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Energy Healing  ✨Voice of Truth✨ Healing 🌎 Training Hβƒ—eβƒ—aβƒ—lβƒ— Yβƒ—oβƒ—uβƒ—rβƒ— Pβƒ—aβƒ—sβƒ—tβƒ— Cβƒ—rβƒ—eβƒ—aβƒ—tβƒ—eβƒ— Yβƒ—oβƒ—uβƒ—rβƒ— Fβƒ—uβƒ—tβƒ—uβƒ—rβƒ—eβƒ—


This was me the day after my Dad died 7 years ago today. I got a memorial tattoo that day. I needed an outlet for the pain and it was my first tattoo. I screamed loud enough the entire time for people in the tattoo shop to be concerned and check on me. He was in so much pain and suffering and I wanted to feel that pain so I could fully understand why he had to leave us. It worked for that couple of hours. After the tattoo the emotional pain got really heavy. My Dad was the only person in my life that I talked to pretty much everyday of my life. We rarely fought and could see each other's true essence. Many relationships bring out the shadow in us, the darkness we don't want to see but with him it was so much love and care for each other. I went to bereavement Therapy, individual and group. I brought my whole self to those sessions and went through so many phases of grief. I came to understand that there is no timeline on grieving a parent. Once I accepted that is when I began to receive the blessings of his passing.
It was like his spirit was on a mission to communicate to me in any way that he could-through channelers and mediums, through helium balloons, through images of sunflowers, through dolphins, through my dreams, through music, through synchronicity. It became undeniably clear to me that there's an afterlife and that the only thing that left me was his human body presence. The presence of his spirit was very much alive and I began to develop a new type of relationship with him. A relationship that has felt more supportive and empowering than the relationship I had with him when he was a human. How is that?
I understand now that he has a hawks view of life. He can see what I can't see in my human experience. He can see the unknown blessings being made manifest as we speak and shows up to remind me that everything is perfect and the lines from his favorite songs come to mind "every little thing is gonna be alright" and "don't worry be happy" -I usually put them on in those moments and dance with his spirit and feel the warm embrace of unconditional love between us. (Continue in comments..)

"Become Love to Find Love"-Jenilee Dowling ✨❀️
This is the theme of the healing sessions I will be offering at the local Metaphysical fair here in Eugene tomorrow, and much of what I will discuss on the Love & Relationships Intuitive Panel I am speaking on tonight.
@alionsfear and I get a lot of questions about how we've really only managed to love each other more throughout our 7.5 years together and 5.5 years married.
How do you fall more and more in love with each other?
We both take a great deal of time to do the emotional work to love ourselves.
When each individual is doing their own personal work to break down their own resistance to love and their fears about love then the two individuals unite in even deeper divine love.
It's HARD work, it's actually a legit full time job to face yourself and take responsibility for your own past and choose to heal it so that it doesn't effect your future in a negative way.
I see many people hop from one relationship to another and repeat the same cycles and patterns because they didn't choose to heal from the past. I see others stay in the same relationship in the same patterns because it feels safer to stay in a negative pattern than to be alone or try and heal.
I have zero judgement towards any of these scenarios and I have a point to make.
If you are unhappy in your relationship with someone it also means you are unhappy in your relationship with yourself.
Choosing to work on yourself is a gift to your partner and to everyone in your life.
DM me to schedule a facetime individual or couples session if you are ready to heal! *this photo was behind the scenes at a recent photoshoot with @bproud1 for her incredible LGBTQ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ photo project @firstcomesloveproject definitely go follow this project to see examples of inspiring LGBTQ couples sharing their love stories πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβœŠοΈ#becomelove #lgbtq #couplegoals #loveyourself #loveislove #energyhealing #readingsbyjenilee #healthyrelationships #changeyourpatterns #selfwork #spiritualjourney #opentolove #findlove #relationshipproblems #relationshipadvice #awareness #takeaccountability #transgender #photoshoot #chooselove #choosetoheal #energymedicine #healyourself

"Remember we say that a flower is blooming whether it is in half, three-quarters or full-bloom." -Women Who Run with the Wolves

