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Brooke White  London + Sonny's mum👧🏼👶🏻Music maker🎶idol survivor🎙artsy fartsy🎨HSP😭believer🙏long captioner📝insta-storian💁🏼big goober🙊@thegirlswithglasses👓

Had some super fun insomnia the last few nights😑 and up with the Son a ton, so I've been going through videos on my phone and trying to delete a few (only got a couple thousand🙈) came across this 'ol one I took on the story from the Home Depot plant nursery on a day I remember feeling a little funky. And when I'm in a funk I look for the flowers👀. Song from Alice and wonderland. Have a golden afternoon 🌷🌸🌼🌤🌴

Rear view Loo 😋 yesterday she said, "mom we had a new camp counselor today". I asked her, "did you like her?" She said "mmm kinda, but I don't really like new things, except for toys"😂 totally get it. #changeishard

Sonday Sonny Sonday ☀️he wanted to have nothin to do with putting his feet down in the water, every time 🙅‍♂️it was so funny, also he's almost always flashing a toothy grin, but I'm also lovin the squinty too much sun eyes and serious face he's got goin on here 💛

Some friends noticed London hiding under a shelf at church today and texted me this picture. After we got home I asked her "hey Loo what was goin on here today?" And she said "nothin, I just needed a lil' alone time" 🤷🏼‍♀️😂When I was little (and big) and (often) very overwhelmed I didn't know what to do about it! Still not sure 🤔So I appreciate that she has already figured this out and respects it 💛apparently she happily returned to singing songs and primary activity shortly after being offered fruit snacks🍓#londyloo

Released this baby 8 years ago today. What a dream. All the feelings. Time to make another one, maybe a country one🤠🎶💛 #istilllovemusic

WOW! THIS! THIS IS IT! Don't we all get good at putting up a nice front for each other, keeping it pretty and positive and stuff, so we'll be "liked". Cause who doesn't like pretty and positive?! We need to control how people "see" us so that they'll still "love" us. But it's just cotton candy love. We feel empty cause they don't really KNOW us, and we don't really KNOW them. But I get it , Cause what if they REALLY knew about us and all our stuff? Then what?!🙈 will they run for the hills? Stop answering our texts? Unfollow us? Probably! 😂😭I've been on both sides. I'm not saying we should let it ALL it hang out there, or out here, for anyone and everyone. Cause boundaries are real too. I'm not sure what I'm saying🤔 BUT don't you just crave this?! To be fully known, with out hiding, all the stories, the weird stuff, the warts and wrinkles and cellulite and mistakes and messes. Smiles and tears and fears. Confusion and ignorance. desire and effort and striving and success and failure, and the things you wish you never said or did AND STILL be loved. Seems like maybe a little too tall an order for us humans to do that for each other and ourselves. But, God CAN. And so, there ya go! One can hope that God can help us know how do this a little better to find a little more wiggle room. I probably don't really need to add anything else. I just wanted to share. Might you feel Known and still loved and therefore strengthened.💛 (beautiful graphic by @susannaapril)

This simultaneously stresses me out/warms my heart/makes me laugh. I could watch it a million times and I have 😬💛😂

2 of the best things in life are Bings:
Crosby🎶and Cherries 🍒

Do u enjoy:
A.) lil' ditties
B.) fun
C.) vintage shops
D.) tips
E.) Barry Manilow's Copacobana
F.) the word "cute"
G.) fine Fresca tasting
H.) palm trees
I.) all of the above
J.) none of the above

If you answered yes to one or all of letters I) and above than, you should run not walk to @thegirlswithglasses and watch our IG story from our field trip to American Vintage and Hugo's yesterday. Because soon it will be gone 4-EVER 💛
If you answered J), well than you should prob skip it🤷🏼‍♀️ Good news is we will be touring the world (Los Angeles) every Wednesday on the IG story)🤓

hopin' you had a happy 4th⭐️❤️🇺🇸#meandmyloo

When your baby has eight sharp toofs and is always taking a gnarly bite out of your shoulder and then actually rips an unfixable hole in your most favorite vintage silk red polka dot skirt + blouse set of all time from the $3 dollar pile at Shareen. 😭 It's ok #illprobablystillwearit. 🤡

This picture from our trip to AZ last week makes me laugh. London just getting a good quad stretch before she gets in the pool to sit securely on the top step in her goggles, floaties and inner tube😂 remember when she did "guaranteed eight days to swim" lessons last summer? Yeah she doesn't either🙃😂 however that super tan little peanut on the right, is my almost three year old niece and she is basically a dolphin! I'm so amazed with her swimming and water tricks. My sister has kids with serious adventure genes! My kids have "I'm just gonna sit on the top step with my fear" genes, and I have no idea where they got that from🤔😂🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼

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