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Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust is one of my highly anticipated novels to be released Sept. 5th! It's pitched as Frozen meets the bloody chamber in this feminist retelling of the Snow White fairytale. For the GA thanks to @flatiron_books I have 3 ARC copies to giveaway just follow all the rules to be entered and I will be checking 😊
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6. This giveaway will be ending July 23 @ 11:59 pm PST and I'll announce the winners here in the comments, caption, and DM them. This is US and Canada only (sorry!)

What are you currently reading?
I started There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins (released in September) I only brought a few books with me with this one being a highly anticipated novel of mine, I've been carrying around everywhere until I had the chance to start it 😂 When I first heard about Stephanie Perkins coming out with a new novel I was elated, I loved her Anna and the French Kiss books and then I heard the book was going to be horror (I've never actually read a horror novel before so this is a first) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it even more 😋 So of course I can't really say anything about the book specifically but I'll let you guys know my thoughts when I finish it ✌🏻 Ft. my new drink obsession watermelon and kiwi smoothie 😌

“I didn’t know then what I know now: that everything - my father, this moment, every experience that molds and shapes us - is ephemeral, evaporating into the air before we have a chance to grasp onto it, before we can truly even understand what it means.”
— Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana

Library of Fates is a romantic coming-of-age fantasy tale steeped in Indian folklore! A stunning story about a young woman who sacrifices everything to save those that she loves but its not enough. If you are looking for a fabulous high fantasy story make sure to pick this one up!

The full synopsis for The Library of Fates will be down below in the comments! Thanks to @penguinteen and @storygramtours I have one finished copy up for grabs! Giveaway details and rules down below:

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Check out more about Library of Fates by clicking the link in my bio! Thank you to @penguinteen for providing me with a copy of #TheLibraryofFates! #Libraryoffatestour #storygramtours

This is probably the last #shelfie I'll be posting of this shelf ✌🏻 Also good morning I haven't slept at all 😂 #RiptoFisShelf #imgettingalittlesentimental

What's your favorite Disney movie?
Okay I've said this quite a few times already but my ultimate favorite is Lilo and Stitch (and basically all Stitch movies and the show too) other top favs Big Hero 6, Lion King, and Tangled 😋 Of course my favorite item in the Fandom Anniversary box is the Stitch bookmark included the August theme is Welcome Back to Hogwarts! I'm so ready 😄

Slytherins are the ones who dream. Who paint even though they never learned how. They are the ones who keep journals and write poetry. Who ask others to tell them a story. They stare at the clouds and watch them form shapes, unmindful of the grass prickling against their elbows. They are the ones who stay awake long after everyone else has fallen asleep. Who read books, and newspapers, and anything they can get their hands on. They wish on stars, eyelashes, and birthday candles, and their eyes gleam whenever someone mentions one of their passions. They are the ones who like to watch trees grow: from saplings to guardians of the forest. Who will study maps for hours on end. They close their eyes when they listen to music, and their thoughts are full of color. They are the ones who find hope in life.

I found this aesthetic (the writing the photo is me and my profile photo) from jinxy-valentine on tumblr, I might post the others (maybe I'll have like a series of Hogwarts House photos 😌)

Do you ever just take a step back and evaluate your life, the past, the present, the future and everything in between? I've read quite a few books these last few months that have changed how I think and take in new experiences, how I treat others and how much more I appreciate my friends, family and things I do have rather than continuously focusing on what I don't. I've met new people who've made quite an impact on my life, tried new food, and actually started caring more about my health. I'm 19 years old settling into another state and starting a new chapter in my life away from my closest friends, family and well most of my stuff as well. At first I thought of it as starting over but it's a continuation and a new experience. Don't take small things for granted, every small opportunity, every page counts towards the life you've lived so far.

By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest;
For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best;
For Hufflepuff, hardworkers were
Most worthy of admission;
And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition.
While still alive they did divide
Their favourates from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones
When they were dead and gone?
'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
He whipped me off his head
The founders put some brains in me
So I could choose instead!
Now slip me snug around your ears,
I've never yet been wrong,
I'll have alook inside your mind
And tell where you belong!

All the Hogwarts House bookmarks are from the lovely @lexyolivia ❤️I have no wifi currently and spent almost all of my data. I've done nothing today but continuously scroll through memes on Instagram 🤷🏻‍♀️

A breeze ruffled the neat hedges of Privet Drive, which lay silent and tidy under the inky sky, the very last place you would expect astonishing things to happen. Harry Potter rolled over inside his blankets without waking up. One small hand closed on the letter beside him and he slept on, not knowing he was special, not knowing he was famous, not knowing he would be woken in a few hours' time by Mrs. Dursley's scream as she opened the front door to put out the milk bottles, nor that he would spend the next few weeks being prodded and pinched by his cousin Dudley...He couldn't know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: "To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!

@bookofthemonthclub picks!
The Child by Fiona Barton
American Fire by Monica Hess
Final Girls by Riley Sager
Every month @bookofthemonthclub sorts through thousands of books to select 5 books they would recommend 😋
#bookofthemonthclub #botmambassador

Today's @fairyloot prompt is pillow case and reading nook, I mostly read on my bed so I guess that would be my nook 😋 June's box items featured a Stephen King quote designed pillowcase from @missphi, the botm Roar by Cora Carmack and a candle from @witchwoodremedies 😌 @fairyloot announced their August box theme Otherworlds, with items inspired by Lord of the Rings, acomaf, Game of Thrones and Peter Pan! To get 5% off a 3 to 6 month sub use fangirl 😊

What's your favorite Disney character? I'm currently eating pancakes (I'd rather have waffles but whatever) I started watching Outlander last night but I fell asleep before the Sassenach episode was over (it was like 2 in the morning) 😂 What are you guys up to today?

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