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Ross Oberlin  Big Paw🐻/Owner @rc_fit Family Man👨‍👩‍👧 Get Strong🏋️‍♂️ Last Long💨 Baseball Choke Aficionado🥋 Hunt/Fish/BBQ🏹🎣🔥 Stop Working Out. Start Training.

Got in a touch of conditioning today. Opted to go low impact on everything to try and get this shoulder back. It’s so close!
4x(:10/:30) Sled Drive
4x(:15/:30) AirBike
4x(:20/:40) SkiErg
Tons of Grip Work
Running a hybrid program this month with specific goals, and that sweet, sweet magic from the @strengthfaction

It’s a beautiful day for grilling! 🔥
If you’re grilling fish 🐟, your instinct might be to start skin down. Often, it’s to avoid having the fish stick to the grill. That’s usually more a case of not taking care of your grill, than it is a problem with the fish.
Assuming you’re taking good care of your grill, you wanna start flesh down, NOT skin.
Shout out to @thedeej747 for originally explaining this tip to me. Dude has several years experience in the restaurant industry and knows what the hell he’s talking about.

So it’s supposed to go Pink, Blue, Yellow, right? Got it.
Fixed that for you, @roguefitness.

This is gold, right here. Balance is a general concept, not an “in the moment” concept.
Be “all in” with your coaching, your business, or your family. From moment to moment, they can’t each be pulling your attention.
You just inspired a blog post. Nicely done, Pete.
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Maybe my best piece of gym owner advice.

Had a great time working with @joecalcagno61 last week during his Spring Break. Joe has maturity and focus beyond his years, and is always welcome at the gym.
Whatever he chooses to do in life, he’s a sure bet to be successful.
But until then, it’s time to play some Penn State Football!
Enjoy spring ball, big guy. We’ll see you in a few months.

It’s time.
You’re not that simple.
Your grasp of the English language is not that basic.
Get your shit together and use a different word.
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TODAY! Only together will we be able to @endtheword! Take the pledge and commit to not using the #rword. Tag your friends & ask them to do the same!

Took a break from audiobooks and binge-listened to a bunch of podcasts from my boy @coachcaseylee today. Dude is killing it! Awesome format, and great interviews!
If you’re a trainer/coach looking to add another podcast to your rotation, give this one a listen.

@thorbjornsson has been runner up so many times in WSM and the Arnold classic. I really enjoyed watching him dominate and take home his first Arnold title tonight.
Say whatever you want about genetics, this dude works his ass off. His mental game was on point yesterday and today.

500x3✅ finally getting me into the RPE 8-9 range (but still a soft 8).
Hit 420x3(RPE 5) and 470x3(RPE 7) before this.
So, uh, nice job @strengthfaction 💪.
Watching the video, I see how many things are automatic in my lift (packed neck, packed lats, rooted feet, core bracing/breathing).
This is a good reminder that I need to keep rehearsing these ‘details’ with our members until they become automatic for all of them as well.
I get paid to coach, not lift, so my value is tied up in how well I teach this stuff, not how well I do it myself.

No matter your fitness goals, having a strong grip is a necessity.
Here’s a quick tip to make sure you’re getting the full benefit of the wrist roller.

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**Sound On** Grip strength is important shit. It’ll help you carry groceries, keep your dog from ripping your arm off when you’re walking it, and even help you keep your arm and shoulder healthy. Problem is, lots of folks mess up a common grip strength exercise. Ross (@rctf_ross )is here to help you get that sucker right. #StrengthFaction

This is safe, right?

I had a meaningful conversation with gym member @davidasuarez last spring. He told me:
“A business exists to make money. What the people who run that business choose to do with that money, influence, and impact, is up to them.”
I’ve been asked often how I’ll know when this gym has “made it”.
I have no idea what that means, but I know part of “making it” is being able to have a positive impact in our community. @sarahsinnoakpark provides important services, advocacy, and education regarding domestic violence.
Unlike some massive charity, the funds we raised from our last charity boot camp will make a real difference for the staff here, and I can be confident that the funds will be used ethically.
This was part of our mission from the day we opened @rc_fit. I’m incredibly proud of myself, @mrs.oberlin, @abbythedinosaur7, and what we’ve done for our community.
Up next; charity Boot Camp to support @oprf.ping on Saturday, March 3!

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