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Matt Letscher  This is my safe space. Actor on NARCOS, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, THE FLASH, SCANDAL, etcetera, etcetera...

Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.


ICYMI: This is what’s happening now. I’m pretty stoked to be on this show with @diegoluna_ and @mvegapena. Stay tuned.


Pirate love interest.

Tune in tonight!


Ok, so I’ll be appearing on Will and Grace tonight, and I wanted to get it out there, but realized that I didn’t take a single picture the whole time I was shooting. No biggie, I’ll just look for the casting announcement and post that. Well, looky here, we have the dapper @danbucatinsky and the legend Barry Bostwick and then SOME 90’S FRAT DUDE WHO JUST RAN 5 MILES IN HIS PAJAMAS. 😂😂😂 Omg Hollywood Reporter, where on earth did you find this photo? I don’t recognize this person and I deeply regret that shirt. Yet it’s nice to be reminded I once had eyebrows. Talk about Throwback Thursday, ay mami. AT ANY RATE... it’s a very funny episode of @nbcwillandgrace and I was thrilled to be asked by @maxmutchnick and #davidkohan and #julieashtoncasting to join the varsity for a week. Dunno what’s left of me in the ep, but before I started stabbing people with scissors and running around in leather suits, they let me do comedy. Check it out. Oh, and I think this cast might have something good going.


All my best filter work is done waiting for planes.
Yep.... yep.


One of my laces broke, so I’ve dedicated the last week to selling this look. Quick poll: do you see liberation as footwear? Or just a lazy ass bum?


I don’t normally try to work makeup capes into my everyday wardrobe, but I’ve been looking for something that says “Jolly Rancher”


I don’t know what this Matt Groening Cupid is made of or why it took four chefs to place it here, but I find it delicately terrifying. Much like Valentine’s Day.


Two teams

These guys don’t fuck around. We saw a guy carried away and teeth pop out of another. They work hard for the money.


Just spent a bone chilling, but soul-nourishing week in NYC. Saw some fam, took in some shows, did the Christmas thing as only NYC can do it. But the best thing we did was to finally visit the @911memorial. Not only remarkably well designed and informative, the experience is tremendously moving. Not only as a reminder of the incalculable sacrifice made by first responders and their families. Not only as a thorough exploration of everyone who was touched by or played a part in that day. What touched me the most was the memory of how united we were as a people, a country, a world on that day and those that followed.
Our guide, in challenging conditions, took great care to explain the intricacies of the design and showed tremendous respect for those who had fallen and their families. You will never think of the word “adjacent” in quite the same way again.

So, as long winded and tardy as this post may be, go see the memorial and take the tour at Ground Zero. It’s good for the soul.
Happy New Year, people. Here’s to a peaceful and loving 2018.


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