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Let's all have a moment of silence for all the calories lost in tonight's #InsanityLive class at Wellmark Y. 😎⠀

The #DSMInsaniacs were on FIRE 🔥 tonight and brought their A-game, for sure.⠀

And my stats are 351 calories and 3203 steps. I'll take it!⠀

#theinsanitygirl #wellmarkymca #livethehealthylife #trustandbelieve

Happy Saturday, friends!⠀

There is so much to be unhappy and upset about in this world, I totally agree and I get it.⠀

The thing is, being unhappy about things does not change them.⠀

Instead, mourn and grieve when it's appropriate and needed, but for the rest of the stuff, turn off the TV (especially the news), find something, no matter how small it may be, that brings you joy, and focus on that.⠀

Find a way to fill yourself with joy and happiness each day, and do what you can to spread it to others.⠀

That, right there, is one of the first steps to making this world a better place. ❤️ #saturday #happiness #happy #joy #livethehealthylife #theinsanitygirl #youcandoit #joelosteen #quotes #quotestoliveby #focusonhappiness

FitBit & MyFitnessPal stats for the day.⠀

Staying accountable. Doing this for me. ❤️ #fitbit #shaunweek #lowcarb #backatittomorrow

Did a little #ThrowdownThursday challenge with my #2017LiveTheHealthyLifeCommunity.⠀

The challenge for today is to do an extra 25 push-ups, over and above any done in a workout.⠀

They get to see my video of me doing my push-ups in the group, but here is a little screen shot for the rest of you.⠀

BTW, this group is open to anyone who wants to make a change in their workouts, nutrition and life.⠀

If you'd like to be added, drop your email in the comments and I'll send over the link to join. It's free!⠀

#pushups #fitnesschallenge #livethehealthylife

Shaun Week day 3 is complete!⠀

This one was "Insane Weights". Have to admit, I really liked it!⠀

Next up, lunch and then teaching #Insanity to the #DSMInsaniacs at 4:30pm at Wellmark Y.⠀

If you would be interested in trying these Shaun Week workouts, for FREE, drop a ❤️ in the comments.⠀

#shaunweek #theinsanitygirl #livethehealthylife

Stop and think for a moment....⠀

What are a few things that the You from the past thought you would or could never do, that now you do with ease?⠀

Or, what are a few things that the You from the past made it through, either completely by choice as something you did to grow and challenge yourself, or something that you didn't necessarily choose, but the Universe brought you to push you out of your comfort zone?⠀

Share with me. I love to hear success stories and stories of perseverance. ❤️ #inspiration #success #successquotes #youcandoit

And, MyFitnessPal stats:⠀

1440 calories in ⠀
1881 calories burned⠀

#highcarbday #MyFitnessPal

FitBit stats for the day:⠀

14,173 steps⠀
2184 calories burned⠀
6.08 miles burned⠀

4 various workouts logged:⠀

Dog Walk⠀
#ShaunWeek day 2⠀
#InsanityLive class taught ⠀
Extra little run around the house to get a few more steps in ⠀

#fitbit #fitbitchargehr #fitness

Got in right around 96 oz of water today. Most of them in this here quart sized Mason jar.⠀

Anyone else like drinking out of Mason jars? 😁 ⠀

#waterwednesday #livethehealthylife

The #DSMInsaniacs killed it tonight at Wellmark Y!⠀

There were puddles of sweat 💦 everywhere, and as they say:⠀

"If you still look cute after your workout, you didn't work hard 😓 enough".⠀

That is definitely true for all of us after tonight's workout, for sure!⠀

See you tomorrow at 5PM at Walnut Creek Y, or hit me up for how you can get some extra #Insanity in your life if you can't make it to another class this week.⠀

#theinsanitygirl #insanitylive #shaunweek #shaunt #livethehealthylife

Somebody got herself a new headband! #TheInsanityGirl⠀

We had a great turnout for our 30 minute #Insanity class tonight at Walnut Creek Y.⠀

Well done, #DSMInsaniacs!

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