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Don't look behind you... if there's sharks nearby it must mean #SharkWeek is upon us! Don't miss my incredible dives on #SharkAfterDark along with amazing guests like @charlizeafrica @moby @mrtonyhale @morereginahall @hardwick #AnthonyJeseknik @abc4explore @joeromeiro333 @devonmassyn & more! It all starts this Sunday on #discoverychannel. And big shout out to to @lorenzaizzo who had never gone on a shark dive in the deep blue before. It was like being in outer space with sharks. Photo by the great @jason.elias

Dive in! @sharkweek starts this Sunday on @discoverychannel! And don't miss #SharkAfterDark hosted by yours truly every night at 11! See my amazing adventure in the "wall of sharks" in Tahiti. I swam with over 200 of them!

The #SharkAfterDark lineup has been announced! We have the most incredible guests this year including @charlizeafrica @morereginahall @mrtonyhale @moby @devonmassyn @abc4explore @joeromeiro333 @hardwick #AnthonyJeselnik and more! Do not miss it - 11:00 all during @sharkweek starting this Sunday July 23rd on @discoverychannel!

Sept 2004, the first and only time I got to meet the great George Romero. Hard to sum up what an icon he was to me and he couldn't have been nicer. You can still feel the effects of his contributions to cinema and genre storytelling 50 years after he rewrote the books with "Night of the Living Dead." His movies influenced me in so many ways ("Cabin Fever" is full of Romero-isms) but I also deeply love "Creepshow" which doesn't get talked about as much when people review Romero's career. I even used some of John Harrison's iconic score in my "Thanksgiving" trailer. Everyone always spoke so highly of him personally. It was honor to meet him, even just this once.

Impossible to quantify how much George Romero meant to me and what he did for cinema. 50 years ago, at the height of the civil rights movement, he used genre to confront racism. He always had diverse casts, casting Duane Jones as the heroic lead of NOTLD. Very few people were taking such risks, and he continued that with Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead... He was incredibly socially conscious, you can trace a direct line from NOTLD to Get Out. Not to mention that he literally created all the modern zombie rules and never got any royalties for it. The infectious bite, shoot them in the head -- everything. And because he never copyrighted NOTLD it was all just taken as public domain. But all modern zombie films come from him. His impact in cinema is immeasurable. RIP George Romero.

Happy to be home but my brain is still in Italia. Luckily I brought home about 10 pounds of your food with me. 🇮🇹🍷❤️

Seagull Series 1

#CabinFever reunion with Harmonica Man himself @dkingmcd. We made it to the top of the church in #vernazza with the power of gelato. We also shared a prom limo, but we were not each other's dates. Oh, and that prom limo I mentioned was in high school, not recently. That would be weird, even for us.

Amazing last adventure in cinquaterre with old friends and some new ones. Sad to leave Italia but excited to get home and dive into a new house project...⏰🕰⏱

This is how I'll think of Italia when I'm home. ❤️🇮🇹#latorredivenere

Clooney for a day.

One more #DamienHirstTreasures because size matters.

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