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Ryan Donovan 

Ahhh! What year is it? I have somehow traveled back in time


Breaking in the new fire pit.

Give me the fu(king ball! #gsp #gspproblems

May I please have the ball? #gsp #gspproblems

Playing around with my new phone on a rainy day in the shop. #mbfy #mikesbikes

Enjoying a much needed weekend away from it all. #nofilter #getaway

The end of an amazing night...

Out geochaching for the first time and loving the views

Archibald wishes all a good night

Another SBCU wrapped up and another pen for the collection. Had a great time as usual. Learned a lot and got to see a new dept. I hadn't been to before, the suspension lab. Thanks Mike's Bike's for the awesome opportunity and Specialized for offering such a great opportunity to increase the stoke. #iamspecialized #sbcu #mbfy #mikesbikes

Cleaning up and found some pics of my ex's. I have moved on to bigger and better but, they still hold a place in my heart

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