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astrology ✦ scorpio ✦ no ads  ✧ est. march 11, 2016 ✦ scorpio sun, virgo moon ✧ please refer to #realastrologyfaq before you dm me! ✦ text "@realast" to 81010 to get random msgs!


I wonder if any famous people follow me.
Also my watermark is backwards and idk if it’s bothering me yet but either way I’m too lazy to fix it

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You know sometimes I forget I have nearly 178k followers so whenever someone tells me I’m their inspiration or I’m an icon or an idol or anything like that I’m just like .....wat because I don’t even do anything special but you guys say such nice things and I’m not used to people being nice to me (that sounds so sad LOL but I get surprised when people I know greet me in public too sO) cause I’m the one that puts more effort or whatever and I don’t mind but it’s nice to feel appreciated once in a while
Also if you can’t read the quotes they say: —
I don’t want us to be strangers again. —
I’m always tired but never of you —
Hello, I’m trying my best —
I will learn to love the skies I’m under. —

#realastrologies #realastrologyquotes

I made this but forgot to post oops I was distracted
#realastrologies #realastrologyquotes

Be bo beep boop

hi sorry for not posting a lot today i had work

DNA, GO GO, AND MIC DROP LIVE IS SO CUTE AND GOOD I think I screamed WHAT THE FUCK and OH SHIT at least 39 times while I was watching dna live LOL can’t help ma feelz

If you wanna know what movies these are from just search up the quotes
#realastrologies #realastrologyquotes

Obviously these scenes did not actually happen but I thought it’d be funny #realastrologies #realastrologyquotes

Modern family gifs (ITS PRONOUNCED JIF BY THE WAY)

#realastrologies #realtvscenes #realastrologyquotes


I love when I tell people about this account and they're like shIT THAT'S yOU

or they're like I see you on the explore page all the time!!! smh if y'all see me why don't you fOLLOW ME

find your mercury on @sighastrology

I'm so tired goodnight

someone just said that if I had a theme my page would be alright. honestly if I don't have a theme now idk what I have
click the link in my bio to take a survey for feedback because I love reading your responses (there are about 5049 and I've read every single one of them) 🐾 it'd take 5 minutes or less so if you wanna procrastinate then you got something to do 🤷🏻‍♀️

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