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There's still time to get your summer body - even if you don't have time for surgery. This 40-something woman used SculpSure to get the flat abs that her workouts weren't able to achieve.
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Because it's tank top season

Menopause doesn't have to mean retiring the two-piece, even if your hormones make it hard to keep a slim mid-section.

Make the most of your fat with fat transfer for a rounder, perkier butt and hips.
This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, for a quick, easy recovery without the risks and costs of general anesthesia.

Can laser lipo help you with your loose belly skin?
Laser liposuction does offer some skin tightening effects. The Smartlipo Triplex system added on a brand-new laser that's better suited to skin tightening and produces even more dramatic results. But the truth is, you'll never get a tummy tuck result from liposuction.
If you're curious about whether Smartlipo might be an option for you, please contact us to schedule your free evaluation and consultation. Call 1-877-Reflections today!

When you've got horizontal forehead wrinkles like these, Botox may seem like a natural choice. But many practitioners over-inject the forehead, and that can cause dropped brows. It takes finesse to get the dosage just right with Botox, to relax away the wrinkles, but keep the face moving naturally.
Look for a provider who's conservative, and willing to put in the effort to get your dosage just right the first time they treat you. This often means a conservative treatment, then a follow-up two weeks later to make a few adjustments, at least the first time you treat with them.

Did you know we offer rewards stacking on injectables? Botox, Fillers, and Kybella are eligible for Reflections Rewards points in addition to Reward coupons and rebates from the Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire programs.
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The NEW Restylane Refyne has quickly become my top filler of choice. Why?
1. It moves naturally - so no ripples or lumps when you smile or frown
2. It lasts over a year - much longer than Juvederm or Restylane (original)
3. It's a cohesive gel - think of this like memory foam. Your face moves a lot, but Refyne is able to snap back to it's original shape, time after time.
4. It's not as hydrophillic as Juvederm, so you should see less swelling, especially when injected with a cannula, which I use for most injections.

Have you heard about RF Micro for acne scars? It's quickly become my favorite tool for widespread acne scarring. Instead of shooting energy through the skin, like a laser, these microneedling have supercharged tips that shoot radiofrequency energy at precise depths to remodel the skin from the inside out. This allows me to be more aggressive, without creating a long downtime period, and allows me to be more aggressive on dark and olive skin types, which are more likely to react poorly to lasers.

Most patients with rosacea start out thinking they have adult acne. Which often leads them to use harsh products to try to control oil and bacteria, but because that isn't the underlying cause of rosacea, this often leads to more skin irritation and redness.
Controlling Rosacea can be very difficult, and left untreated, the disease will get worse over time. This patient had been seeing me for quite some time for laser treatments that were providing some temporary relief of the redness. I knew she was the first person I wanted to call when I heard there was a new way to provide Botox treatments for Rosacea.
MicroBotox is a way of administering Botox in very small amounts, to the very top-most layers of the skin. This has previously been known to work, but been impossible to do in a uniform way across the skin. A new device allows us to easily and painlessly distribute the Botox in the right way to reduce capillary redness from rosacea. It also works very well to reduce pore size, something rosacea patients and many of my other patients are very concerned with.
What's most amazing, to me, about this is that the results appear to last as long as traditional Botox. The patient featured above and many of my rosacea patients have been without a way to prevent flare of redness. So they would wait until their skin flared up and then come in for treatment. With rosacea, flares typically happen when you're stressed, or drink wine, or sweat during a good workout - or any other number of normal life activities. So there was no way to ensure your skin stayed clear. It was an ongoing, embarassing struggle.
I'm very impressed by the results I'm seeing with MicroBotox, and I am hopeful that this treatment offers Rosacea patients a way to live a more normal life, free of the constant worry of flares. If you know someone who struggles with Rosacea, please share this with them. This is a simple, painless procedure performed once every 3 months. We charge $500 per treatment, which includes the price of Botox.
Consults are free. Call 1-877-Reflections to schedule.

Most people think acne is a teenage problem, so you may be surprised to hear that actually adult acne tends to be more severe. It typically shows up in your 20's and 30's, in people who didn't suffer from acne as teens.
This patient has been suffering from stubborn cystic acne for several years, and you can see the toll this disease has taken not only on this young woman's skin, but also her confidence. She's tried every prescription, including the most aggressive ones like accutane and spironolactone. The thing that we've found to work best is a series of laser treatments when she has a big flare up, and prescription medications in-between to keep things clear and calm.
For a free acne consult, please call our office at 1-877-Reflections.

Happy patient at 1 week (left) and 4 weeks (right) post-op from a BBL (fat transfer from stomach and muffin top to butt)

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