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Popped over to familiar sights and enjoyed this thicket. Summer's still going strong. #photography #landscape #forest #outdoors

2/2: Finished this DIY project today - I found this veiled headband while bargain hunting and I knew I wanted to do something with it. Imitation flowers, a hot glue gun and some time and patience later (along with burnt fingers) this piece was finished. Still drying but I love the soft drama and the contrast between the black veil and the cherry flowers. #diy #headdress #flowers

1/2: Finished this DIY project today - happy with how my green-pink duochrome cherry turned out. Not the colour I originally aimed for but I still love it. 🍒🍒#diy #headdress #glitter #duochrome #cherry

Post-dinner walk in pouring rain. Not too bad when you're wearing the right gear (waterproof stuff that's usually used when boating).

There are three cities I will always love - Helsinki's one of them.

It's strange how much I forget to appreciate the beauty that's around me - especially in places that I know. Need to get back into the rythme of photographing again. Been nice to let the brain recuperate but I'm overdue with creating images.

03/07/2017 - what many may not realise about Helsinki is that it's a city with many faces and styles. My personal faves are the pastel facades of some of the city's older structures. I love walking around and looking at the diverse architecture of Helsinki. #photography #helsinki #finland #helsingfors #architecture

Unexpected perk of bleaching/colouring my hair - I apparently now have silver ends because they've been bleached by the sun. An unexpected surprise.

19/06/17 - time to head back to colder weather. Ciao Italia - I'll be back. #photography

18/06/17 - My favourite thing about Rome are the many small vias that you can endlessly roam, just to find yourself back where you started from. #photography #rome #landscape #outdoor #urban #exploring

17/06/17 - visited the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Both were overwhelming in many ways.

16/06/17 - Roma!

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