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Energy Healing  Own your truth. Step into your Power ✊🏽✨🔥✨💃🏻✨🌈 Healing 🌎 Training H⃗e⃗a⃗l⃗ Y⃗o⃗u⃗r⃗ P⃗a⃗s⃗t⃗ C⃗r⃗e⃗a⃗t⃗e⃗ Y⃗o⃗u⃗r⃗ F⃗u⃗t⃗u⃗r⃗e⃗

I find that working with the cycles of the Moon creates more flow in my life. Flow to start anew, flow to create, flow to build momentum in what I am focused on and feel the profound power of that. Flow to feel my feelings and be with what is without trying to change it. Accepting the flow of my place in this grand Universe. Flowing into doors that open for me with ease and grace and seeking the highest potential of every opportunity that is right in front of me because EVERYTHING is an opportunity. An opportunity to heal, to grow, to expand and contract. An opportunity to give birth to the life we dream of.
Today on the new moon 🌙 I challenge you to open the door 🚪 that is right in front of you.
It may be a door that you think isn’t for you but when we think we know-that’s when we miss the magic that is waiting for us right in front of our faces. Trust that what is in front of you holds all the magic you’ve been looking for. Open the door, see with new eyes 👀 and work magic with what you’ve been given. Dance in the rain and trust that the sun is preparing to shine on you at the perfect time 💃🏻☔️☀️🌈✨✨🙏🌙🚀✨♥️😄 #newmoon #newmoonmagic #flow #cycles #opendoor #wedontknow #raiseyourconsciousness #stepintoyourpower #startanewchapter #ownyourlife #changeyourperspective #neweyes #makeachange #readingsbyjenilee #energyhealing #selfcareofthefuture #danceintherain #birthnewdreams #newbeginnings #createyourfuture #soulpreneur #momentum #bethechange #trusttheprocess #ease #grace #surrender #releaseattachment

& then I come back to prayer 🙏
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I think of prayer as handing over what’s not mine to hold or fix. It’s taking everything that is overwhelming me or disappointing me and surrendering it over to the divine to take care of.
Prayer is an acknowledgment that it’s not my responsibility to fix everyone and everything around me, it’s my responsibility to realize when I am attempting to do Spirit’s work instead of focusing on my own human work.
My own human work is to feel things and acknowledge and explore those feelings and then ask Spirit to clear away that energy so that I can easily move beyond it and not get stuck in any cycles that don’t serve me.
Spirit and I are a team and when I get lost it’s usually because I have forgotten that and picked up the list of responsibilities that are not mine to do.
What have you done this week that is actually not your responsibility? Maybe you put a lot of energy into trying to figure out how to change someone else, or abandoned your own needs in order to try and meet someone else’s? Or spent countless hours worrying about someone or something that is out of your control? There’s so many ways we take on responsibilities that are not ours!
Comment below what you are ready to stop taking responsibility for 🤔 #prayer #surrender #responsibility #itsnotmine #handitover #divineintervention #human #selfwork #lifeofahealer #freedom #spirituallessons #wisdom #goinward #seektruth #feelyourfeelings #letgo #selfcareofthefuture #energyhealing #energymedicine #readingsbyjenilee

Disappointed. Today my heart bleeds for women choosing to remain unconscious and disconnected from their own feelings. There is so much disconnection from truth around me on a macro/ worldly level and today it’s mirrored on a micro level in my personal life.
There is not a single woman in my family of origin that I look up to or aspire to be like.
I have spent so many years of my life looking for that example in my own family and even my step-families and have finally come to an acceptance that I am it. I have to be the example for myself. I have to listen to the wise woman within my own heart and continue to be a trail blazer. This is unknown territory and nothing I have seen the women who were here before me explore. This place of honoring my own truths and respecting myself and my own boundaries and choosing to feel ALL of my feelings and not denying them or numbing the pain feels like an Olympics to go through.
When you look around and you see no one who came before you on the other side of the finish line 🏁 cheering you on saying “you can do it because I did it too”-it’s scary as fuck and it’s lonely as fuck.
We can’t expect others to wake up from being asleep and unconscious their whole lives if they decide it’s too painful or too risky but we do get to choose to wake up ourselves if we want to. We get to look at our past and everyone involved and say this wasn’t ok.
We get to say that we feel hurt, and angry and disappointed that they chose the road that they chose and have our own experience of what it was like for us to witness them choosing that road.
Today I feel deep disappointment and I am cancelling my Free Live healing session that was scheduled for tonight at 7pm PST.
I encourage everyone that was planning to attend to explore their own feelings of disappointment and breathe deeply into those feelings so they don’t have to effect your future ✨🙏♥️ #disappointed #feelyourfeelings #acknowledge #truth #familylineage #itstopswithme #wisdom #pain #womensempowerment #warrioress #bethechangeyouwishtosee #readingsbyjenilee #selfcareofthefuture

