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Matt Letscher  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and THE FLASH as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash. Billy Chambers on SCANDAL. Tom Bradshaw on CARRIE DIARIES.

Titles By The Bed. I can vouch for some or most of each these volumes as being utterly worth your time. I've yet to complete a single one.

Cleaning out the "technology" drawer. Bout to get all Doc Brown up in this piece.


Working on this pair of Anthony Minghella plays through the end of August. Should you find yourself in Venice, CA with a yen for some remarkable writing spoken lovingly in a small dark space, please come.

Lens flare whore

I'm having tea with my pal. I steeped it myself, using that single serving little doohickey. I don't know if @tearunners approves of this method, but I owe them a big thanks for helping facilitate this new kink of mine. After meeting @jewelstaite and her husband and all-around good guy Charlie at #armageddonexpo and partaking in some harrowing adventures that included luging, hobbiting, and hunting the (not so) elusive glow worm, they were kind enough to send along some product from their (relatively) new mail order tea company called Tearunners. I always thought any tea not stapled into a sack with a paper tag on a string was too much work. Not so, as it happens. This comes right to your door with all the info you need. Great product. Check them out!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. They warm my heart. I don't normally like to acknowledge this day. Somewhere along the way I warped celebrating one's birth into a vague idea of self aggrandizement that made me feel icky. But lately, I've been feeling a lot more "fuck it" in my life. Fuck it. It's MY birthday. Who knows how many are left? I celebrate from a sense of gratitude to have a birthday at all. Look at me. I'm alive on the planet with you. Right now. Aren't we lucky?


My son's summer project is DIY plastic surgery. We're in the design phase.

Per usual, the artists came out in full force in Wellington this past weekend. Francisco, George, and Matthew: thank you so much for sharing your efforts with me. So much talent on display. And an especially resourceful cosplayer goddess to boot! Thanks again #wellygeddon attendees. You helped make a wet and wintry weekend much warmer.


Much love to @armageddonexponz for having me these past two weeks. From Tauranga to Rotorua to Wellington, the people of New Zealand have been absolutely unflagging in their hospitality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't afford a picture with @maxcarver and @charliecarver, so I stole this one, don't tell them. I hope @officialfranzd gets warm again someday. And a short vid from atop Mt Victoria while the sun still shone. Until next time...

Really hit it off with Mr Smeagol here. Love his work!


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