear Jamaica,
I miss you. One day I'll come back. I Promise. πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ’š

> > F R E E D O M < <

Two years ago Momma Rita (aka @ritaspringer ) let a bunch of women invade for home for a week for @thedivecreative
We all went for something different, but we all walked out with a new sense of freedom and words from Daddy that pierced our hearts and had us crying our eyes out in front of total strangers on the first night of meeting each other.
We all walked in as strangers with baggage weighing us down, and we walked as sisters that championed each other into our destinies.
We don't talk every day or even every month, but the impact of that week is still there. The bond of freedom that holds us together to where we can pick up the phone after not talking to each other for a year and we are right where we left off. Where we can encourage and champion each other back into the truth of who we are as daughters.
That week is branded onto my heart, because it's a week that I gained SO. MUCH. FREEDOM.
That week is branded onto my heart because of these women that taught that it's ok to trust people again.
Two years ago....everything shifted. And I still can't describe how thankful is am for it.

When you try and surprise your best friend with an awesome birthday present and do an Escape Room and somehow (without knowing) randomly picked the hardest room they have.
Yaaaa needless to say we DIDNT escape but we're still friends so it's all ok right?
#TranslateGerman #InterpreteMorseCode #HowDoYouEvenSpellMorseCode #Only1out10PeopleActuallyEscapeThisRoom#LooksLikeWeAreOnTheLosingSide #StillGotFreeStuffTho #WeCuteSoItDontMatter #TheyHadFunWatchingUsBeStupid

Soooo today (pretend this is two hours ago) is my best frands birfday!!!!! For some reason she still puts up with me and how ridiculously dumb I am. πŸ™„
She goes to Jamaica with you and for some reason trusts you enough to not go on a tour and have ourselves just "wing it". We've gotten in a stupid amount of trouble together but then somehow found our way out of it. 😏
After 8yrs of friendship I finally have her saying that she loves me back!! 😎
And after all this time she's somehow still puts up with me cancelling our multiple lunch dates that we've had planned. πŸ™ˆ
In other words, this girl is a saint!!! πŸ˜‚
There's very few other people I laugh as hard with, actually cry in front of, and am as brutally honest with as this girl. She's kinda the best!

Excuse me while I just go and pretend this is where I am right now. Kay?
#TexasYouShouldntBeAllowedToBeThisHot #AtLeastNotWithoutABeach #AndTheBayDoesntCount

This girl in the middle....ya she's kinda the freakin greatest person ever, and today was our last day to work together.
So excuse me while I go cry my eyes out....Kay? Thanks 😭😭😭😭😭

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