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Brooke White  London + Sonny's mum👧🏼👶🏻Music maker🎶idol survivor🎙artsy fartsy🎨HSP😭believer🙏long captioner📝insta-storian💁🏼big goober🙊@thegirlswithglasses👓


Sometimes when you love someone so hard you just got to squeeze their lil' brains out and it's kinda scary 😂💛

King of the Hall Church 👶🏻 #thisphase

TRUTH. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Here's a little Sunday song from the instastory last Sunday. Would love to maybe make it more of a regular thing. Wish I could say I wrote this song, i didn't, but I love to borrow it. Says all the things there is to say. And while I could say a lot more about it, I'll just let the song do the talkin'. It's short + simple. But pure + powerful. Hope you feel it 🙏💛🌟 #sundaysongs

Pretty sure somebodies cool grandma wore these pink elastic waist pants, and now I'm wearing them! Grabbed them from the rack, didn't look back. Headed straight for the cash register, found the silky 80's shirt on the way, didn't try em on, cause it was 50% off day at the goodwill and so I was like, what do I have to lose!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Paid $6 total for this monochromatic ensemble and I feel good about that. I will always love thrifting. And cause the Emmy's are tomorrow, @thegirlswithglasses did a fun little Emmy red carpet inspired thrift store challenge this week and then put some outfits together. Remember, style is not about the money you spend, but your willingness to wear other people's wacky old clothes! 💓link to the vids in my profile 🙄 #thrifting

Now that she's in kindergarten and all, she's let me know she's firm on making her own outfit choices. And I'm loving her choices. Yellow Monochromatic and that hat!? Yeah girl ✨ and apparently she wants to make mine too. She brought me those leopard loafers and said "you should wear these today mom" 😂💛

Took a trip back "home" over the weekend to celebrate Sonny's birthday. As we were leaving Phoenix to drive back to California we had to stare at this. It's pretty hard to beat an Arizona Sunset 🌅


Yep. Sunday my baby turned into a big boy. I know, you're thinking "wasn't he just born?" And the answer is yes. A whole year ago. Fastest year of my life. Too fast. But also one of the best because of Sonny. Born Smiling. Still smiling. He was literal sunshine at the end of a dark tunnel. Well worth the wait, the struggle and the last two years of sleep deprivation. I'm a little/a lot tired but easily forgive him because... look at him in his Mickey hat. Almost perfect 😉You are fun Son, we sure love you 💛

For some reason when I look at this picture it gives me a real The Wonder Years feeling and if you watched The Wonder Years then you understand that feeling 😭also when I was 15 my parents bought me the entire Wonder Years Sountrack box set for Christmas and I basically played/scratched the crap out of every last cd. Best Christmas present ever 💙 #bestshowever #thewonderyears #kevinandwinnieforever

"So looks like the bed is pink now😏" Dave said that while making that emoji face, about three months after I switched out the duvet 😂 and I was like 🤷🏼‍♀️yep looks like it is 😆🌸🌵

When was the last time you drank a Squirt!? I was prob 13. Holy nostalgic pop of my childhood! Funny how you can taste something and feel like you're in your friends backyard swimming listening to your boom box waiting all day for your favorite SWV song to come on the radio so you can jump out and record it on your mix tape 📼😂#imold Had to grab one at the car wash. A good 'ol taste 😋

#Longcaption: Took a very last minute 48 hr family vacation that DID NOT go the way we planned, but went great anyway. At the end of a long disappointing day of dealing w/ a flopped hotel reservation, aimlessly driving & trying to figure out a plan B to salvage hopes and expectations of quaint beaches, little antique shops & burger stands, our kids were losing it in the back seat and quite frankly, so we're the parents in the front seat😑. I let my thoughts downward spiral into all the reasons why we can never get it together and then they just veered off into other gnarly places. We settled on a destination that didn't resemble our original plan. When I got to the room I knew I had to get my stinky vibes under control. Loo even said "mom don't be like Veruca Salt" (shes been watching Willy Wonka a lot lately and so I've been referencing Varuca's bad behavior at appropriate times. wouldn't ya know she 180'd it on me🤔)while dave and Loo left to get our stuff i hit my knees & prayed for help to process feelings, find Gratitude and the good asap. We tried all summer long to make something happen but the days just got away along with a million reasons it wouldn't work. LIFE. You come to realize there is no ideal timing, situation, place etc. You have to just MAKE it happen. And we did, 30 minutes from home😂We rode a bicycle built for 4(and completely missed the eclipse🤦🏼‍♀️there's always 2024) up & down the boardwalk, went to a park, we threw a frisbee on an empty beach while Sonny ate sand and Loo chased seagulls. We drove an another 30 minutes just for ice cream yelp said we "had to try" (it was good) and watched captain underpants, actually just London watched it while we snoozed. Earlier while she silently ate her ice cream with singular focus we said "how ya doing Loo?" She said "never been better". And I just thought: ok, This is what it's all about! Plans Shplans. Life's tricky, you have to be proactive enough to make it happen yet open enough to it happening a totally different way. therefore, being surprised with different JOY. Oh and last night as we were going to bed Loo said "mom when we get back to the city can we go to target?"😂❤️

Tomorrow we kindergarten, that's bananas 🍌😭 #strugglingwiththis

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