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Portrait by @killjoshpetrino.

#tbt When my life was an episode of #StrangerThings. Wet Hot American Summer at Camp Cedar, 1986. Baio socks in full effect.

Such a fun night at @babydrivermovie! Congratulations @edgar_wright and the whole cast on an amazing adrenaline ride! Go see it June 28th on the biggest loudest screen you can.

Well where else did you think I would spend my last day in Mexico? At my favorite place @blackjaguarwhitetiger with my new feline family. Zelika was so sweet today, but even at her sweetest them little teeth are sharp! Follow this amazing organization to see the daily progress on these rescues as @eduardoserio nurses them to health and gives them a sanctuary to live. You can also donate or buy their apparel at @boycottcircus where 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation. Sadly it's still legal in Mexico to buy these animals and Eduardo and his team are doing what they can to save them from a life of cruelty and to get the politicians to outlaw this horrendous practice.

Were it not for the scratches I might think this was all a dream. I'm still buzzing from my 2nd day with @blackjaguarwhitetiger meeting the majestic big cat rescues and playing with the babies. Eduardo truly is the lion king and saves all of these animals from life in a cage as a pet and builds ranches and sanctuaries for them. Some even get to go into the wild protected jungle in Mexico. The animals adore him; he knows them all by sight and has the best vets in the world nursing them to health from malnourishment and abuse. This was my second time playing with baby Zelika the jaguar (6 months old) and Gotti the baby lion (8 months.) Even that age and size they were so incredibly strong, but very sweet, playful and affectionate. They have contests to visit the foundation - follow them on social to see more. And gracias @lucilasola for the introduction to my new Mexican family.

Jaguar push-ups - my new workout obsession. It's hard to describe the indescribable morning I spent back at @blackjaguarwhitetiger. Today we went to the ranch (1 of 6) and met some of the big cats. Eduardo rescued 21 tigers, lions and bears (yes, oh my) from a Circus who I also met but was not allowed to photograph. He is rescuing these beautiful endangered animals and building sanctuaries for them and some even get to go into protected jungle in Mexico. I had to go back and see Zelika the baby jaguar and Gotti the baby lion. I was far more comfortable with them today (and wore long sleeves) so we really got to play. Follow this amazing foundation - they've saved over 300 big cats and continue to grow with donor support. Thank you @lucilasola for connecting us! ❤️

Final batch from @blackjaguarwhitetiger. Here's me with Gotti the baby lion who was teething on my feet and hands. He was so affectionate and playful. Again all the cats here are rescues - the black jaguar in the video is Kal-El and someone had him as a pet for a day when Kal-El's leg broke. Eduardo took him in, the foundation paid for the surgery and Eduardo slowly nursed him to health as a baby. He's very attached to Eduardo. All the cats are so well treated and taken care of and have a massive ranch to live on as well. It's an amazing place, I was honored to be there.

Step 3: Always close the Door behind you! @blackjaguarwhitetiger

Step 2: Stay alert. They like to jump in and play with you. @blackjaguarwhitetiger

Step 1: when getting into the Trump Wall at @blackjaguarwhitetiger run FAST. (Again - if you missed - this is an amazing rescue foundation, they have saved nearly 300 endangered big cats, they live on a ranch and are rotated out at different properties. Many had injuries or were abused and they are all nurses to full health here. They're all socialized in groups and incredibly well treated and loved by the staff. Eduardo the founder and his incredible staff are doing so much for animal conservation. The "kids" love playing games. This one was called "Get the Gringo.")

This is Gotti, an 8 month old lion rescue at @blackjaguarwhitetiger. After a few hours at this amazing foundation I really got to see the differences between the jaguars, tigers and lions. Gotti was so affectionate, he was playing and softly teething on my hand but never biting and would lick my hand to let me know he was just playing. I was mesmerized. Thank you again Eduardo and the whole staff of this incredible foundation who rescue these animals and take such amazing care of them.

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