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Kristine Roces 💕  Youtube Beauty Guru. ▶ Lifestyle Blogger from Manila. 🇵🇭 (YouTube videos on Nail Art, K-pop, DIY, Affordable Ootd and ACNE!) 💻👍

Hi guys and my LOVE FLUFFIES!! May time kayo sa March 5?  SUNDAY yun! Meet and Greet naman tayo! ❤️ Get started with your YouTube journey with me, Kristine Roces, and other YouTubers at the Creators Meet on March 5, 2:00pm. I'll be at the Glorietta Activity Center together with Jayden Rodrigues, Joanna Soh, and other Pinoy creators. See you there!

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Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

Parka and Sweater from @Zaful | Winter Boots from @SammyDressFashion! ❤️ #Macau #OOTD #Travel #RuinsOfStPaul #Winter

"To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event." Ang lalim, noh? Nakuha ko lang yan sa Google! 😂
Which HK video would you like to see next? HK OOTD or HK Vlogs? :) #Photography #Instax #OOTD #HongKong #Asian #Blogger

Look what I found in Hong Kong! EXO Pepero! Hehe
HKD 11 ~ Php 75 each! 😱
I didn't buy because Chen was nowhere to be found. 😢
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I'm back in Manila! ❤️ There's a funny story behind this makeup-less face!

So, the day before our flight, we decided to go to Macau. We got back to Hong Kong midnight. We were so tired we slept without even changing our clothes. For some reason, the sim roaming that I wanted to activate when I went to SG last month only got activated when I went to HK. My Mom was going to pick me up from the PH airport around 1PM. I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my Mom calling me from the PH straight on my roaming number. I didn't bother answering the phone because the first thing I noticed was the time-it was 8:29 AM!!! Our plane leaves at 10!! I shouted "Love, it's 8:30!" My BF rose from the bed and told me to just put all our stuff in the luggage! We didn't even bother washing our faces or changing clothes. Well, I changed my sweater and then put on the same boots I wore to Macau. It was like we were in Asian version of the Amazing Race! We exerted all our effort just to make it to the airport on time! When we swiped our Octopus card on the train, it didn't have sufficient money in it so I had to run to the nearest money changer. Thank God, HK has an Airport Express train that took us to the airport in 20 minutes. We were at the airport at 9:40 AM!!! MY GOLLY!! Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy! LOL! Kids, don't try this at home. 😱
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Throwback to the 3 concerts where I saw EXO live! It was a surreal experience!

10 days from now, I'll be seeing them again for the 4th time! This time, though, it'll be a bit different because I'll be fan-girling alongside 1 Lucky EXO-L care of @BeautyPlus_Ph! Who's the LUCKY WINNER of our #BeautyPlusXRealAsianBeauty VIP Ticket Giveaway? Find out on @BeautyPlus_Ph page! ❤️ #ExorDiuminManila #My2017Luck #EXO

See you soon, bb @baekhyunee_exo @real__pcy @oohsehun

Hi, FLUFFIES!!! New video up on our YouTube channel! 
I finally opened the two big Hello Kitty bags @Princess_Kitty_Jen gave me when I visited her Hello Kitty House 2 weeks ago! 😍
Please watch the video here ( I also added English Subs for my dear International viewers. I hope you enjoy watching! ❤️ #HelloKitty #Pink #Haul #Collection #RoomTour #Blogger #Japan #YouTuber

Probably my smallest haul ever from a trip abroad!

This time, I ditched the shops and focused more on making lasting memories. It was my first time ever to travel abroad with a BF so I wanted to make the most out of it. Also, I keep telling you guys that there's nothing wrong with spending less and being thrifty. Walang nakakahiya sa pagtitipid at hindi pagbili ng mga mahal na bagay. In life, it's not always about the things that you have or how much money you've spent. For in the end, it will always be about the people you've spent your time with and the memories you made. Things go out of style but feelings and memories are for lifetime! ❤️ #Haul #HongKong #Disneyland

It's a small world after all! ❤️ #OOTD #Disneyland #HongKong #ToyStoryLand #MickeyMouse

Sharing with everyone a bit of sweetness! My favorite Ferrero Rocher Chocolate! Come and get one, Fluffies. 💕

Happy Valentine's Day! What's your plan for today? I want to knowwwww. 😍

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! ❤️ I got a beautiful bouquet from! 2 dozens of pink roses! 😍😍😍 #PhGifts #ValentinesDay #Bouquet #Flowers

Why do some celebrities, singers and online personalities (bloggers) choose to have an "IMAGE" they want people to see? Because people hate us when we're REAL. People have this "perfect" mentality where they expect people to walk, talk, look and dress to what would fit their perception of what perfect is.

So, when you're real and show them the real you, the real way you talk, you dress, you walk, you look? THEY HATE ON YOU. They call you names and even curse you. That's why, it's not rare that celebrities and even us bloggers choose an IMAGE they want people to see US as.

Take this dress as an example. I've had this for 3 years unused in my closet. I told myself, "There's no way I can wear this in the Philippines! People are either going to stare at me, call me names or worse, babastusin lang ako ng mga manyak sa daan." So, I saved it for when I travel abroad. Surely, people abroad have manners and decency to respect other people's choice of makeup, and clothes. I wore it to Singapore last year. Not a single time had I experienced a judging stare from a local in Singapore. But hell, when I showed this outfit on YouTube for my dear followers to see, I GOT TONS OF HATE COMMENTS from random bashers. They called me SLUT, HOE, FUCK GIRL and every bad name you could ever think of. Just because of a dress!! They don't know me in person but had the guts to judge me just by a single outfit. She's Christian, she didn't have a boyfriend until she was 20? Oh no, they won't care. They would call you HOE basing on just 1 OUTFIT.

And that, my friends, is why online personalities sometimes choose to have an image. They don't show you the real them, because for sure, you'd hate on them. But, honestly? I'd rather be hated for who I really am than to be LOVED FOR WHO I AM NOT. I am not Beautiful, I talk like this, eat like that and dress like that. LOVE ME OR HATE ME, BUT THIS IS THE REAL ME.

I am really tired of haters. I am sure my fellow bloggers and YouTubers and other celebrities feel the same way, too. Especially those who have foreign viewers, too. We see the difference and to us, it's really heart-breaking.