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Since i cut my hair (4 times in 2018🤣 i knew it was gonna be a year of a lil’ Reinvention ✂️) figure it’s time for a new profile pic. Bought this treasure of a hat for $18 at a “man cave” shop that me and Loo meander’d through in the tiny town of Bishop, CA on the way home from Mammoth last week. I love those kinda spooky tiny town shops that look like they stopped in time. The ol guy in the shop said “they don’t make hats like that anymore”. And you can barely see ‘em but my mom bought me these silver cactus earrings at a turquoise jewelry stand on the side of the road we stopped at while driving through the Superstition Mountains when I was back in AZ a month ago, I’ve hardly taken them off since. Two things that represent my two homes. I like things like that, you know, that have a little story. 💛🤠🌵ps- and the glasses are @liingoeyewear, I finally got new contacts but i just keep wearin these 🤓

Guitar in my right hand and a TJ’s bag of snacks in my left means it’s Music Monday. So: I’m making a new record. There, I said it 🙈 I don’t know why I’ve been so scared to say it out loud, or yeah I do. I guess I haven’t been sure if I could really do it, if I had it in me, if it was even possible/realistic at this phase in my life as a mom of a little family who I’m giving all my TLC to and im not sorry about that. As well as being half of the GWG. But this “making music again” thing, has been something I’ve been feeling for quite some time, and I just keep pushing it away, but it always comes back, and so I pray on it, do the mental gymnastics around the “how” and “when” and “where” and I crunch the numbers and the logistics always lead to “not now”. so I just kept surrendering to that. Times and seasons. Let it be. ya know? So I did. I really did. And in some ways i felt really safe in that. Cause taking myself (musically) serious again, scares me A LOT. Like, Vulnerability X’s a million. The self-doubt flare up is REAL and so is the mental/emotional/physical/financial investment. But then on Christmas Day, Dave said, “it’s time, make a record, merry Christmas”. We talked about it, I told him the reasons it won’t work out and he said, “i know. we’ll figure it out” ❤️. So we are. And it hasn’t been easy, but it never is. thats ok. The struggle has always been, and will always be, part of the deal. And outside of writing mom/taylor swift fart parodies, I’m rusty as an ‘ol stretched out Bobby-pin left in the shower, and most days I worry that I can’t write/play/sing good songs anymore🤔 But I think it’s happening. And as of today, thanks to some talented folks reminding me of who i could be, I’m starting to believe😊So yeah! And this is one of the (multiple) reasons I’ve been quiet round here on the gram. Which is tricky, but, Priorities😆🤷🏼‍♀️ More to come, but it’s looking like a late summer release, i think 🤣😬🤠Stay tuned friends🎵😉

Generally speaking, I’m not really a planner. As a mom/adult I find that comes to bite me in the bottom a little/lot🤦‍♀️ It takes my Over-analytical brain a super load of mental exertion to organize the future 🤯 Please don’t ask me my five year plan, come 5:00 I haven’t quite worked out what we will have for dinner tonight, definitely not tomorrow. Possibly my downfall, I’m really working on it though! But what I can do for ya is grab a blanket, throw my kids in the car and hit up McDonalds breakfast on the way to the beach. I think spontaneity is my way of over-riding the overthinking. Yesterday was the first day of spring break and the first sunny day in a good while, so we woke up and that’s what we did. Im not gonna over-romanticize/ pretend that this flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing is always working for me and my family, cause it often doesn’t, but in this case, it did. Won’t lie, Felt nice to win a tiny bit🤷🏼‍♀️ My kids were just happy as clams out there playing in a trickling little stream from last weeks rain leading to the ocean. They found sticks and splashed around and got soaked in some very cold water that meant we had to drive home in just a diaper, next time I’ll have to remember to bring some dry clothes. Other than that, I couldn’t have planned it better #doyourbest