When I travel, I set intention to allow for the trip to be a pilgrimage, or spiritual mission where I go somewhere and allow the place to be the medicine that supports me in going inward and being with a part of myself that is ready to heal. For me-It's the will to make the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey and the intention to experience healing through the physical journey that creates the miracles within me.
I begin to see clearly the flow of love I can choose along the way just as clearly as I can see the flow of fear that I can choose. There's always a moment in each of my pilgrimages that I call the moment of change. The moment of change is when I see myself wanting to act in a way that is familiar to my old patterns that didn't serve me and instead I breathe deeply and take the opposite action for the very first time.
The level vulnerability that I feel when I choose my truth instead of what feels safe to my false self is uncomfortable and freeing all at once. The fear is alchemized to love and I sit there feeling the new flow of joy to my heart because I chose to remove the block to it.
Thank you to these two amazing light beings for inspiring my moment of change this weekend and seeing me clearly in my process of healing πŸ™βœ¨πŸ•―πŸ•ŠβœŠοΈβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸŒˆπŸ€—πŸ’— I am blooming ✨🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹✨✨✨ #pilgrimage #intention #healing #spiritualgrowth #chooselove #awaken #raiseyourvibration #goinward #vulnerability #trueself #higherself #lightbeings #healers #findyourmedicine #readingsbyjenilee #unity #onlyloveisreal

My future is open and ripe with possibilities.
My future is conscious.
My future lives in TRUTH.
My future is accountable.
My future is abundant in resources and love.
My future is supportive.
My future contains no us and them, only we.
My future honors femininity as much as masculinity.
My future celebrates authentic expression.
My future lives in INTEGRITY.
My future is colorful and inclusive.
My future embraces wholeness.
My future is alive and awake and pulsing with vitality.
My future forgives and heals.
My future encourages self-care as a a pre-requisite for caring for others.
My future views Energy Medicine as a vital form of self-care.
My future holds infinite WISDOM embodying equal parts student and teacher at all times.
My future cares most about the greater good of all beings πŸ™βœ¨πŸ•ŠπŸŒŽ#meetthefuture #point5cc #ifiruledtheworld #newparadigm #lgbtqcommunity #bethechange #transgenderrights #transgenderyouth #vision #weallhaveaparttoplay #power #inclusive #createyourfuture #energyhealing #energymedicine #readingsbyjenilee #raiseyourconsciousness #energyfollowsthought #unity #selfcare #chooselove #healer #awakening #truth #intention #integrity #wisdom *get your "meet the future" cropped hoodies at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and @point5cc online October 1st!*

My heart and soul has been serving the Transgender and extended LGBTQ+ Community for all of my adult life and some of my Youth. Feeling aligned with purpose supporting my husband's Transgender supportive clothing line @point5cc and gender affirming non-profit organization @pointofprideorg all weekend at Gender Odyssey in Seattle! If you are in the Seattle area be sure to come down and meet our team of change makers! Also be one of the first to get a look and feel of the new line of clothing not even on the website yet! #genderodyssey #seattle #lgbtqcommunity #support #purpose #changemakers #point5cc #pointofpride #generatingnewconsciousness #bethechangeyouwanttosee #energyfollowsthought #lifeworthliving #dowhatyoulove #wearethechange #unity #oneness #loveheals

Happy Solar Eclipse! πŸŒžβœ¨πŸŒ‘πŸ™πŸ•ŠIt's a great day to become an observer of your own life and pay attention to what you spend your time doing.
Are you always seeking to be doing something? Is that a way of escaping your own thoughts and feelings?
Are you lost in your thoughts and feelings and can't get yourself to do much of anything?
If you wrote down every thing you did for a week how much of that list would be choices you made based on what you needed?
How much of it would be based on what you thought others needed from you?
What's the point of this?
Starting to recognize extremes in your life is power. It's power because it's awareness.
Becoming the observer of your life is the first step towards making the changes you always talk about wanting to make.
Do it. Start a note in your phone that's titled self observations. Start typing in what you notice yourself doing, do it for a week and try not to judge it or fix it or change it or shame yourself about what you are observing. You are observing without judgement so that you can get a clear read on what you are spending your time doing and what your motivations are for doing those things. If you can figure out what motivates you-you can figure out what's blocking the change you are seeking for yourself. #solareclipse #reflections #selfawareness #observeyourself #spiritualjourney #changeyourlife #raiseyourconsciousness #sun #moon #alchemy #unity #lovewins #chooselove #evolve #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #motherearth #payattention #howyouspendyourdays #beherenow #mindfulness #energyhealing #energymedicine #energyfollowsthought #healers #lightworkers