Happy International Women’s Day! Honoring this path I am on called Womanhood and all of my sisters on the path with me. We are creating a new world together. It’s our daily choices to use our voices and be who we are and not who society says we are or who we have to be- that is where the change ripples out of us and into the collective consciousness of women everywhere.
We are powerful as fuck ✊🏽
We get to own that power and choose to lift the veil of illusion that’s been held up for way too long that says we are less than men.
We get to rock our feminine energy and own the power of our menstrual cycles as our power to create life. We get to own our tears as beautiful and cleansing and not as weakness. We get to be seen in all of our beauty and feel safe in our bodies. We get to honor the feminine in all of us by honoring ourselves. We get to create businesses that change the world and be in leadership. We get to make our own choices about our own lives. Who to love, who gets to touch the temples of our bodies, we get to set boundaries and choose they way people get to speak to us.
We get to walk away from people that can’t see us clearly and reclaim our worthiness to our own sovereignty. We are our own and nobody else’s. The honoring of the feminine is returning. I pray that all of my sisters open their eyes more and more each day to their own power and choose to heal anything from the past that is holding them back from living in their fullest expression as women 🙏 #internationalwomensday #honorallwomen #sisters #wearebirthinganewworld #daughtersofthemoon #pussypower #wombwisdom #womenempoweringwomen #redladies #transwomenarewomen #womencometogether #wearetheworld #whoruntheworldgirls #honorthefeminine #returnofthefeminine #ownyourpower #sovereignty #iamwomanhearmeroar #divinefeminine #womensupportingwomen #womenpower #wemoon #wombyn #wombynpower #wombynhood #wombynsday #womenwarriors #girlboss #womanpreneur
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So when we received our pregnancy news they told us what are HCG levels were and they were so high we thought there could be more than one baby in there! After weeks of googling and trying to read the signs and symptoms and prepare for the possibility of more than one baby growing in my uterus we finally had an ultrasound today and confirmed its 1 healthy baby! 🎉👼🏼🙏♥️✨
We had a lot of emotions and I honestly felt confusion because we had done the work to mentally prepare for more than one. Then we both felt relief because after mentally preparing for 2 babies, 1 sounds like a walk in the park! Lol 😆
I always pray for what is for our highest good. I don’t like to pretend to know what is best for us and trust that the Creator ultimately can see the big picture of what my ideal life will look like. Its the beauty I’ve found in releasing my attachments to specific outcomes. We as humans are limited by thinking we know what our happiness will look like and we become so attached to that outcome that we may miss what will actually make us happy. I trust that 1 baby is exactly what we need right now at this time in our lives to increase our happiness and support us in living in alignment with our unique purpose on Earth 🙏
We are so excited to be on this pregnancy journey together and even more excited to share it with our loving community ✨🙏👼🏼🌈✨☺️✨♥️ #firstultrasound #loveyoualready #ourpregnancyjourney #pregnancy #babysfirstheartbeat #7weekspregnant #picturememomming #singleton #consciouspregnancy #joy #createlife #aliveness #babybumpahead #babylove #pregnancyphoto #readingsbyjenilee #lifeworthliving #createyourideallife #firsttimeparents #rainbowbaby #lgbtfamilies #transandciscouple #powercouple

