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Rebecca Ingham  👩‍👦‍👦Boy Mom 🏃‍♀️Former couch potato & party girl 🙍Lifestyle Mentor 🍎Food & Fitness 🐻Cubs 🚫Sober 17yrs 💻I'm the boss of me. 💪🏻Group Ex 🐱 Fur mom


Happy #Thursday!

How ‘bout them #Cubs, huh?

Crystal and I have been moving slow this morning, after yet another crazy Cubs game. (One perk of being a work from home #bossbabe!). 〰
Anyway, shower has been taken, makeup on, no workout at the moment because I’m still taking it a bit easy after pulling my sacrum out of place the other day.

But did have a super yummy and healthy #breakfast: eggs and a vanilla, strawberry, pineapple pure nutrition smoothie.

Got some killer tunes cranking, computer up and ready and time to get some work done before this evenings #INSANITY class at Wellmark Y (hint: some new stuff for you, my #DSMInsaniacs!).

Also will be checking in on how things are going with our new teammates joining us today in the UK!! 🇬🇧

Even with all the ups and downs being a coach has brought (more ups, by the way), I’m so freaking proud to be a small representation of this amazing company.

And seeing how my team, that started with little ol’ me having the courage to reach out to the lady who ultimately became MY coach, has grown to hundreds, helping thousands and we are just getting started. ❤️

There is alway room for more, so I invite you to have the courage to learn more from me; all you have to do is comment or send me a message. 😊

Okay, AC/DC just came on my playlist and that’s my cue to go kick some ass.

Until later, my friends!


#ThisIsUs fans:

There is a playlist of the music from the show on #Spotify, and it’s amazing.

Direct link in Linktree in bio or open your Spotify and just search for it.

You’re welcome. ❤️

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

No matter what you have going on in your life right now, you are an amazing human.

You have gifts the world needs.〰
You are beautiful.

You are smart and caring and talented.

No matter what others try to project onto you, remember that they have their own stuff they need to work on, and it’s always more about that than it is about you.

Your job is to continue to work on YOU.

Their job is to work on THEM. If they are not willing to do that, that is on them.

🔅So, today, get up, put on your big girl or big boy pants.
🔅Do some good personal development reading.
🔅Drink your water.
🔅Move your body.
🔅Spend a few minutes in meditation or prayer.
🔅Write out your feelings. 🔅Reach out to someone if you are feeling sad or lonely.
🔅Be there for someone who is sad or lonely.
🔅Pet your fur babies.
🔅Clean something in your house.
🔅Give something away that could help another human. 🔅Give thanks for having another opportunity to show the world your gifts and actually do something to show the world your gifts.

And read what is on the image too. ❤️

I woke up today stupid early (not on purpose) so decided to write. I'm realizing that I don't do enough writing and I need to start doing more.
Anyway, are you a dream pursuer or a crab in a bucket? Read my blog post to decide.

And I'd LOVE it if you would share it with your social media following. ❤️
Link will be in the bio. 😁

Nothing like getting up and teaching INSANITY on 3 hours of sleep 😴!
At least it was worth it, since the Cubs won!
And this girl can at least take a nap today, since I’ll be heading home in a few. ❤️
One perk of being my own boss and a die-hard Cubs fan. 🐻

Every choice you make today impacts your future. Keep that in mind.
Real talk:
Are the choices you are making today going to make your tomorrows better?
Or are you living your life with the “When I have.....” mindset or the “I’ll do it tomorrow” mindset?
Or maybe you are in complete denial and bury your head in the sand.
The thing is, it actually doesn’t take as much as we think to make real lasting changes, ones that can positively impact our lives in a positive way.
🌟Start the workout, one that you enjoy doing.
🌟Choose the healthier choice more often than not.
🌟Start that business you’ve been wanting to start.
🌟Surround yourself with positive people.
🌟Take the vacation.
🌟Put good things in your brain.
🌟Be nice to others.
These are just a few ways, off the top of my head, how each and every one of us can choose today to make our future a one to look forward to. ❤️

