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Rebecca Ljungdahl  Colorful Food editor at, chairwoman of Hannuri Korean culture association and soon to be teacher. Lives in Sweden, dreams of Korea!

Guys help me out! What do you think was my best hairstyle? I'm mostly reffering to hair colour. I am thinking of changing things up again and need some guidance. Help!

Nom nom nom. I like my ugly soup.

🎶Back, back again.
Guess who's back! My back pain... Ouch my back, ouch my back, ouch my back ... 🎶

Entertaining myself with my new project

Look at this masterpiece! Stuffed pepper and a grand heap of green salad 😋

Trying to stay bright when things feel dark.

Time to head out in the stormy weather!
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Walking around with breakfast in hand because Enzo can't decide if he wants to go out in the windy rain or not... (and sitting isn't really working for me right now 🤕)

I had so much planned, but spent the whole day on the couch with a back pain hindering me from doing anything productive.
New week, new chance tomorrow

I am very pleased with what I threw together in a panic.
Ovenbaked chicken with sweet potato and swede fries dipped in garlic cream cheese sauce accompanied by some arugola and fried onion. Amazing!

A good breakfast with a cheat of a digestive cracker. I'm not very sorry because it was delicious!