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Good brows are everything!
Botox lifts and arches your brows, for a naturally youthful, effortless look.
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Looking for smoother skin and smaller pores? Aren't we all?!
MicroRejuve℠ combines low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with microneedling to smooth skin and shrink pores for 3 to 6 months. No facial or serum can come close to results like these.
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Just finished up a busy day with 3 liposuction cases, and now I'm off to the World Congress on Liposuction in Chicago to learn and share with the world's top liposuction doctors. ✈️
Can't wait to share more with you guys when I get back!

"How much skin tightening can I expect after laser lipo?"
Let's use photos to examine how your skin quality before laser lipo can predict of how much tightening you can expect afterward. 🖼️Photo 1: a 30-something woman with good skin quality
The weight of the excess fat in her arms is weighing her skin down and it has caused some damage to the skin. Over time, this damage would become much worse, so it's a good thing she acted when she did. She was able to achieve great but not perfect skin tightening because of this.
🖼️Photo 2: a 60-something woman with less fat but significant skin damage.
While she doesn't have widespread stretch marks (which indicate the worst level of skin damage), she does have loose skin that hangs down. This is typically due to loss of collagen associated with hormonal changes in aging women. She still saw good skin tightening, but some of the skin damage will not be able to be repaired with lasers. A surgical arm lift procedure, where excess skin is removed, would create a tight, toned look for her, but many patients don't want the visible scars an arm lift leaves behind. For her, this procedure was the optimal choice and helped her feel confident in sleeveless tops and dresses once again.
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WOW! I'm so honored to be named one of NJ's favorite physicians by my wonderful patients for 5 years running. Thank you!🙏

How long will my lipo results last?
This patient is 1 year post-procedure, and you can see how great her skin looks and how well her results have lasted. For most patients, laser lipo is truly "one-and-done", meaning their results last and they don't want or need additional procedures until aging starts to really take its toll much further down the road.
The one exception, which I have seen a couple of times, is patients who gain a significant amount of weight. This is possible. It's not common, but it does occasionally happen. You can have more liposuction in the future if this does happen.
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When it comes to deep-set wrinkles like this, Botox® alone isn't enough. Botox works to relax the overactive muscles that cause wrinkles like this from repeated facial expressions (horizontal lines like this come from lifting your brows up 😲). So while Botox will help prevent the problem from worsening, you need dermal fillers to plump up the line for a smooth appearance. I used 1 syringe of Restylane Silk® for this patient, because it is a very soft, flowy hyaluronic acid that gives extremely natural results.
Men are generally most worried that someone will know they've had something done. The results I create with Botox & Fillers are ideal for "under-the-radar" guys, because the Botox takes effect slowly over about 5-10 days. So the results are gradual and extremely natural-looking - and yes, they move naturally too, which is important in a "natural" result.
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You can read more of my patients' reviews on RealSelf.com

Patients frequently ask me if I would recommend a tummy tuck or if they can get away with laser liposuction. This is a deeply personal decision, and needs to be based on your individual circumstances. Here are some questions I ask, before making my recommendations of which will make you happiest:
1. How tight is your skin now? How tight does it need to be to make you happy?
If your skin starts out moderately or severely loose, and especially if the elasticity of the skin is lost due to stretch marks, then laser liposuction isn't going to give you the tight stomach skin you may want. You need to decide if that's a deal-breaker for you.
2. Are you willing to take more than a few days off from work, exercise, and for young moms, from picking up your children?
Tummy tucks require anywhere from 7-14 days off from work, and you'll be instructed not to pick up heavy loads (like weights or babies) for up to 6 weeks following surgery. Laser liposuction has 1-3 days off from work, and 2 weeks off from high intensity workouts.
3. Are you willing to have a large scar?
Tummy tucks do leave scars. Sometimes those scars heal so that they're barely noticeable, but not all of the time. Liposuction leaves small scars, too, but they're much less noticeable since they're about the size of a pencil eraser.
There are other questions you want to ask when making these decisions, such as your budget and which doctor you want to perform your procedure, but the questions above should help you start to understand whether laser liposuction or a tummy tuck might be a better fit for you.

I care very deeply for my patients, and spend the time to care for them as whole people, not just their cosmetic concerns, but their overall health and well-being. People get the wrong impression of cosmetic medicine, that we treat offer treatments for superficial concerns. I can tell you I've been in the cosmetic industry for 20 years now, and it's almost never about superficial concerns. There are stories behind acne, weight gain, loose skin - and the changes we make are not superficial for the people we treat.
Unfortunately, every once in a while, we discover true medical issues. I've caught several cancer lumps and bumps, and thank goodness they've all been early enough to treat.
This is a good reason to explore the medical causes that could be underlying your cosmetic concerns, which is why our team offers physician evaluation and consultation with physicians for all cosmetic concerns.

There's still time to get your summer body - even if you don't have time for surgery. This 40-something woman used SculpSure to get the flat abs that her workouts weren't able to achieve.
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Because it's tank top season

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