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Patrick Lau 

I miss u 🤮💁🏻‍♂️♥️♥️ #friendship
take a moment to be proud of yourself. Not about what you’ve accomplished but more about what you’ve survived and overcome. You are a lot stronger than you think and just the fact that you’ve made it this far should tell you that. Stay strong and be proud.

It’s going to rain some days and that’s ok. Storms are like hard times. It’s not a lot of fun when you’re in the middle of it but when you get through it you realize how much better everything looks. Nothing grows without some rain...... including you

A friend is a second self.

Thank you very much Brother @kkrustyy 🙏❤️

🤙🏼Weekend🤙🏼 Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.

Most people want to see you to do better, but not doing better than them.

🙈❤️💚obwohl es euer Haus ist #homesweethome 😂🤙🏼

Sometimes You Have To Do Things, Try Things, Say Things , And Be In Places That You Never Thought You Would Be. That's Okay. Life Doesn't Come With A Roadmap Or Set Of Instructions. You Learn As You Go. Don't Be Afraid To Look In Different Places That You Never Thought You Would To Find The Answers.

With So Much Darkness And Hate In The World It Becomes Harder And Harder To Find The Good And The Light. That Being Said Its Always There Just As Its Always Been. You Just Have To Look Harder To Find It. When You Do It Makes You Appreciate Everything So Much More. Stay Where The Light Is.

Taking A Moment To Be Thankful For All The People In My Life. They Are My True Wealth

Motivating Yourself Can Be Hard When You Feel Overwhelmed. All You Really Want To Do Is Stay In Bed. It’s During Those Times However That It’s Most Important To Get Up And Get Moving. Just The Moving Forward Can Elevate You Above Your Stress And Create A New Opportunity. Get Moving. Good Things Are Out There Waiting For You. ⚫️ text source: @christopherkorey ⚫️


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