Dave opened his lunch box to find this note from London a few days ago. Love the eyes she drew in the D’s 👀 and the smile. Of course, it made his day. That kid is always writing a note or drawing a picture for someone. She leaves notes for sonny, writes them to people at school and passes them out at church. Got me thinking about love languages. Sometimes it’s hard to know what people want and need from us the most. But If we’re paying attention, they are probably dropping us hints all the time, but we might not even catch it cause it’s not our language. So not only is it their way of loving us, it’s also their way of saying “hey! please love me this way?!”. And I don’t think it’s easy to do (speak a different (love) language), but good to learn. So, we’ve been trying to be better about putting notes in her lunchbox and it’s fun, cause she notices and gets pretty excited. 💛

During my IG break sonny turned 18 months and he continues to light up our life, draw on the walls, lick all the floors and blow his nose on the French doors. He is my cardio, A kind but busy soul with hair wings that are always ready for take off. He’s a little heart breaker with eternal snot fangs (no joke he has not had a runny nose for about 3 days of his life and if i had a dollar for every time someone told me “mam he has a runny nose” I’d be filthy rich) and his eye color keeps changing. Must eat shirtless and despite baths and regular wipee wipe downs, always a lil dirty🤷🏼‍♀️And dare I say it out loud and jinx it, but: JUST started sleeping through the night last week. Best boy 🙌🙏

It’s been so long since we got the whole family in a picture, and bonus that Grandma Ray was here from Nova Scotia to be in it 💛 It’s MIRACULOUS that in one of the two shots we took on my phone propped up on my backpack with the self-timer, everyone is actually looking at the camera AND smiling✨Lastly, lovin’ Dave in those sunglasses 😂

Just can’t do it. I’m not a quitter, I like to be a go-getter and keep it positive and stuff but when it comes to spreading cold hard-as-a-Rock butter on some toast: give up immediately 😆🙅‍♀️ #roomtempbutteronly

How to make pzza 🍕putting it in a frame

We’ve been cleaning out the ol garage... having a hard time partin’ with my ol 💩 emoji guitar, cause as they say “it brings me joy”😆 but i guess it is lookin a lil pooped 😉

killin’ me with his hair winging out of big sisters old Dora helmet and yellow Toms we found cleaning out the garage. ☀️

It’s taken me all day to get my thoughts together, but before I go to bed, I felt it was time to attempt to share what has been on my heart & mind the better part of the year, as I’ve struggled (still struggling but trying my best) to find the words, resulting in a silence that was misrepresentative of where I stand. I admit, I’ve been afraid to speak out, because it’s hard. Cause I felt unqualified. 2017 brought to the surface a lot of discomfort, sadness, and questions for me (and many others) around the realities of racism in our day. From the start, I was brought up to “love one another” and respect all people equally. while I don’t claim to be perfect at it, it’s my default. I like to love people. It feels best. That being said, sometimes I forget that not all are raised to love & respect all people. But instead, learn to hate, fear, discriminate and even harm those whom they see as different.Facing facts and pondering the way humans mistreat other humans is painful, and can leave me feeling paralyzed & unsure of what to do & say. But what I’ve learned this year are the first steps of recognizing MY OWN ignorance and being open to truly listen and learn from the stories of individuals affected by racism. There are multiple sources who’ve helped me get started, like: @rachel_rebuilt is an amazing mom I follow who shares how it effects the way she in raising her 4 adopted black children in her community. I’m thankful for her open dialogue. Recently devoured the entire @humansofny series on FB and highly recommend it. In this collection of interviews of people from all walks of life, many of them are men & women with heart-breaking eye-opening stories of enduring wrong & unjust treatment because of color of their skin. Ultimately, the personal talks w/friends who live it 1st hand, who’ve been open to my questions & share their truth when I lacked the understanding have impacted me. It has been a year of opening my mind to uncomfortable truths, and I can’t un-know them. Finding MLK Jr.’s words to be true: “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”💛

I didn’t plan on having them 4.5 years apart, and I wondered if the age difference would mean they might not have that close sibling connection. But for now they love to play with the same ‘ol empty diaper box together and watch wild Kratts together, and it’s fun. It works out💛💙 #secondaryinfertility

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