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Tiffany Del Real  "real" as in my last name, Del Real✌️😎 ▶️ TiffAndCase 🎥 JKFilms • JKNews • JKParty

Full view of the new profile photo 🤗
I never praise myself, but I gotta say...damn I’ve been killing it with the modeling these days 😂
Any photographers wanna collab? Fair warning, I need lots of direction. I don’t actually know what I’m doing lol

Daaang who’s that? Lol 😜
Can you believe this whole outfit is from the #TimeAndTru line at @Walmart?! Yes, even the blazer 😍 I love how it already comes scrunched up at the sleeves. It makes for a cute casual blazer. I tied a knot on this soft shirt and added earrings to complete the look. Wdyt? 🔥 or ❄️? #sponsored

There’s a sticker on my shirt I forgot to remove before taking this photo lol
Comment 🧐 if you saw it before reading the caption
📸: @chanmanprod

Back home now from an awesome weekend in NorCal celebrating this lovely couple! Congrats to @stirandstyle & @dantransform! Your love truly radiates ♥️🥂🎉
Side note, let me tell you guys about the weekend and the funniest thing that happened to me and @chanmanprod. So, we decided to road trip from LA to Sonoma with @bartkwan & @geo_antoinette. It was a super fun drive blasting music and dancing it up in the car. BUT THEN, we get to our Airbnb 7hrs later and realize Case forgot BOTH our outfits for the wedding (I had packed mine in his garment bag). After a few minutes of stressing out, we discovered there was a mall nearby, so we made plans to go there in the morning (since the wedding was the next day). Relieved, the four of us had dinner then spent some quality time in the hot tub. The next morning we go to the mall and rush to put together two outfits. I bought this jumper that had slits down both legs - super cute. But when we arrived at the wedding, I realize that these slits open WIDE in the breeze. So for a good portion of the day I had to hold them closed to avoid flashing my undies to everyone lol. You can see what I mean in the second photo 😂
The wedding was GORGEOUS, the location was spectacular, and the food was delicious!
On the drive home, we stopped by the Winchester House and took a tour. I had been there once before so it was cool to see the three of them experience the house for the first time. I even jump scared Geo at one point lol.
Despite the small funny hiccups on the trip, I had the best time with my favorite people. Definitely a memorable weekend 💕

While I lay here in bed with my first ever sprained ankle, all I can do is reminisce about this golden hour moment beautifully captured by the hubs in gorgeous Rovinj, Croatia 💕
Now I’m just hoping to heal up quickly cuz I got things to do and places to be lol

Taika’s not so happy to be turning one 😂
Wishing you a happy birthday anyway @taikakwan, love you! 😘💕

There are so many photos I want to post, but never do cuz the hardest part about posting is coming up with the caption 😅
Anyway, here’s a photo of me in Pula lol

Hey you reading this, just wanted to thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me. Hasn’t gone unnoticed. Love you back, here’s to you 😘🍷

#ad Spent the weekend #FuelingQualityTime by enjoying the beautiful scenery of Utah and falling in love with the new #HyundaiSantaFe! No lie, we’re seriously considering getting this car 😍 Thank you @HyundaiUSA for such an amazing weekend!

Family trips are my favorite kind of trips! Especially when they include breathtaking views 😍⛰💕👪

How fun are these pants?! Been wanting to get out of my comfort zone and play around with patterns, so I picked these super cute floral jeggings to go with this marigold top. Added a little more flare with the earrings and the bracelet. How did I do putting this outfit together from @Walmart? 😁#sponsored #timeandtru

#fbf to when Isaac was a lot cuter 😂 jk my baby will always be a cutie in my eyes #real_isaac

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