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Veronica Falcon  Mom. Actor. Choreographer. Human...with a sparkle of humor.Here’s a peak of the world, as I see it through my phone.Twitter @RealVFalcon

#for now.... Thanks for following ✌🏼Love u guys. I’ll be back soon, I promise ! 😘 Gracias por seguirme 🙏🏼 Los quiero❤️Regresaré pronto, se los prometo!😘

#tryingthis I’ll be be back posting in no time, Meanwhile be kind, laugh hard, love all & dream on! Regresare, se los prometo. Los quiero! Love you guys!😘

#update... #Gracias🙏🏼 I really, really love reading all your comments about #camila @queenonusa & every post here and in @twitter 🙌🏼Thanks so much for supporting the show, posting & supporting everything I do 😘For those who asked: There will be a Season 4 of #queenofthesouth It is official now! Season 3 will be on @netflix next year, idk when. I am on my second day of KETO Diet and yes I will let you know how it is. I just finished shooting @disneysjunglecruise and the movie will premiere Next Year. We’ll keep you posted. Can’t wait for you guys to watch this film! You gonna love #emilyblunt & @therock in it! I was lucky enough to work with a fabulous director @jcolletserra & with an amazing cast! @jackwhitehall @jesseplemons @danirovira @quimyo & @edgarramirez25 to name a few!!! We’ll keep you posted. 👍🏼Promise! That’s the #update 😉And now I think sometimes one needs to disconnect to reconnect. Take a bit of time to be looking up from my phone and experience the world “a la antiguita” that is #theoldschool way! You guys know that I love posting here and connecting with you but for now I’m just gonna lay off the posting for a bit...😳I know, I always say that and then I post more & more😂 Well, I’ll try!! 🤨Meanwhile, have fun, be kind, laugh hard and dream on!!!!! ❤️I’ll be back here & there... love you guys 😘! #agradecida #flow #life

#portraitphotography You know how some pictures are not you AT ALL? 😳Well, this is NOT the case of this one. I did my own make up and styled the outfit but that’s not it, I think that Jeremy caught something with his camera that I feel is me, very much like me....I mean, let’s just say it out loud: Why else would I wear a tutu at this point in my life? 🙄You would things that tutus are for cute ten year olds on their way to ballet class right? Well apparently not! 🙄😂Again...☝🏼that was the fault of my inner child. Blame her! Ok ok I’m going🤚🏼adiós 😘...#socialmediabreak #familytime #thekidmademedoit photocredit: @jeremydavidcreative

#fridaymood Keep your inner child alive, safe & very happy. The sense of wonderment, the sense of humor, the weirdo in each of us need that. I’m not a spring chicken anymore and yet my inner kids ( cause of course I have at least two) keep me sane & smiling. And now back to my social media break, I just wanted to wish you all an amazing weekend!!! #happyfriday #keepthekidlaughing

#thexfactor How lucky can a girl can get? I got to play with a great group of actors led by @therock & #emilyblunt 🙌🏼 Thanks @jackwhitehall @edgarramirez25 @danirovira @jesseplemons @quimyo to name just a few & I’m forever grateful to the super talented @jcolletserra our director! This is one of the most creative, fun & professional group of people I ever had the pleasure to work with. It’s really been an adventure of a life time for me! Thanks to @disneystudios @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco and all our producers for trusting me and bringing me on board!!! 🙏🏼💕I can’t wait for you guys to see this film. Why? Well, this is not just an #adventureromcom film is THE #adventureromcom film!!! Believe me this film has HEART or better said hearts cause it was a gigantic labor of love from everyone involved!!!☝🏼last thing Dwayne & Emily are right, the crew was absolutely fabulous👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#Shoutout for every single one of them. Our hearts are on their way to the movies! This 2019 @disneysjunglecruise 🎥❤️🙌🏼 You’ll love it! #grateful #itsawrap #hatsoff

#seasonfinale Camila is thinking....It's just Camila now. I just wanna say Thank you. You guys are the most amazing fans ever! Camila esta pensando...ya solo soy Camila. Solo quiero decir Gracias. Gracias por ser tan leales al show. #queenofthesouth #seasonfinale #grateful #bestfansintheland

#truthbetold ... Nope...Apparently I can do a bunch of things, I mean, I can talk with my eight personalities, eat chocolates while I read, take selfies in a foggy bathroom, I can even do the little chicken voice but definitely differential and integral calculus is not on the list! Someone please, take this phone away from me for Fucks sakes!!!! my posts are getting dumber by the minute....Ok I’ll just put my phone in the hotel safe and forget the password, shouldn’t be so hard, after all I’m known for having done that before.... many times! you know, forget the password of the security box😳Ok ok time to stop this crazy posting and try to do something productive....🙄😂 #happyWednesday everyone

#neverforget ...every Sept. 11th, the #oculus opens up to reveal a line of sky, exactly at the same time the northern tower fell under the attack. #remember9-11 #santiagocalatrava photocredit #architecturaldigest

#fbtuesday #CamilaVargas Seasons1,2,3 @queenonusa It was an amazing journey! Love you, love this character. Season 4 coming 2019

#trade There’s always a price...#queenofthesouth #seasonfinale Next Thursday on @usa_network

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