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John Gray  Jesus. Wife. Kids. Everyone else. "I am Number 8" pre-order now via link. Available everywhere April 18th!

IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! It's been three weeks since I've preached at home. I plan on looking like this when I'm done tonight. God has given me something to share that I KNOW will speak to those who choose to partake. So get to @lakewoodchurch tonight at 7:30 pm. Bring someone with you. Love y'all. God bless.

Next up to get celebrated is a man of God who I can actually say I've seen mature since I met him. Not that he wasn't a phenomenal communicator of the Gospel before, but the substance and weight of his sermons have evolved. He's in another place. It's a place that being faithful in the field produces, honoring father and mother produces, and being a husband and father produces. This is @chrisdurso and this is his new book "The Heist". It is a MUST READ, MUST BUY, MUST HAVE! I'm blown away by the revelation of what Jesus did TO THE DEVIL when He died on that CROSS. Not only that, this book will GIVE you insight into God's love for you and I when you see that Jesus death was the only way to get grace to us and shame off us! Congrats to you @chrisdurso. This book changes things. Love you man! #GameChanger #GraceChanger #TheHeist

Today I will be taking time to congratulate a few people doing phenomenal things in multiple areas of life, arts and entrepreneurship. First up, my niece (cuz her mom is me and @grayceeme's sister) @jazzanderson gets a HUGE shout out for going after her dream and establishing her name and building her legacy! This is only the beginning sweet girl! We are proud of you! @tamiroman I know you're Over the moon on this one! Just know we love and celebrate you and encourage you to go after your dreams! #begreaterthanyouimagined

It was March of 2010. Late Friday night. God woke me up. He said "You can propose to her on July 17th. It's a Saturday." I had been spending time with this one particular girl A lot. But I wasn't committed. Used the fear card to keep distance and options open. Mind you, God didn't tell me to marry this girl. He just said I COULD. It's what any loving Father would do: steer their child towards what's best, but leave the decision to them. At that moment I knew it was time to get serious, say goodbye to all the options and focus in on this one girl who I just couldn't shake. Even though we had been friends for a year, I asked her to be my girlfriend on April 17th, 2010. Then Three months later I asked her to marry me. July 17th, 2010. This picture was taken not long after our engagement. 717. Two complete people meeting in the middle to make one new Thing. That was the idea. Neither of us was complete but we were as far along as we needed to be to build. Nothing is ever perfect. Seize the moment if you get one. I did. And now, 7 years later, I have two children who will build on our vision and extend our legacy. We've traveled the world talking about Jesus. And this is only the beginning. I proposed 7 years ago today. If only people knew everything going on right now and how the enemy has tried to steal every ounce of joy in our lives just this week-but he will not prevail. Happy 7 year proposal anniversary @grayceeme. I love you. You are everything im not and so much I'd wish to be. Thank you for your love and tireless efforts on behalf of our family. So now im bout to rhyme: 7 years ago, I asked you to take wild ride. Be the helpmeet that walks by my side. Didn't know where we would go or what we'd do, I just knew God would see us through. This journey has taken us around the world-but currently down SOUTH-You have the keys to my heart, so today I give you Keys to a HOUSE! 71717-#miraclesallday #71717 #wegotanewcrib

PURPOSED? YES. PAINLESS? NO! Just wait till me and wife tell y'all what REALLY GOES ON behind closed doors. RELATIONSHIP GOALS....don't know if y'all ready-but there's no time to get ready. Folk need the truth. And y'all about to get it. Love y'all. #Repost @grayceeme

I love that God is using us as a couple. When you are doing your best to live for God, your life is challenged even more. Profoundly, some of the hardest seasons of maturity for me have come when dealing with my marriage. We are grateful for the #relationshipgoals #powercouple things that people comment. It's nice, but I think not understanding fully what this requires can send the wrong idea. We love to laugh and live, we also have decided to live for God and that's super hard. It's a daily death to flesh & if you sleep one moment and aren't on guard, the devil will be ready, waiting to make a move in your slumber. @realjohngray & I can't wait to share some of the hardest obstacles that we have had to overcome and still overcoming as far as relationship is concerned. No matter how great of a marriage you think you have, it needs the God tune up often. I've said it before, we aren't perfect, and our BECOMING, has had a plethora of ups and downs, I thank God for the healing that comes with true acknowledgement of struggle absent of pretentious perfection. Believe that! #RealRelationshipGoals coming soon #Aveygram #Grays #tiredfreshfaceandlipstickrunningawaylol

