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KRISTINE ROCES 💕  Youtuber ▶ | Blogger from Manila. 🇵🇭 (YouTube videos on Nail Art, K-pop, DIY, Affordable Ootd and ACNE!) Contact :

Today is the day we hit 200,000 on YouTube! ❤️ This is not mine alone, this is OURS, guys! My channel would not have made it here if it weren't for you. Thank you for SUBSCRIBING and for appreciating my videos. Thank you to everyone who sends me messages of love and support. Thank you to those who click Like and those who Share my works. Thank you to the people who come to my events and to those who join my giveaways. Thank you to those who clicked the NOTIF button on YouTube. Thanks for following me here on IG, on FB and for reading my blog, too. YOU MADE THIS POSSIBLE! ❤️ It took us 6 years to get here, but it's not the length of time that matters, it's everything that happened in between that counts. I met a lot and learned a lot. Thank you also to my real life friends and my family who have supported and encouraged me since day 1. You guys know who you are. Thank you so much!! Thank you also to everyone who anticipated this 200K. Palaging may "Ate, malapit na mag 200K!" Nakakatuwa kasi mas excited pa kayo kesa sa akin. Hehe

I only have a wish, guys. I just wish the comments like "Sana mag-Tagalog ka nalang" (I hope you just speak in Filipino.) will stop now. To be honest, I feel happier when I do my videos in English because it makes me excited that my videos are ralateble to more people. Nothing is more humbling than knowing what you do reaches more people, and hopefully, touches more lives. That is my only wish. Please grant me that wish, guys. ❤️ THANK YOU, my FLUFFIES! ❤️ #200K #200 #Subscribers #YouTube #YouTuber #Thankyou #RABFamily #FLUFFIES

Something to look forward to today! <3

HUGE, HUGE MAKEUP HAUL!! 😍 It's a 15-minute full-English video.
It's already UPLOADED on YouTube. Go, go, go, and watch now, FLUFFIES. ❤️ #HAUL #Philippines #Blogger #YouTuber #Makeup #MakeupCollection #Filipina #Asian

I can't wait to change to a smaller, white bed soon! I already bought one and will change soon! I really don't know what a black, double-size bed is doing in a tiny space like my room! It has been here for 4 years and I only realized now. 😂

Bed canopy was bought by my Mom when I was still in college. I've had it for about 10 years already! Hehe

The silver mirror on my wall is the one I showed you on my Lazada haul video. The one that was wrapped in a shabby plastic. Hehe It looks pretty IRL.

Just a friendly reminder that you can be 30, 45 or 60 and still feel like a princess and love pink stuff if you want to. Liking childish stuff doesnt mean you're being immature in real life. ❤

#Bedroom #RoomTour #Blogger #Pink #YouTuber #IKEA

Don't let the remaining days of Summer burn you! 🌞
NIVEA SUN PROTECT PRODUCTS! ❤️ #NIVEA #SUNBLOCK #Sunshine #Summer #Beach #Swimming #Blogger #YouTuber

Who's still up? This will be our NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO tomorrow. Going live at 10 AM, Manila time.

It's in full-English, btw, so more people would be able to relate. Thank you in advance, Fluffies. Now, I am off to bed. Good night. ❤️ #YouTube #Acne #Pimples #FractionalNeedling #FNT #AcneScars #Blogger #BeautyBeginsHere

New contouring products from @SleekMakeupPh! *Highlight Palette in Metal Casing
*Travel-size Face Contour Duo
*Cream Contour Kit (6 shades)
*NEW Sleek (duo side) Contour Brush!

If you were to pick 1 item, which one would it be and why? ❤️ #Contour #ContourPaMore #Sleek #SleekMakeup #SleekMakeupPh #Haul #Makeup #Blogger #YouTuber

Going ORGANIC with HairFood Co. A natural haircare brand to save consumers from harmful effects of ingredients like parabens, sulfates, etc.

I think they are up for a giveaway, too! Who wants to try these hair products from HairFood Co.? Let us know so we could prepare a giveaway for you guys! Thanks, @HairFoodCo! ❤

#Hair #Organic #HairFoodCo #Parabens #Sulfates #Healthy #YouTuber #Blogger #Flatlay

Having acne prone skin is not easy. Consider yourself so lucky if you never get acne or pimples. For us, when we get acne breakout is always a surprise. One day, our skin is fine and flawless, next day it's horrible! There's no premonition nor transition.

