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Linda Park  Actress. Beauty lover. Health aficionado.

My little cluster feeder

We made it out for my house for my birthday! I was a little like Boo Radley but overall success with my loved ones. Thanks to my dearest @lyndsyfonseca for taking pics for this sweaty new momma 💖💖💖 @daniel_bess

My little panda bear 🐼

Our little panda baby monkey

King of the smiles #dimples

I’ve never been so in love. Sorry @daniel_bess

This guy was worth the wait, worth everything and more. Our little Cassius Park Bess born on Father’s Day for @daniel_bess He’s the greatest! He can’t be beat!

40 plus weeks pregnant, 2 weeks plus of prodomal labor. Birth is unpredictable, there is no formula(even though google would have you believe otherwise) it is completely feminine in its unknowable-ness. These two weeks have melted me down through exhaustion to giving in and letting go. I’m so in awe of all the mamas everywhere and their courage and strength.

My hubby likes to poke my belly and do the pillsbury doughboy giggle. He also likes to take embarrassing photos of me. I’m okay with both because he’s a legit stand up man @daniel_bess

My momma pregnant with me in her first trimester. I now recognize the look of morning sickness 🤢🤮 Happy Mother’s Day Kellie Park!!!

Testing the limits of spandex with @nicoleharlanballet #36weekspregnant

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