I believe that I was born as a white woman who was destined to fall in love with other women as a teenager and marry a transgender man so that at this very auspicious time I could use this white voice to say END white supremacy and this cisgender female body to rally and END transphobia. Separation of all kinds has got to stop and I am dedicated to learning more about my specific part in that.
I will admit it, in the past I have hidden so deep inside of my privilege that I turned the news off when it became too stressful but I've don't a lot of self healing and a lot of waking up to my purpose here and become conscious of just how unconscious so many of our world leaders are. I have gone deep enough into myself to realize that I am a part of birthing the new paradigm that will hold the values of truth, justice and equality for all. I have a voice and will not stay silent, I will use my intuition so I can be guided to the right and perfect actions for me to take to show up to the call for justice our world is crying out for.
We are all alive at this very specific time in history in the very specific skin we are in because we all have a very important role to play in bringing fourth justice and equality for all. We are all being called to open our eyes wider, and step outside of our comfort zone to see clearly the part that we are playing in separation so that Oneness can be attained in our world.
I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We are in this together. I am holding myself accountable to show up with my healing bag of tricks to this call for action ✊️✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽 #charlottesville #calltoaction #unity #stopthehate #endseparation #wakeup #solidarity #endwhitesupremacy #speakup #truth #cometogether #equality #justice #peace #lovewins #theworldneedsyou #educateyourself #energyhealing #energymedicine #lightworkers #healersofinstagram #rainbowwarriors #onepeople thanks for the image @homme.grl πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—

"Somebody told me- a warrior never lets a warrior lack inspiration" -Lionheart @tubbylovemusic
The longer I experience this human life, the more I value the beings that can see me and meet me and hold space for me and all that I am. This weekend these sisters planned a surprise adventure for us to celebrate my birthday that was last month. The healing that I experienced on the trip was profound and divinely orchestrated beyond any planning. It wasn't your typical celebration weekend but it was everything we needed. I kept surrendering to what is and releasing attachment to what I think it should be.
Each and every time I do that I experience healing. Life is happening for us even when it seems against us and we've got to trust that.
Sometimes that means accepting sadness as your default emotion during your birthday celebration weekend. It means crying so hard your face hurts at the awful truth that is yours to hold instead of holding it in and forcing a smile. Having people that can be with you right where you are emotionally and hold you in your pain and your joy is my best definition of unconditional love. They don't try to make it better they witness and create a safe container for your feelings, and if your lucky they make you a birthday cake that symbolizes everything you are working for this year πŸ€—πŸŽ‚πŸ”±πŸ’“βœŠοΈ
Cheers to discernment and choosing the relationships that nourish you while grieving the ones that don't πŸ™πŸ₯‚πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ’—πŸ’›πŸ’—#divinesisterhood #unconditionallove #beinghuman #releaseattachment #surrender #feelyourfeelings #wholeness #spiritualjourney #alchemy #betruetoyou #speakyourtruth #chooselove #selflovewarrior #selfacceptance #goddesstemple #divinemother #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #energymedicine #energyhealing #readingsbyjenilee #divinefriendship #chosenfamily #selfacceptance #goinward #makespace #griefmedicine