Last week, I showed you my skin condition. It was fine and decent. This week, however, my skin is not at it's best condition again. Do you remember me sharing my current skin products? I was mostly using the Celeteque gel wash and toner. After that, a lot of people mentioned how good this pimple corrector is so I decided to give it a try!
LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED. I just had 3 small spots before using it. My skin looks okay because I had my ring light turned on. But in daylight, it really is bad again. Anyway, I noticed that more spots grew on my face and the previous spots that I treated with the spot corrector gel became so dark. I really dislike a product that burns the skin and leaves dark spots. One of the hardest things to get rid of are dark spots caused by burning so I always try to avoid that.

I have dark spots on my face again plus a breakout going on around my mouth.

That's why I always remind you guys not to just try everything you see on the internet. I am a blogger yet I still experience stuff like this due to using wrong products. I am not saying this product is bad because I heard this works well on other people. But really, not everything that works well on someone will also be good for you.

That is my current skin condition, guys. I am leaning towards giving SKII toner a try again... I will update you guys next week. Also, I stopped using Eskinol and Dalacin-C.

If you haven't read my blog post about the effects of ANTI-BIOTIC on the body, please go ahead and read it HERE ->

PS: Guys, thanks sa mga product suggestions niyo sa akin pero okay naman na ako. As I've said, ang hirap nung "TRY MO 'TO" kasi kahit hiyang sa iba, hindi naman automatic na hiyang din sa iyo. 😊
#ACNE #PImples #ACNEBreakout #Howtogetridofacne #TIPS #Blogger #YouTuber #SKIN #BeautyTips

MY UNI-CORNER. 🌈💕 Unicorn Powerbank and Unicorn Slippers - @DreambigShop
Ladder Shelf - SM Furniture Section
6 Layer Drawers - IKEA from Lazada
Lamp and Clock - Robinsons Dept Store
Purple Camera - Casio TR60 @Camerahaus
Unicorn Brush Display holder - @LoveShopbyKristine


MY BEAUTY RECOMMENDATIONS ❤️ Hey, Fluffies! I get a lot of questions about these stuff so I thought I'd post so everyone would see. Here are the items that I really, really love!
1. Banila Co Dual Tint Kisses (Php 695) - Aside from the fact that Taeyeon endorses this, I love it because it colors my lips without making it too red nor dark. I also love that it comes with a gloss. The flavor is a bit off, though, but you'll get used to it. It's not drying and gives perfect color to my lips. Also comes in gel-ish form compared to other liquidy tints. I've been using mine for about 8 months already almost everyday! One of the best tints I've tried.

2. Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit (Php 450) - Whenever I feel like using matte/nude lippie, I always reach out for this one. I just love how it's color and staying power. It's doesn't overly-dry or make my lips chappy, unlike other matte lip creams I've tried!
3. Nichido Brow Gel (Php 265) - The best brow gel for me. The first time I bought this was in July 2015 and the tube lasted until around September 2016. It matches my brows well without giving flaky look to it.
4. DeJavu Liquid Liner - I got this in Sasa in HK when a sales attendant recommended. I was skeptical now I regret not buying an extra because this has become my favorite liner! The brush is thin and precise plus the ink is jet black and does not smudge! I love it and now I wonder where in Manila can I purchase this! Hehe

Those are my go-to makeup products! What are yours?

#Makeup #Eyeliner #MatteLipCream #Sleek #BanilaCo #SNSD #Nichido #Dejavu #Haul #Tutorial #Blogger #YouTuber

Congratulations to BTS and to ARMY all around the world! This is such a huge achievement for BTS and for K-Pop as well! ❤️ I may not follow K-pop now as I did before but it's so nice to see the music genre I love do well internationally! I guess I lay-lowed when I hit 30 but you know what they say, right? Once a K-POP fan, always a K-pop fan. The Noona feels just sleeps but it doesn't die! Hehe
#BTS #BTSBillboard #ARMY #Bangtan #Kpop #Korean #Blogger #YouTuber

Every time my bf asks me what I'm doing, I always say "cleaning my room..." He goes "why do you always clean your room?" You have no idea, Love. NO IDEA. The things we do for flatlay. 😂
#ExpectationVersusReality #Reality #Flatlay #Seflie #Blogger #YouTuber #Haul #Makeup #Meme

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