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Jill  Blessed wife, mom and Grammy. I love my Savior, husband, kiddos, Brooks! #styleitupdesign

Happy Tuesday! It is hot in Houston!!
My thought provoking friend Ute @bibiwitch is ending her hashtag #whatwouldmylifebewithoutxxx. Today it is simplicity.
When she tagged me I laughed so hard! Simplicity is not in my DNA!
I wear multiple bracelets, have multiple animals and MANY MULTIPLE decor items!
As I pondered this, and how to tell Ute I would not be sharing, it hit me. Simplicity can mean different things to us. The simplicity of stopping for a moment to look at a sunset. Simplicity in being grateful. Simplicity in enjoying a meal. Thank you Ute😘
I urge you to go read Ute’s post today. It really makes you think. So much, that I may clean out a closet tomorrow!!

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Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is staying cool.
There is a new hashtag that is so sweet. #blessedhomestyle. One of the talented hosts is Anita @cozycapecod and would love for you to share for this new hashtag.
This vignette is all about books! Ute @bibiwitch has posed a great question for this week. #whatwouldmylifebewithoutxxx. Today it is books!
My mother was an educator and believed in the power of reading. Every summer I was enrolled in the summer reading library program. If you read a certain number of books you were able to go to the music hall for a symphony! I was hooked. I love being immersed in a book and being transformed into the characters lives. I love all books and have a living room full of them! Swipe left to see Brooks shelf of books.
So I would definitely say myblessedhomestyle includes books!
Thank you Anita and Ute for inviting me to share! Go by and see these talented friends of mine.
I have tagged the hosts to the left and Ute to the right so you can play too!

Happy Sunday! It is a rainy day here. Perfect for watching the Astros and getting caught up on IG!
My sweet friend Zamira asked me to share for her wonderful hashtag #simplyseasonaldecor. Thank you Zamira!
My living room is dressed for the summer with plenty of shells and nautical touches. The bowl on my coffee table reminds me of a huge wave in the inside of it. My pillows add just a bit of the summer vibe.
Have a great week friends!
Hosts are tagged in photo.

Hope your Fourth of July is wonderful 💙❤️
God bless America🇺🇸

Happy Monday!
I am thrilled to be sharing for two of the kindest and talented friends of mine today! Leslie @its.all.about.thyme and Sheri @piratelife4she for the exciting new hashtag #SimpleCozyNest. Leslie is one of the hosts. Thank you Leslie and Sheri for inviting me to play!
I thought I would give you a glimpse into my entry, ready for the Fourth of July🇺🇸. One can never go wrong with a copy of the Constitution! Flags and red white and blue complete the celebration!
The hosts would love for you to play along. I have tagged them in the photo.

Happy Sunday! I know all you are gearing up for the Fourth of July!
I am so thrilled Renee @dugansgirls asked me to share for her fun hashtag #sundaydunnday! I get to show off my Rae Dunn Fourth of July goodies! Those fabulous sundaes are from the super talented Kathy @strawberrycupcake22.
My celebrate platter was a lucky find while I was in Minneapolis! Thanks Rachel!
Thank you Renee! Please go visit Renee. She truly is #onetofollow!
Our hosts are tagged in the photo.

Happy Friday! It is strangely cloudy here today in Houston from the Sahara dust storm. Amazing how dust can travel across the miles!
My kitchen is clean and ready for the Fourth of July so I was thrilled when the amazingly talented Rosana @nestofpetals asked me to share for her fabulous hashtag #happystyledhome. As I have said so many times, my kitchen is my happy place, no, not because I like to cook🤣 but it is the heart of our home. I am constantly changing and arranging in here!
Swipe left to see an older than dirt Fourth Of July decoration. That little house was an Avon purchase 25 years ago! I keep everything🤷‍♀️
Please go see Rosana. She makes the most gorgeous pillows and I am happy to say I own one too!
Our gracious hosts are tagged in the photo.
I have tagged a few friends to share if time permits.

Happy Thursday! I have missed y’all! I went to see Brooks in Minneapolis. I was in heaven! But I am so happy to get caught up on all your beautiful posts! Forgive me for missing so much this past week!
You may remember last year I planted over 500 sunflower seeds and only got ONE flower🌻. I thought this year I will plant 1,000 seeds and 500 black eyed Susans. None of my black eyed Susan’s came up. Maybe 12 sunflower seeds came up and you guessed it, this is my lone sunflower🤷‍♀️ I don’t care! I love it and am thrilled to pair it with my Rae Dunn sign to share for my sweet friend Anita @cozycapecod and her wonderful hashtag #neverdunnndecor. Thank you so much Anita for thinking of me! Please go visit Anita and her beautiful posts💕
Our hosts are tagged in the photo.

Happy Wednesday!! As you know Wednesday’s are for coffee!
My sweet friend, Tisha @oak_hill_studio asked me to have a cup of coffee with her. So of course, I have to showcase Tisha’s beautiful beach artwork with our coffee! Tisha, I love my beach print and hope you like the beach theme coffee. We are having Hawaiian Kona blend!
I am also having a #virtualcoffeedate across the sea with Barb @1959treasures!
Thank you friends for your kind invitation today. I enjoyed it so much! Would Alicia @13tables and Sheri @piratelife4she like to have a cup of coffee if times permits?
Please go visit Tisha @oak_hill_studio and enjoy her gorgeous artwork too!

Happy Tuesday! It has been raining here in Houston for the last few days but it is sunny inside here on Rebawood Drive!!
My talented friend Kim @home.on.a.hilltop is guesting hosting #lovemysummerdecor.
My friends on #teamnautical, Tori @thedahlfarmhouse, Sheri @piratelife4she and Leslie @its.all.about.thyme shared their nautical/coastal bedrooms. I was swooning over each one and wished I could do my bedroom but did not want to spend any money to do so.
A challenge was issued by #teamnautical to see what I could come up without spending any money.
With #lovingmysummerdecor in mind I shopped my house. I reversed my comforter, brought in my summer pillows and the fun began. I had this gorgeous beach photo of my son and grandson in Puerto Rico and that was my inspiration! I had so much fun and appreciate the tag Kim and the challenge Tori and Sheri. It was a fun day!
I have tagged the hosts in the photo. Each one is so talented so go give them a visit!

Happy Friday! Finally! It has been a long week.
Remember that adorable garden gnome I showed y’all last week? So many of you loved him. I was blessed to win him and this adorable pillow from a giveaway Sheri @burlap_decor did! Is this not the most wonderful pillow!? Swipe left to see the details Sheri adds to her pillows. I am beyond thrilled to have won. Thank you Sheri so much! I love it💕
Sheri has the cutest Etsy shop. I just looked and she has so many wonderful Fourth of July items! Go by and look!
Thank you again Sheri for my treasures😘

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