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Beca Carranza-Hicks 

Belfast Christmas Market. Those freaking colors❤️ #belfast

Daylight savings is the absolute worst... but there are some perks ❤️ #officeviews #nofilter

Only time orange is acceptable, ever! ASTROS ARE FREAKING WORLD CHAMPS!!!!! #houstonstrong #earnhistory #sportsillustratedcalleditin2014

10-17-17! Happy birthday to the love of my life! You only continue to get better with age, so while you cringe at the thought of your birthday, I celebrate this day with zest! I love you and I’m so thankful you were born! (Excuse the adorable niece appearance in the birthday shoutout, but it’s one of my all-time favorite pictures ❤️)

Two years since I married this rockstar. We’ve been through so much in a short 24 months and I can’t begin to pretend it’s been easy, but we’ve made it through because, above all else, we love the hell out of each other (and we make each other laugh...a lot). John Allen Hicks, I’m so glad you chose me. I love you ❤️

John is always swearing up and down that he doesn't sleep well (or at all) when I'm not home. Obviously, I've always thought he was completely full of it and just trying to be sweet. So I'm out of town for work last night (Thursday) and 5 mins into me being home today John says, "I have something to show you! Look at how much I wake up when you're gone!" Low and behold, his new sleep app has finally provided evidence that he wasn't lying! He really misses me! 😂 It's the little things! ❤️ (notice he snores less when I'm gone, though...how is THAT fair?) #thankyousleepapp #makehimproveit

Exactly one year ago today, I went to the doctor because I had recently been experiencing shoulder pains and, on one occasion, a painful heart-attack sensation. I left the doctor’s office with some prescribed physical therapy exercises, as well as an order to get an x-ray, that same day, “just in case.” By the end of the day, I would find out I had a large mass in my chest, which a few weeks later we would confirm was cancer. 365 days ago, today. What a humbling, gut-wrenching, faith-testing, eye-opening, priority-altering, gratitude-filled year it has been. There’s been so many significant milestones throughout this journey, but today, somehow, feels like the biggest one yet because I made it all the way back to this fateful August day that changed everything. Not only did I make it back to this day, in general, (announcement time) I'm also now officially 100% in remission and completely out of the woods (we found out at my 6 month check up, last month-- sorry for the delayed announcement). What a joy, what a blessing, what an overwhelming privelage to be alive on August 9th, and every other day of the year. A million times thank you to each and every person that provided encouragement, support, assistance and love during the last 365 days. You are why life is worth living! ❤️ Happy new year to me!


Miss you, Fort Worth ❤️

In a couple of weeks it will have been 16 months since we started our agonizing home buying journey. During the last 16 months, we found the house of our dreams and had our offer on that house accepted, only to have it all fall through; we looked at countless other homes trying to mend our broken hearts; we finally settled on a builder, put a down payment on one of his lots and went through 4 months of floorplan tweeking, only to find out I had cancer the week we were signing our contract to proceed with building; and now, for the last 2 months, we've been in awful negotiations with a ridiculous seller who lacks all human decency and common sense. All of that to say... the madness ends TODAY!!! We are officially home owners and my heart is so full it could burst! I'm so ready to be settled and to REALLY start my life with husband (cancer and apartment free)! We still have quite a few renovation projects ahead of us, so pray for our sanity, but at least I can now say... WE'RE HOME! 😁I love you John Allen Hicks! Thankful for you and this beautiful life! 🏡 ❤️🙏🏼#partyatourhouse #hickshome

This past year I learned that no matter how old you are, there's nothing in the world that can replace a mother's unconditional love and support. Thank you, mom, for always being there no matter what. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I wouldn't be who I am without you ❤️ I love you, forever

My first nephew of 2017 made his debut last night! Lincoln Wilder Hitte. His mommy and I have been friends since we were eleven, so I have a lifetime of stories I want to tell this little one!!! He's perfect and I can't wait to hold him! Proud of you, @laurenhitte and @cmhitte3 !!!! #puppyears

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