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Misa Campo  Canadian lady with husky problems. Difficulty level expert; Sarcasm level extra Without you, I wouldn't be me

"Ok now take a picture with the sign. Arch your back more" - @thekatkelley, Me: "Like this? This can't look good"

Most favouritest shoes forever ever ever... ever 🖤 📸 @julianmorales

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now 💋

💋 b x w

Shout out to the guys out there who try to belittle and cut down a lady thinking that's what will make them attracted to you. Cheers to the women who cut men down, too. Insulting a human being so that they should feel less than the beauty they are (inside and out) is the most obviously insecure thing I get to experience and witness done to others almost daily. It's so black hearted and you should be trying to lift people up and show them respect. I can't believe this is something a lot of women fall for and even I've fallen for in the past. Yesterday, I was cut down repeatedly for having been a nightlife waitress in Vegas, called an "Instagram model" in a negative way, and what did I plan to do with my life once my life career of being an Instagram model was over (because apparently I wasn't working as a model well before Instagram existed and that should be something I should feel ashamed of, even if I was one of the girls getting paid to post.) Does that make you feel good inside that you try to make someone feel insecure? I feel sorry for people that feel the need to judge the person I am based off a few pictures they get to see, that make up an entire total of 1% of my life. As if there is nothing more to a person than their work choice or picture choice. I see men knocking down women trying to earn a living, no matter what their line of work might be and all so that they can feel superior to them because they're insecure that their woman will do what she can to pay her own bills. I see women knocking down men who work SO hard for a living and dealing with crazy work hours and not giving a guy the time of day because they aren't showing off popping champagne bottles at the club every night and buying some expensive material shit or some brand new luxury car to impress everyone else. As if being a good person with a good heart isn't good enough in this world.

Can't stop watching Law & Order SVU 🆘

Ik hou nog meer van jou 😛

Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour

Comme ci, Comme ça

Miss your warmth ☀️

Silhouetta 📷:@thekatkelley

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