Insanity Saturday’s are always a good time!
The #DSMInsaniacs kicked some major butt today, and I’m dang proud of them. ❤️
FYI, here are some fears and facts about INSANITY:
“I am way too out of shape to do INSANITY”
INSANITY is geared towards all levels. Every move has a modification that is perfect for the beginner or those who are restricted due to previous injuries
“I have heard it’s non-stop working out. I don’t think I can do it!”
INSANITY is what is known as Max Interval training, which means that our work effort is the same as our rest period. A person does not need to work at 100% effort during the entire time. Work at what % you are capable of and together we will build you up to a higher intensity
“There is no way I can do all, or any, of the jumping”
☀️FACT:☀️ With modifications, you can eliminate virtually every jump in the program & STILL get an insane workout! ************************
“I have bad knees”
You can modify each and every move, & there is a good chance that at least one or two others in the room are in the same boat. I can help you with options that will work for you. ************************
“I am afraid to try it”
☀️FACT:☀️ Join the club! Everyone is afraid to try it. It’s hard, make no mistake, but, it’s also one of the most rewarding workout programs you will ever do. Your sense of pride and accomplishment after each & every class will amaze you. Your newly found energy will motivate you. And your physical & inner strength will inspire you.
I teach at the local Y’s, soon at Nationwide Insurance in downtown Des Moines (for employees) & have pop up classes elsewhere also.
But, if none of those work for you, I can still help you get started with Insanity or any other program right from home. *
Send me a message or comment below & we can chat all about it. ************************
And, I’m taking a few new people ready to work on their own healthy habits in community; click the link in my bio! 😊

Slacked on getting Crystal walked and now it’s raining. 🌧
So, downing my golden go-go juice and hitting up my strength workout date with Shaun T. 💪🏻
When I’m done ✅, hopefully the rain stops long enough to take her for her walk, because I think 🤔 she’s kind of mad at me now.
Oh, and my little healthy living community is focusing on good nutrition habits this month, so I invite you to reach out to me or just click the link in my bio to request to be added! ❤️

When life and the world are extra insane and I feel helpless and hopeless, I remind myself of this.

It’s so important to start your day on the right foot.
A good, nutritious breakfast (I had my superfood nutrition smoothie and a couple of hard-boiled eggs 🥚).
Some quiet time to reflect and center yourself 🙏🏼.
Some sort of physical activity 🏃‍♀️.
Water 💦 to hydrate yourself.
Staying away from negativity as much as you possibly can.
Since Monday, I’ve spiraled into a dark and angry 😠 place. I don’t want to rehash what’s been going on, because we all know what’s going on.
So today I am trying to reverse my mood and do the things I know are good for my soul, and most of them are what I listed above.
I hope 🤞 your Wednesday is off to a good start and you do things to take care of your mind, heart ❤️, body and soul.
And if you need help getting into a good place yourself, please reach out to me. That is my job on this planet 🌎: to help people work on themselves and be the best they can be.
You can comment, you can message me, you can email me, and you can also request to join my little Facebook community too. Link is in my bio. 💕

Working breakfast this morning. ❤️
I love that I just have to take a few steps to get to my office. And I can work in my sweatpants or yoga pants, if I want. And I can listen to whatever I want and have my fur babies at my feet. 💕
I’m currently looking to help 10 new people join my team, ranked 314 out of 300,000+, to make an income while also working on your own health and fitness.
Comment below, send me a message or email or text me to chat and see if this would be a good fit for you.

New month.
New beginning.
New mindset.
New focus.
New start.
New intentions.
New results.
There is just something magical about a new month, at least to me.
It’s like, no matter how great or how bad I screwed up the last month, I can start with a clean slate so I can refocus, tweak and realign myself with my goals.
How about you? Do you feel the same about a new month? What are some of your goals you are planning on pushing a bit harder to hit in October?

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