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Ross Oberlin  Big Paw at @rc_fit Been at this for years, still getting better every day. Family, Lifting, Jiu-Jitsu, Food. Stop Working Out. Start Training.


I see this piece a lot when driving back from doing S&C with the Evanston Figure Skating team. Had to finally pull over and take a pic today.
artist: @lauren_asta

Gotta replenish them glycogen stores, brah.
#itsscience #dontquestionit #carbs

Simple way to get someone to stop using their back leg on an RFESS. (rear foot elevated split squat, aka Bulgarian split squat)
Using a band with less support kills the ability to rely on the back leg. I often only need to do this once or twice for the idea to "stick" with someone.
Not my original idea. Heard @michael_boyle1959 mention it, I think?

It's not a free pass to completely stop training.
It's also not bad ass to train full throttle and hurt it more.
The challenge is maintaining intensity as best as possible, while protecting the joint in question.
The overhead movement is ok for me without load, but any amount of load makes it throb, so I'm squeezing the shit out of a @fatgripz to irradiate some tension and give me at least some kind of intensity while it recovers.

Time lapse of building a training platform for Moose. $15-$20 for materials.

I'll use this to work on the "place" command with him. The place command is the foundation of communicating with your dog.

Sometimes dogs are disobedient, but often, they're just confused by mixed signals from their owners.


Smoked a brisket a few weeks ago, and had to use the Texas crutch to finish it in time for dinner (may the bbq gods forgive me).
Not making the same mistake with this pork butt. Got it started early this morning, and now drinking beer and staring at the smoker gets to qualify as being "productive" today.
#saftb #sundaysareforthebbq

The Sentinel.

@billhartman_net getting things rolling on day 2 of the @strengthfaction Summer Seminar!


Bud light. That's why we're here. So he can have a bud light.



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