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It's always a time of reflection I find, another year older and all that.
I can honestly say at 29 I feel amazing. I wasn't where I planned to be at 29 when I was younger and I was planning my life! Yesterday I found some diary notes from when I had my eating disorder and it feels like another lifetime. It is heartbreaking to read, but all of those hardships made me the woman I am today. I get to help others becuase of those dark days and that feels amazing.
I have the most inspiring and loving people around me that support and nurture me and honestly, I feel like I wouldn't want to be anywhere else at 29 then I where i am right now.
No one wants to get "old", but it's a real privilege. So I am embracing and celebrating my day.
Side note- I am not training today becuase i have a crazy work day, but if you lot are, 29 reps for ya girl yeah?! 💁🏻‍♀️

Good morning guys! I hope you are all having a great week.
I'm off for an early chest and core workout. As I have said in my Stories, I have some training goals that I want to achieve and one of them is to be stronger in my core and press ups. I barely train core on its on, so it has been a bit of an adjustment but I like to challenge myself and not just do the same old stuff every week.
Keep your training fresh and you will always be excited for it!
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Legs starting off the week right!
I managed to film a lot of my workout today so see below the full workout if you fancy it! . 💎8 sets of high rep mini band glute activation (mix of heavy and lift bands and then some banded bridges) 💎Heavy banded crab walks x20 each SS heavy banded pause back squats 10-12 reps x3 sets
💎TRI SET: seated abduction x45 reps, sumo deads x15 reps, banded thrusts (the next video along) x3 sets 💎BB Bulgarian split squat x10 SS same leg step up x10 x2 sets 💎CIRCUIT: stretch pointed extensions x10, Lunge to squat x10, lunges x14, leaning fwd flex extensions x5 sets.
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So for those of you that have been following my journey for a while, you will know i decided to hang up the heels in October. After spending years (Not just with competing but being a dancer) obsessed with how I looked, i wanted a new way of life. To focus on my health, spending time with loved ones, putting my energy into my business - things I couldn't do to my best when I was competing.
So there have been some ups and downs of course, and I find this way of life far harder than any prep, but I do feel SLOWLY that I am getting the hang of it. It takes time for sure, I want to be leaner some days I look at myself, I want to lose muscle some days, but as the time goes on I am feeling much more happier with how my attitude is changing to how I look. It is a real adjustment for sure, but it is so worth it!
I have filmed a detailed update ready for YouTube so I will let you know when that's up if you're interested!
Happy Saturday Babes!
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Some work from today. Ended up doing some hamstrings and back.
Got my goals set for training to keep me focussed and push myself out of my comfort areas!
Hope you guys are feeling strong and improving in your training 💪🏻😘
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So this week it is mental health awareness week, so I wanted to share some thoughts with you guys from my experiences.
Almost 9 years ago, I was diagnosed with anorexia. At the time when I was anorexic, I felt happy - controversial right?! It was never about looking skinny, it was about control, and i was happy becuase I was in my little bubble, I had no real worries other than how many calories I was eating and how long I should run for. I was dreaming of becoming a hugely successful dancer, but was losing weight fast and it got to the point where I couldn't dance any more. I remember being at SYTYCD audition and thinking "I am going to pass out" and having a panic attack (I guess an apple wasn't sustainable enough 🙄)
I went to a clinic to help with my recovery - that's when the real struggle came. I had to own up to my feelings and emotions, own up to the fact I felt like a "weak" human becuase I had this problem.
The struggle of trying to add food back in my diet, and showing everyone I was "normal", yet behind closed doors I couldn't breathe.
With anorexia, people can see there is something wrong. When I started to put on weight, people assumed I was back to normal, when in reality I was struggling even more. Being sick after every meal, having such destructive depressing thoughts.
And that's the issue with mental illness isn't it? We can not see it. We have no idea what people are really going through.
So I urge you all to be a little more kinder to people, a little more tolerating of people. If you are lucky enough to never know what mental illness feels like, do your best to be compassionate and understanding, because if it wasn't for my compassionate and understanding friends and family, I don't think I would be here now. ❤
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A big ol squat session today. I literally did about 20 sets haha. Enjoying challenges in the gym and seeing how my body reacts. I'm learning how far I can push before I need to bring it back a little to then push harder.
I kinda went pretty hard today becuase I knew I was seeing the Osteo and she could fix me haha!
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Happy humpday guys!
I have a manic day but going to squeeze in some legs between clients and see my Osteo too.
Keeping on top of niggles and being sensible 😎. Have a good day you lot! 💖
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A little motivation to set me up strong for my workout!
Hope you guys have a goodun!
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Some chest and biceps (with a teeny bit of shoulders) I am so weak on my chest which is a big reason why I hate training it. So I have made a goal today to get stronger in my chest. All about bringing up those weaknesses right?! A quick overview of our workout-
💎Flat bnch press x8 sets 💎Decline bench press x3 sets 💎Incline DB press x3 sets 💎Shoulder DB mix press x3 sets 💎Cable flys SS biceps x3 sets 💎Bicep finisher x3 sets
#chestworkout #biceps #fitness #lifeseason #motivation
#gymmotivation #girlsthatlift #girlswholift #strongwomen #girlswithmuscle #outwork

32 reps for @mrcaydas.bodybuilding birthday today. It was BRUTAL!
It's so fun to train slightly differently then you are used to though. We did 32 reps on back yesterday too and I actually have really good back soreness today!
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This post may seem a little controversial but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. In by no way do I want this to come across as negative, I try and keep my space a positive place! Just something I wanted to share with you all.
I've noticed a huge shift at body power.
Years a go it was a place filled with IFBB Pros and so many inspirational people, there was a real buzz and you would happily que to get some wise words in with real athletes you look up to.
Now it seems to be filled with reality tv stars, social media stars and the real essence of bodybuilding has gone.
I've noticed this same shift on IG, I can't go onto a popular page without seeing the same looking people, in the same clothes, drinking the same protein, posting the same butt videos. This is what is popular now. Whereas the accounts that give you solid advice, real knowledge on how to grow and improve as an individual in this sport typically have a low following becuase they just "ain't cool". People seem to want to get training / nutrition plans off of someone becuase they're hot and want to be like them, but they miss the fundamentals of what makes a good program, which leads to people buying them not being able to follow the plan entirely and therefore end up feeling crap because they can't do it.
In this industry, I have always wanted to motivate and inspire people and help them gain in confidence and knowledge in anyway I can. I want people to identify with me not put me on a pedestal. I get so many messages from people saying my real talk on post show binges / history with eating disorders / showing myself in all stages and being open with struggles in my physique is a breath of fresh air, and praise me for sharing experiences which can be deemed as embarrassing or hard to talk about subjects.
Why though is this still taboo?
NOW don't get me wrong, everything has its place, I think I'm just getting old haha, but i just think it's interesting how there has been such a shift. I understand the appeal of these people online that look perfect all the time, but make sure the accounts that you fill your IG up with are making you feel inspired and motivated, not inadequate.

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