Diving into the depths of our emotions can feel like entering a dark cave. Fear arises saying β€œwhat if we don’t make it out of that dark cave alive?” Then we decide to just never enter that cave. We run around building walls around it to keep ourselves and others away from it. We develop defenses that are triggered every time we are somehow asked to enter that cave. We live in avoidance until one day the darkness inside of the cave explodes and breaks down the walls we built and threatens to take over our entire world if we don’t compromise and allow it some space in our world. Even then-we may choose to run from it and even deny its existence. We also have the choice to take a deep breath and take a step into the dark cave. Feel the energy of it and allow that energy to trigger emotions from our past that we had run from. Emotions can be transformed just by feeling them. When you choose to feel pain and validate where it came from you building a new world for yourself to live in. A world where you don’t have to run away from the darkness because the darkness is happily married to the light within you. This is what wholeness looks like. Not running from any part of yourself and choosing to be with and love all of it.
Learning to love the dark, shadow parts of myself has proven to be the biggest blessing in my life. I now know this to be an act of self love and empowerment. It all starts with one step into the cave of your own darkness.
I honor and respect the fear that can be overwhelming in choosing to do this and offer one on one Skype and FaceTime sessions to anyone needing support in their own process. πŸ™βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ¦‹πŸ€—
DM for details! #darkness #caves #shadowwork #goinward #selflovewarrior #awareness #alchemy #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #transformation #feelyourfeelings #ownyourshit #chooselove #wholeness #pathtopeace #lifeworthliving #selfwork #beinghuman #beyourownguru #higherself #emotional #water #mermaidcaves #readingsbyjenilee #energymedicine #healyourself #askforhelp #facetimesesh #skypesession thanks for this incredible photo @alionsfear πŸ‘Œ

There's comes a point in your spiritual journey that life appears to be so absolutely bonkers that your ego breaks down and you laugh hysterically at yourself and all of the crazy-town that you are observing around you.
We must always remember that the universe wants us to take things less seriously and turn that frown upside down every chance that we get. Laughter is the best medicine-allow yourself to just lose yourself in it before your face gets stuck like that πŸ˜«πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ˜¨πŸ˜±πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜ #laughing #medicine #checkyourego #awareness #lmao #tooserious #selflovewarrior #crazytimes #newparadigm #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #laughatyourself #chooselove #lifeworthliving #selfacceptance #selfcare #loseit #mercuryretrograde #raiseyourvibration #readingsbyjenilee #energymedicine

When we notice what we do that makes others like us-there's a voice inside of us that says "do more of that"
It can be a slippery slope listening to that voice because it means our actions become motivated by others instead of ourselves.
What I have found helpful when I find myself acting from this place of appeasement is to remind myself that the reason others liked what I did to begin with was because I was being true to myself and decided to share that with others. So what I need to do is keep being true to myself and share that with others not try to be more of what I think others are seeking from me.
Example: if you are making an instagram post simply to get more "likes" or followers or to "inspire others" you have most likely abandoned your authenticity in the process.
Just BE YOU and if you decide to share that you with others and they find inspiration from it, awesome! You may even get a bunch of likes and followers just by being your authentic self with no agenda to please others.
Authenticity has become trendy but there is a fine line between truly being you and being the you that you think will get the most attention or stand out the most.
Check your authenticity! #authenticity #beinghuman #selflovewarrior #trueself #spiritualjourney #checkyourappeasement #staytruetoyou #awareness #raiseyourconsciousness #energyfollowsthought #perspective #speakyourtruth #beyourownguru #higherself #spiritualawakening #spiritualresponsetherapy #behappynow

I'm an Angel living in this amazingly intelligent human body. I've got etheric wings that spread wide when I'm speaking my truth. They support me as I fly higher into consciousness. My eyes wide open as I begin to know more and more exactly who I am and why I'm here on Earth. These wings of mine carry me into the depths of my own heart and my own subconscious. To look clearly at myself and see the deep truths underneath the pain.
Yes-I am an Angel, living on Earth learning my soul's lessons through a human experience.
Today's Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse is drawing us deeper into our subconscious- and if we are open to it we may choose to bring some of that raw truth of why we are the way that we are into our conscious minds so that we can have an opportunity to feel it and intentionally release it to free ourselves from the stories of the past that have no productive place in our future.
Happy Full Moon Beautiful Beings! βœ¨πŸŒ•πŸ™πŸ’— #earthangel #warriorsofthedivine #rainbowwarriors #diveintoyou #goinward #fullmoon #lunareclipse #humanexperience #awareness #raiseyourconsciousness #selflovewarrior #energyhealing #energymedicine #findoutwhoyouare #wakeup #becomethebestyou #selfrealization #livetoyourpotential #speakyourtruth #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #spiritualresponsetherapy #createyourfuture
Thank you @alionsfear for this awesome photo! πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

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