Hey family, we launched my new collar stay line on Father's Day and I've loved seeing so many friends message me pictures of them receiving their Stays. Join us in wearing these daily and being the men and husbands and fathers and sons we're called to be. Shop ElevareJewelry.Com and use code "SonsEmerge" for Free Shipping and 10% off! #SonsEmerge #Stay #Elevare #MensFashion @grayceeme

Y'all better grab this fresh duet! lol #Repost @hillsong
The duet we've all been waiting for! Ps @BrianCHouston & @realJohnGray made their debut last night at #HillsongConf! Tour dates coming soon ;)

MY MOTHER IS 70!!!! Today in 1947, one of the most beautiful women ever graced this earth with her presence was born. This woman happens to be who God chose as my mother! Bonnie Cotton, the epitome of Love, Grace, Sacrifice, Character, Humility, Wit, Beauty, and did I say a miracle TWICE! She fights and prays like no other woman I know. She loves the Lord with everything inside of her. She believes in others; she shares,cares and her example is unmatched in my economy. I'm so grateful that I have her to look to for how I am to live, discern, grow, & honor others in this life. I share mommy because she has more than enough love to go around, & I thank God for a heart like hers. 70 years of a life that the devil tried to stop at age 53 with 3 head aneurysms and 54 with breast cancer...YEAHHHH, He tried it, but God said NO!!! She had more children to love, more knowledge to share, and more life to live for those she is called to. You have experienced so much, you have aged to perfection, and NOW you are even more Sensational at 70!!! I did my best for you on behalf of me and Keef, to give you the most memorable birthday party ever two weeks ago since I'm out the country today. You were radiant and I'm so happy you were blessed and happy! I love you mommy, thank you for being you and if I'm half the woman you are, I will be doing amazing in this life! Happy 70th sweet girl! Love your baby girl, ME! #DearMomma #HBD #BPC70th #Sensationalat70 #MyJoy #BestExample #Mommy

I'm from Cincinnati. Mitchell avenue. Dana avenue. North Avondale elementary. Withrow High school. I lost friends. Family too. Been laughed at. Bullied. Hated on. Overlooked. And yet, here I stand. I was given the high honor of preaching the last night of @hillsong Conference. And at the end, pastor @brianchouston and his wife @bobbiehouston Prayed over @grayceeme and I. This moment is a testament to God's sovereign choosing. I'm here because God called me. And because I had a wife who believed in the vision. And she kept praying and working and fighting for me. And my momma prayed. I'm Alice's son. Mayme Davis' grandson. And in my power, educational attainment and self effort-im not supposed to be here. But God....hallelujah. And if God did it in my life, he can do it in yours. There are no limits. It's God!

CANNOT WAIT! Jesus be GLORIFIED! #Repost @hillsongconf
TONIGHT we have @realjohngray bringing the word and we are so excited to hear from him - come expectant. Our night sessions are FREE and open to the public!

Happy FOURTH! #Repost @grayceeme
Happy 4th from our family! We are still representing down under. We love you all. Be blessed. @realjohngray #GrayceLife #family #Graybabies #TeamGray

I wanted to add context to the video that's been posted. It's very interesting to me how fast some in the church are ready to vilify and judge something without proper context. I was a part of a panel of men who offered perspective during the Girl Talk panel hosted by First Lady Serita Jakes and her daughters. The question was posed to the men as to whether or not women should need the validation of a man-particularly wives.
My response was that wives MAY want to work, but there are times when some don't want to HAVE to work. A a husband it is my honor to give my wife the best that I have. And most husbands would say the same. This SHORT clip is designed to get people to go to see the entire conversation. But I've noticed how fast things get taken out context-which is what some people want to do anyway. Some people want to disqualify you from the public discourse because they never liked me anyway. Doesn't change what God is doing in my life. But responsibility says to offer clear context to the video-which I neither edited or saw before it was sent out. But the point I made was clear-if you have a wife, spoil her, honor her and reverence her. And whether that's with expressions of gifts or consistent commitment, God will bless your union. Money isn't the deciding factor in honoring ones wife. Some women desire time spent, or dinner cooked. Other women do like gifts and that's fine too. Anyway I'm done.....for now. God bless! #Repost @liliscreations_lili814

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