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John Gray  Jesus. Wife. Kids. Everyone else. My new book “Win from Within! pre-order now via link in my bio. Available 10/30/18

Amazing just became EPIC. @therealarbernard is IN THE BUILDING. Get here to @myrelentlesschurch for a healing conversation on race, culture, politics and the role of the Church. 7 pm! #TheBridgeEvent

My heart was broken when we met. She didn’t know. I didn’t know the extent. I just knew something was “wrong” inside. I haven’t been what she needed. I couldn’t love her because I couldn’t love me. I heard @pastorwilliammcdowell talk about the difference between a Covering and a lid. He was speaking of pastoral leadership but the principle is the same. God took a RIB to make woman. What does a the rib cover? The heart. The vital organs. So covering goes both ways. I’m still learning. And sometimes I feel inadequate and want to give up. But I AM NOT MY FATHER. My kids will SEE ME FIGHT UNTIL I BECOME EVERYTHING GOD INTENDED ME TO BE. Greater is He that is IN ME. @grayceeme, thank you for your grace towards me. I love you. There are no words for your expression of Christ to me.

Tonight! The Bridge! Me. @stevenfurtick. @levilusko. @kenclaytor. You. Let’s talk. Let’s grow. Let’s worship. Let’s heal. 7 pm @myrelentlesschurch. Doors open at 6:30. The Bridge-a healing conversation on race, politics, culture and the role of the Church.

It’s time to talk. So much hurt. So much pain. So much to do. Join me and my friends @myrelentlesschurch
For a special event I’ve entitled “The Bridge” THIS WEDNESDAY November 14th at 7pm at RELENTLESS CHURCH 635 Haywood RD GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 29607. DOORS OPEN AT 6:30 but if you get there at 6:30 you will be late! Trust me. Bring everyone you know and MEET US ON THE BRIDGE-A conversation on race, culture, politics and the role of the Church. Join me, Pastor Steven Furtick, Pastor Levi Lusko, and more as we face the divides and trust the Blood to Bridge the Gap. Let the healing begin. PLEASE PLEASE BE IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE THIS WILL NOT BE LIVE-STREAMED! NO INTERNET AND SNEAKING AND VIDEOING FROM YOUR PHONE EITHER! Lol! #thebridgeevent @myrelentlesschurch @elevationchurch @freshlife @stevenfurtick @levilusko

Let’s lift Jesus up together. Bring someone. Come early. Come expectant. Come with a heart of gratitude. @myrelentlesschurch let’s GO! #ourrelentlesschurch #winfromwithinbook #CookDinnerNowAndBeOnTime

When your brothers are buying your book-you KNOW God has His hand in it! Thank you @devonfranklin for sowing your copy of my book into our brother @stephencurry30! Now both of y’all go buy 1000 a piece. I know y’all got it! 😂😂😂😇🤷🏿‍♂️ #winfromwithinbook

We are about to go after God tonight. It’s PURSUIT NIGHT @myrelentlesschurch and Lord knows we need HIS GLORY RIGHT NOW. Join me and @grayceeme and our entire team as we RUN AFTER THE LORD and receive the word of prophecy for the next move of God in the earth. Service starts at 7 pm so get here if you’re in the Greenville/Spartanburg area or watch online at THE APP, YOUTUBE LIVE, FACEBOOK LIVE OR WHATEVER U HAVE TO DO! Love y’all! #PursuitNight #ourrelentlesschurch

I’m telling book will bless you. Please consider getting it. Love y’all. You can buy it wherever books are sold! #winfromwithinbook

It matters more than I can ever express. Don’t sit on the sidelines tomorrow and then complain if you’re preferred candidates don’t get elected. Everyone has an agenda. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! But I do have a suggestion for Christians-don’t place your politics above the Cross. For those who still believe in it-PRAY-then vote. Don’t be moved by party alone-be moved by issues that matter to you. God bless and May there be PEACE tomorrow in spite of the rhetoric and vitriol that’s present in the public discourse.

You got an extra hour of sleep! So come to church this morning and lift Jesus Christ up! Lol! Join me in both services @myrelentlesschurch and bring ten people with you. I cannot wait to share the word of the Lord! We’re in the home stretch of 2018 so let’s move in power as we finish STRONG! And if you want a singed copy of my new book WIN FROM WITHIN I will signing after both services! Love y’all! And thank You Jesus for that extra hour-and your cousins are STILL gonna be late for church.....😂😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♂️✌🏾😇#ourrelentlesschurch #winfromwithinbook

RIGHT NOW! Go to @owntv and let’s all support @michellewilliams and @chadjohnson77 and their new HIT SHOW CHAD LOVES MICHELLE! It’s a beautiful story that will bless your life! It’s full of laughter and love! Turn it on! Love y’all! #ChadLovesMichelle

HEY FAMILY! GREENVILLE YOUNG ADULTS STAND UP! It’s time! It’s Young Adults MOVE NIGHT! Doors open at 7pm, kickoff at 7:30pm in the Refuel Room with the Food Truck after party. LWTS CONNECT, LETS GROW, LETS WORSHIP THE LORD AND LETS CHANGE THE WORLD! GET HERE! #welcometothemove >> @myrelentlessmove

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