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Aimee O.  ▫️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦+ 🐶+🏋🏽‍♀️+📚 lover ▫️Actress • Writer • Health Enthusiast • Mixologist 📬 P.O. Box #628 Bronx, N.Y. 10458 USA 🔅Scroll through highlights ⤵️

You won’t find this lineup anywhere else cause can’t no one else make it happen if it’s not @privilegedny_ 💰 see you tonight at the bar for #mondaynightmusic 🔥

Open letter💌
There was a point in time you didn’t think you would see this years birthday. Although you never said it I could tell. Mom, I’ll be first to admit. Our relationship is not perfect. But again how does anyone expect a tornado and a volcano to collide? 😏 I wouldn’t change a damn thing about myself even when times you can’t stand it lolll you made me tho😉 you have given me many gifts and applauded my many strides of achievements and made sure your children reading by age of 2, traveling since birth and traveling alone without you since 8, living around the world, fighting with us in all languages we know, being my backbone when I barely had heartbreaks because I’m the one that left, you stood ground for me with my stalker and got a restraining order, times I got in trouble in school but also told you sister Mary Jo has one out for me and you almost set the school on fire cause she fucked with me (never again after that), to buying baby gifts because you some how want this warrior you built to turn into a flower 😅 (it’ll happen one day) and hating a majority of my boyfriends lolllllll the way I absolutely hate yours😭 your indescribable strength to beat a fucking monster that wanted to take you away from warrior Queen, I may seem heartless. Never show emotion. (Neither do you) but you know my heart. And I know yours, because aside from @_kingverse and @alexg0417 we are the only ones who know what your heartbeat sounds like from the inside. You annoy us lolll but you fight so fucking hard for us and although God knows some days I just want to banish you somewhere lol it would never be far from me. Just like I can never be far from you. I will always choose you as much as you want me to go out in the world and choose me. I went away for college but not too far lol I moved with my fiancé to Europe but made sure I was home for holidays, can’t you see. I choose you. Understand me as a child, as you always say understand you as a mother. When I ask you questions it’s cause I already know the answers and I hate that you lie about being ok just to protect me because you know I’ll never leave your side. That is my duty as a child. I love you. 💕 (cont’d👇🏽)

Reminder that you can love your life and try to change it for the better at the same time. Gratitude is everything but you can’t let it stop you from stepping up. Plan for your future, live in your now, and don’t forget to eat healthy and be fit💖 #WaistTraining #LovingIt #YoutubeClipAboutItComingSoon *link in bio* ▶️

Episode 2 of #InTheKitchenWithAimeeO is now up on my channel. Go check it out. I discussed how to make a quick and easy “meal replacement shake” 🥤🍌🍓Be sure to subscribe *link in my bio* •
Video by @lotusparkfilms #LotusParkFilms 🎥
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Working day and night every single day of the week, no days off, even cancelling vacations because I have no time. It’s just work, work, work and impossible to hit the gym. @mybodycomplete has got me covered and I can’t be more happy with my stomach. After all abs are made in the kitchen💪🏽 use discount code: “AIMEE” for free shipping and subscribe to my channel for yummy and healthy recipes to use with your non gmo/vegan protein powder 🥤

Episode 2 of #InTheKitchenWithAimeeO filmed this week. I’m so excited at how well ep. 1 did and how fast we reached 1,000 subscribers. I’m of course expanding my YouTube channel to include my travel vlogs and lifestyle playlist. Continue to subscribe, comment and like my videos 🏋🏽‍♀️ *link in bio* 🤸🏽‍♀️ #MyBodyComplete #DownInthePounds #VeganProtein #TransformationTuesday #TransformationThursday #FitJourney #WeightlossMotivation #WeightlossJourney #HealthIsWealth #FitChick #AimeesBodyJourney

