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Nick Swardson  Typical Rick season 2 is out now. Click the link to watch both seasons. Then smell yourself.

A lot of people think acting isn't hard but I'm pretty sure we look hard as fuck. Rock hard- wait. @kevindillonofficial @jamesroday and Baakendahl #TheBuddyGamesMovie

Everyone is trying not to freak out but it's insane that Oscar Wilde is on our film crew for The Buddy Games.

Another day at the office #TheBuddyGamesMovie

#TBT I maybe had vodka in me during this photo. Filming Just Go With It. Zah sheep! I have a skill where I can turn anything into a toilet. So many blessings.

It looks like I'm filming an episode of my new show DJ Doctor Ninja. @joshduhamel and my angel @oliviamunn #TheBuddyGamesMovie

Long day with bae. @jesseyoung77 showed me the city on our day off. Vancouver is dope. Any recommendations while we're here for a couple weeks? Food spots? Hot toilets? Suck parties? Cum cannons?

My buddy created an app and you make whatever you want shirt wise. So of course I made what my brain thinks of. Create whatever you want or you get one of mine and we can be some weird diarrhea mafia. Cheers. It's called Shiftee for iPhone.

@chrisdelia I mean....shower salad?

My wife and I are googling if there are any dangers to doing a fart 69. @oliviamunn

Shooting an infomercial for Mayonnaise Abs. #TheBuddyGamesMovie

Three beams of light forming into one film. Josh, Nick, Olivia. My genitals can't handle it. Call for help. @oliviamunn @joshduhamel Nerk Swerdsmeresen. #TheBuddyGamesMovie

@joshduhamel is slowly losing his mind in the woods. He has a Monster Energy IV for 6 hours every morning. Many blessings to our dood @jensenackles for coming on the movie and being amazing. He is super natural like my genitals. #TheBuddyGamesMovie #Canada #Genitals

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