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Happy patient at 1 week (left) and 4 weeks (right) post-op from a BBL (fat transfer from stomach and muffin top to butt)

Pre-fat transfer to the butt
I can't even tell you how excited I am to see this patient back for her post-ops. #amazingresults #brazilianbuttlift

Are you in great shape but just can't budge that one problem area? Laser Liposuction was developed to be the most effective treatment for stubborn fat.
This patient looks amazing at 1 week post-op, and will be swimsuit ready at 2 weeks. As someone who's battled this same muffin top for several years and just couldn't get it to budge, this is a big victory, and we're so excited she now gets to celebrate that victory by going swimsuit shopping and enjoying shore season in a bikini again.

Some tattoos you regret, and you just cover them up and live with it. But when it comes to a chest piece you don't like, tattoo regret can be a big deal. This patient has had 2 treatments with the PiQo4 (my favorite and most aggressive laser for black ink, and the only one that can be just as aggressive on all skin types).
She's not completely done with her treatments, but she is ready to start wearing v-neck tops again. That's real progress.

You know that Mother's Day is THIS Sunday, right? If you're looking for a last minute gift mom will love, our gift cards are the perfect choice. She can use her gift card for Botox, surgery, or a relaxing day at our spa!
#linkinbio to purchase

From no curves to naturally curvy. This patient was an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to see her back, I think she'll look even better at 1 week than she does now.
Watch her full surgery on my story ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

Laser Skin Resurfacing erases sun damage and dark spots, improves the smoothness of skin, and minimizes pores. This is THE way celebs keep their skin looking young into their 40s and 50s.

Pregnancies can really do a number on your body, but most moms don't want to take time away from their families to recover from an intensive surgery like a Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover, not to mention the risks and costs involved in a surgery of that kind.
When I tell my patients they can resculpt their entire silhouette with a laser liposuction procedure performed under local anesthesia, they often tell me they had no idea such an easy, quick procedure was even an option for them.
Most of my patients schedule their procedures for Thursday or Friday so that they can be back to work on Monday. For young moms, it's also helpful to know you'll be up and walking around the day after surgery, and able to pick up babies by day 2 or 3.
Thank you to Tobin0324 for sharing how life-changing this surgery has been for her. There's nothing more rewarding for me, then to hear my patients have found a renewed sense of self-confidence and are enjoying their bodies again.

Scars on your face are difficult to cover up, even for professional makeup artists, because of the texture differences in the skin. Just 1 or 2 treatments with a CO2 laser can make a big difference in your skin and your self-confidence.

Who doesn't hate those bra fat rolls? And they're so hard to get rid of. Laser Liposuction can help you create a smooth, curvy silhouette - without the rolls.

Laser liposuction performed under local anesthesia is one of my most popular procedures because it doesn't have a long recovery period. Most of my patients are busy moms who can't afford to spend weeks recovering from a surgery, missing out on their family's fun and taking so much time off from work.
Instead, my patients are up and walking around the day after surgery, and are back to work 2-3 days later.

The next generation of dermal fillers is here, and it's changing everything!

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