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ADAMLAMBERT  Fanfics: [1)Unknown Love , 2)Gay Love]

Part 2/ he's amazing! Those high notes =-O @fariman_music !

Part 1/ "They Don't Care About Us " by Michael Jackson, Covered by @fariman_music , an Iranian singer!

Guys, don't you think he's so talented?… he really is!
It's ridiculously amazing that there's someone who can sing right like our king, Michael Jackson, though Michael is the one and only!! So if you agree with me, I want you to support him as well as you can; with your follows and likes!!
Go Youtube and watch his music videos! I bet you'll like 'em! And please share this music video with your friends!
He deserves to be introduced to the world! #theywontcareaboutus #fariman!
بچه ها لطفا کاور زيباى فريمن, خواننده ى بااستعداد کشورمون رو شير کنيد!.بخدا اولين بارمه دارم از يه خواننده ى ايرانى حمايت ميکنم چون فک ميکنم واقعا ارزششو داره!

8D.... so fuckin' delicious! I want it more and more! @adamlambert !

#adamlambert #superstar #rockgod #popstar #kingofsmile #happybrithday #35th @americanidol

Me and my family celebrated his #35th birthday!… @adamlambert Still baby boy!

#adamlambert #superstar #rockgod #popstar #kingofsmile #happybrithday #35th @americanidol

کاش من چشمات بودم، پس میتونستم دنیارو زیباتر ببینم!

کاش من میکروفونت بودم، پس میتونستم صدای دل کشت رو منعکس کنم!

کاش من ژاکتت بودم، پس میتونستم بهت خیلی نزدیک باشم!

Baby (^-^)

Which one?

Love this pic so much (^-^)