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Beca Carranza-Hicks 

In a couple of weeks it will have been 16 months since we started our agonizing home buying journey. During the last 16 months, we found the house of our dreams and had our offer on that house accepted, only to have it all fall through; we looked at countless other homes trying to mend our broken hearts; we finally settled on a builder, put a down payment on one of his lots and went through 4 months of floorplan tweeking, only to find out I had cancer the week we were signing our contract to proceed with building; and now, for the last 2 months, we've been in awful negotiations with a ridiculous seller who lacks all human decency and common sense. All of that to say... the madness ends TODAY!!! We are officially home owners and my heart is so full it could burst! I'm so ready to be settled and to REALLY start my life with husband (cancer and apartment free)! We still have quite a few renovation projects ahead of us, so pray for our sanity, but at least I can now say... WE'RE HOME! 😁I love you John Allen Hicks! Thankful for you and this beautiful life! 🏡 ❤️🙏🏼#partyatourhouse #hickshome

This past year I learned that no matter how old you are, there's nothing in the world that can replace a mother's unconditional love and support. Thank you, mom, for always being there no matter what. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I wouldn't be who I am without you ❤️ I love you, forever

My first nephew of 2017 made his debut last night! Lincoln Wilder Hitte. His mommy and I have been friends since we were eleven, so I have a lifetime of stories I want to tell this little one!!! He's perfect and I can't wait to hold him! Proud of you, @laurenhitte and @cmhitte3 !!!! #puppyears

Faithful. Joyful. Triumphant. ❤️

The cancer I'm most worried about today is HATE. Please, don't let it spread. #werewithher

My favorite picture of my favorite guy 😍Happy birthday you beautiful, heart-stealing ginger! I wish I could give you the world because you more than deserve it. I love you!!!!

10.10.16- One year of marriage. In 365 days, we have survived: a move to a different city; a new job and a new office location; a house hunt; a house design process; numerous car breakdowns; planning a high school reunion; a move to a second apartment; and a cancer diagnosis. John Allen Hicks, there's nobody in this world I would rather have by my side for all life's madness. Thank you for a year of being my personal:
Box packer
Uhaul driver
Furniture builder
Decor hanger
Pinterest partner
House scoping partner
Car mechanic
Feast cooker
Cake driver
Balloon carrier
Venue decorator
Wound cleaner
Shot giver
Blood stopper
Hug giver
Hand squeezer
Tear wiper
Nerves calmer
And so many, many, MANY more things. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. Happy first anniversary, my love. ❤️

The truth, my friends. ❤️

10 months since 10/10! John Allen Hicks, you are my sunshine ❤️

Love. #nofilter

Houston space craft. Just kidding.

Waiting for the lights

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