I had such an amazing time feeling the “sun and shine” my beautiful sister @hiriemusic brought to the stage last night! She is so radiant and her sacred musical offerings always light a fire 🔥 within my soul ✨🙏
As she sang the lyrics- “feeling I knew you long ago” from one of my favorite songs of hers “wandering soul”, I was filled with tears as I felt clear communication from the being growing in my womb that they know me and I know them. That we’ve known each other through many lifetimes and they are returning to the human world so that we can be spiritual teachers to each other again in a deepened, more conscious way. It was such a blessing to receive this message in this way! As I go further along my spiritual path and have experiences like this I feel deeper trust in divine timing and am able to settle into the present moment and allow for it’s highest potential to be shown to me. Last night went from being a concert to being a reunion of kindred souls. Go and check Hirie’s music out on Spotify and get yourself some of those good vibrations she and her incredible band offer through their music! ✌️💃🏻✨🌺🌞🎼🎷🎺🥁🎤✨💓🌈 #hirie #hiriemusic #wanderingsoul #sunandshine #goodvibes #musicismedicine #mygirl #sisters #womeninspiringwomen #womeninpower #soulpreneurs #hawaiiangoddess #mypregnancyjourney #wombwisdom #spiritualjourney #messagesfromtheuniverse #loveismyreligion #divinetiming #awareness #raiseyourvibration #raiseyourconsciousness

Now this is my version of a Mom ride! 😍✌️🌈✨✨🧚‍♀️🚌🌈💕🤰🏻#rainbowvan #rainbowbaby #momdreams #boutthatlife #innerchild #magicschoolbus #readingsbyjenilee #selfcareofthefuture

