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astrology ✦ scorpio ✦ tap link  ✧ est. march 11, 2016 ✦ scorpio sun, virgo moon ✧ please refer to #realastrologyfaq before you dm me! ✦ text "@realast" to 81010 to get daily msgs!

PSA: THERE WILL BE MORE POSTS. If your sign was not here, WAIT FOR THE OTHER POSTS. And yell at all the people asking for their signs for me ty.
I counted the amount of times the signs will be in (out of all of them)
Aries: 9

Taurus: 10

Gemini: 8

Cancer: 8
Leo: 13

Virgo: 8

Libra: 10

Scorpio: 11

Sagittarius: 9

Capricorn: 9

Aquarius: 8

Pisces: 10

I have a wattpad rec on my story! IT'S SO GOOD
Check your moon/sun. Find your moon on @sighastrology

More lip art!!! —

Again, respectful opinions only! Let's not call any of these ugly.
Thank you for 165k!
#realastrologies #realastrologymakeup

All of these are by @girlgreybeauty!

Check out my earlier post! The signs as types of clouds 😊

whenever someone comments "wow mine is so ugly" I wanna reply back "it takes after its owner" or "just like u" but then people would be so offended by that
also I got this from my friend who got it from somewhere idk so idk who made this!
#realastrologies #realtagyourself #tagyourself

Find your rising on @sighastrology!

Check out my story and go to my sarahlink that's linked on my story :)

The prettiest post I've ever made :-))) another cloud post coming soon.
I love this post I learned so much about clouds and now I'll just go out and be like "THAT's a cumulus cloud! I know this shit." #realastrologies #realfavoritepost

Guys I'm so hungry for some reason what the heck
Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are my favorites. What about you guys?

Anyways I'm going to sleep, this is the earliest I've slept in weeks and it's 4 am. Good night ❣️

I just made the prettiest post ever and you'll all see it tomorrow
Also look at your moon signs with this along with your venus and sun. Find your venus & moon on @sighastrology !!! #real_placements_

Lipstick is still makeup btw before you lit start coming at me saying "this is just lipstick." I am aware!!! —

ALL of this lipstick art is done by @vladamua, they are so talented!!! I'm 90% sure I won't be getting "these look the same" comments considering they don't even really look similar, but if there are any "ew mine looks ugly" or "why is mine the ugliest one, AGAIN," that's rly rude considering they probably spent hours or a long time on each look. Respectful opinions are 👌🏻👏🏻 #realastrologies #realastrologymakeup

god forbid people have different opinions! #realastrologies

Cute overall outfits! I want the Scorpio one :-( Denim outfits coming up! For men's outfits and women's outfits, they'll both be in a separate post.
Also, only some guys can pull of denim. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #real_thesignsas #realastrologies #realastrologyoutfits #realpopularpost

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