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Calamity Jan  Secret Asian Man Cyclist at Large Possible Plant Pornographer

“One often meets their destiny on the paths that they took to avoid it.” #fountainpen #tactileturn #bocknibs

My hair is reaching anime levels of eye coverage.


Okay, I look haggard af but I was learning how to use Clips and this end result made me laugh.

So they started using this picture of some hot chick on my bike shop's window??

Step one of getting on my bike done. I always feel a bit surprised every year that my kit still fits. Not riding over the winter convinces me that I'm going to be too out of shape to wear it. (It's okay, I know that makes no sense.)

100% committed to feeling like trash today. At least the coffee comforts me.

I'm not actually having a good day at the gym.

I ordered this (new!) Jinhao x750 off eBay. Including shipping, it cost $3.26CDN. It feels good and writes remarkably well, even for a pen that costs 10x more. It's crazy. #fountainpen #jinhao #diamine #shimmeringseas

The important thing to note about this cartoonishly perfect pizza I made is that I put four cloves of garlic into the dough before rolling it out.

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