This week the topic of healing our inner child has become an important theme. My niece inspired me to talk about it in my LIVE healing session this week and it created a powerful discussion within the group about the “stories” that we created as children about ourselves as a result of the experiences we had with the people around us at that time. We delved deeper into seeing more clearly how those childhood impressions or “imprints” are effecting our current life and blocking our potential in different ways. I have always loved this topic and I have done tremendous self healing with my own inner child through the energy healing work that I do called SRT.
SRT has helped me release the energy that I was carrying around from my childhood that was blocking me from being my most authentic self. Without feeling wounded from my childhood I am free to be who I really am, and the best part is that my adult self and my inner child can live in harmony together. I am more playful and alive and free in my expression of truth, I use my voice to speak my needs and my opinions and more and more I can see the beauty and the innocence in all things and people. What would you say to your child self if you had the chance now? 🤔 #innerchild #innerchildhealing #srt #energyhealing #changeyourlife #releaseyourpast #takeyourlifeback #createyourfuture #choosetoheal #play #thechildinme #lifeofahealer #lifeworthliving #imprints #soulparts #shadowwork #spiritualawakening #wakeup #freedom #freedomseeker #freelivehealing
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6 weeks pregnant and have never been so exhausted! I keep hearing it’s common to feel fatigue in the first trimester but DAMN. I have new respect for every woman that has ever carried a baby 😮
I also understand that this rite of passage is different for each woman and I think that makes it hard for our comparison brains that just want to know we are doing it right and that our symptoms are “normal”. I am coming to a new found trust in my body and my growing baby or babies 🤷🏻‍♀️
I am a healer and I feel things very deeply. It’s no surprise that I am feeling this very deeply.
I feel like the baby in the situation honestly. Everything is new and I am being called to make space to go even deeper inward to access my guidance and my wisdom that will carry me through my ideal pregnancy and birth experience. It’s scary because it requires me throwing my agenda out the window and surrendering to this call for resting and truly being with the miracle occurring within me.
I am still running my business and seeing individual clients and couples M-F which I love. In order to ensure that I can keep my energy balanced I am going to need to take a step back from my Free LIVE healing sessions and do 1 per week instead of two.
I have decided to change the day to Tuesday evening at 7pm PST 10pm EST.
I may only need this adjustment through the 1st trimester but I promise to keep you all posted. I love doing my LIVE healings more than anything and I appreciate everyone that shows up every week. I hope that changing the schedule only brings more opportunities for healing to those that have not been able to attend the old schedule days ✨🙏🌈 🦋🤰🏻#6weekspregnant #exhausted #fatigue #calltorest #feelingthefeels #womanpreneur #womanpower #wombwisdom #consciouspregnancy #goinward #surrender #integrity #mypregnancyjourney #lifeofahealer #motherhood #womenscycles #ritesofpassage
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She is a Healer Cat. She sat with my Dad for weeks on his deathbed and with me everyday since then reading my energy massaging my tears away with her pretty snow-white kitty paws. She hates when we travel and her caregiver always writes us “she is ready for you to come home” within the first day or two.
She waits for us to wake and licks our faces and purrs. She has been a mirror of me and my healing journey. She uses her voice more than ever before to speak her needs to us and that is something I have seen myself grow to do as well. When I have in-person clients she tends to their tears and holds space for their grief. She always knows we what we need and has so much care for her family.
She lost her life partner last year our beloved Chester was her best friend and lover. She has a much warmer temperament than he ever had and I watched her melt his heart and show him true intimacy. Watching the two of them engage was like watching beauty and the beast fall in love. 😻🌹🐾
She has been our training wheels for a baby because she has a lot of needs and lets them be known. She loves to be held and loved and snuggled. She is the greatest blessing in our lives and I can’t wait for our baby to feel her loving, healing presence 🙏✨🐾#luckythecat #healercat #pettherapy #furbaby #luckygirl #animalfriends #heartopening #countyourblessings #gratitude #loveofmylife #familygoals #readingsbyjenilee #energyhealing #energymedicine #animallove #selfcareofthefuture
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My mother told me the first winter ❄️ that I was alive my favorite thing to do was sit in my play pen and watch the snow fall through the sliding glass door. To this day snow mesmerizes me. To me snow is a frozen element. Nature offers her frozen crystals of water to stop us for a moment. Snow slows us down and begs us to stop 🛑 and be present to what is happening. It reminds us that rushing can be dangerous and cause hazard to our lives. It begs us to play and create and activate our inner child imagination. “Freeze everything” it says, and play for a while🤪
Or “watch me” through the windows with a warm blanket and cocoa, and allow me to inspire your 💭 thoughts 🤔
Snow stops us in our tracks and we can continue to rush around it or surrender to the presence it calls us to. Thank you snow ❄️ 🙏☺️✨✨❄️❄️❄️✨💓#snow #snowmedicine #gratitude #slowdown #play #wonder #dream #beinspired #beherenow #innerchild #divinemother #mothernaturesbeauty #selfcareofthefuture #stoprushing #readingsbyjenilee #raiseyourconsciousness #energyhealing #energymedicine #lifeworthliving #pnwonderland #winterwonderland #mindfulness

Ive always wanted to feel supported in balancing motherhood with doing my sacred work in the world.
It’s so important for us as women to remember our strength and potential to fulfill our dreams. To live our ideal lives by designing them ourselves instead of listening to societal beliefs about what we are capable of.
We can do it all and we can have the life we dream of when we choose to release the belief systems that have been implanted into our subconscious minds and re-design them from the ground up.
We choose the story we live in and the character we play within that story. I am beyond thrilled to add “Mother” to my character description and to continue to embody the wisdom of the divine feminine and masculine in harmony in all areas of my life.
I used to fear losing myself to motherhood and through Energy healing and releasing the old belief systems I now trust with every part of me that Motherhood will compliment and weave into my already purposeful life on Earth 🙏✨🤰🏻👼🏼🤱🏻👩🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍💻👸🏻👩🏻‍🍳🧜🏽‍♀️🧚‍♀️👩🏻‍🔧👩🏻‍🎨🧝🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️💃🏻💏🕊 #pendulumlife #connectwithyourintuition
#transformationtuesday #womenempowerment #womenpower #pussypower #womenpreneur #motherhood #motherhoodgoals #bethechange #energyhealing #selfcareofthefuture #readingsbyjenilee #spiritualawakening #spiritualresponsetherapy #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #balance #findpurpose #sacredwork #livelifetothefullest #lifeworthliving #lifeswork #createyourlife #releasethepast #beyourownhero
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