Good morning, long day ahead of me but productive nonetheless 💖

Tried a new recipe to help me get my tummy back in order if you know what I mean 😉 Greens make you go 💪🏽 used my NON GMO + vegan protein powder by @bodycompleterx and it added such good taste ☺️ Have you ordered your kit yet to start shedding some pounds? Use code “Aimee” for free shipping ✔️ Click link in bio to subscribe to my YouTube and get weekly recipes to use with your @mybodycomplete protein powder ▶️ #MyBodyComplete #DownInthePounds #VeganProtein #TransformationTuesday #TransformationThursday #FitJourney #WeightlossMotivation #WeightlossJourney #HealthIsWealth #FitChick #AimeesBodyJourney #InTheKitchenWithAimeeO

Been backed up moving around all summer and the best kept secret is that I barely grew any hair anywhere since I started my laser hair removal sessions at @laseraway and that’s utter perfection. I plan to laser full body soon. As of now I only do underarms and bikini area and when I tell you it’s all smooth and peachy 😋 I mean just that 😏 #TeamLA #LaserAway #StopShaving #StopWaxing #SmoothSkinAllYearLong #LaserHairRemoval
Question: should I make a YouTube video of my full laser experience?

My ultimate goal was to slim my butt and thighs and that’s exactly what I got using @bodycompleterx kit! What a difference from nearly a year ago to now😁 happily 13lbs down 🏋🏽‍♀️ _
Have you ordered your kit yet? Use code “Aimee” to get free shipping 💪🏽 #MyBodyComplete #DownInthePounds #VeganProtein #TransformationTuesday #TransformationThursday #FitJourney #WeightlossMotivation #WeightlossJourney #HealthIsWealth #FitChick #AimeesBodyJourney

It’s finally here. Episode 1 of “in the kitchen with Aimee O.” where I’ll be explaining how I make one of my favorite customizable health in a glass “beauty shake” 🥤 I want to focus on what I’m requested most on my channel and the majority voted what do I eat and how do I stay in shape. So I’ll start there. Thank you for your suggestions. (And your patience) the link is now in my bio. Comment/like and don’t forget to subscribe. 🙏🏽😁💪🏽

Video by @lotusparkfilms #LotusParkFilms 🎥
#InTheKitchenWithAimeeO #HowTo #HealthyFood #healthyrecipes #HealthyEating #HealthMeals #HealthAndWellness #HealthyShake #VeganProtein #TransformationTuesday #TransformationThursday #FitJourney #WeightlossMotivation #WeightlossJourney #HealthIsWealth #FitChick #AimeesBodyJourney #InTheKitchenWithAimeeO

I want to send a major shout out to this incredible artist @mellymel1777 for creating these masterpieces and shipping them to me all the way from Toronto 🇨🇦 🗣 Seriously thank you! Every time I need a smile, I look at these and they serve a reminder instantly: I’m not alone. Someone in the world cares enough to make art about me🙏🏽 And that’s so freaking dope💞👨🏽‍🎤👨🏽‍🎨 #Art #Artist #Potrait #ArtistsOnInstagram

Excited to share with you guys the official launch of my YouTube channel this coming Thursday. I’m starting my channel off with a series of videos about my lifestyle, workouts and how I maintain my figure and overall mental/physical health. I promise to be an open book. Here is the direct website: or check my story. I will post link everyday!
I teamed up with @lotusparkfilms to film making one of my favorite “health in a glass” customizable beauty shakes to suit those with any type of food allergy and explaining overall how I use my full kit from @bodycompleterx 💪🏽 I’ve lost a total of 13 lbs so far and took this month off from the gym thanks to the after effects of anxiety 🙃 Thanks to @bodycompleterx I still got to manage my weight and keep myself in cool spirits because of the B12 drops 😁
To my #BCRxFam who have ordered their kits, I’m proud of your success stories in your weight loss and thank you for sharing with me. 🏋🏽‍♀️
To start your journey to becoming your best self, not the perfect weight, join me by ordering your kit via @bodycompleterx website using the code “Aimee” for free shipping. #MyBodyComplete #DownInthePounds #VeganProtein #TransformationTuesday #TransformationThursday #FitJourney #WeightlossMotivation #WeightlossJourney #HealthIsWealth #AimeesBodyJourney #InTheKitchenWithAimeeO

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