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Ross Oberlin  Big Paw at @rc_fit Been at this for years, still getting better every day. Family, Lifting, Jiu-Jitsu, Food. Stop Working Out. Start Training.


Sometimes, you feel like dogshit.
Sometimes, you need to bail on the plan and instead let your inner HS freshman write the program.
Sometimes, you need to realize that you're not an Olympic/professional athlete (unless you actually are).
Sometimes, you need to ensure that your training is sustainable, i.e.; enjoyable.
No specific goals, or grand PRs today. Just me getting a pump on, classic meathead style.
I checked the box. Now, I'm going to recover. I'm also going to have a face-melter of a session Friday to balance this out.
This ain't happening in a single day, folks.
Stay the course.

My paternal Aunt cutting my maternal Grandmother's hair while my Mom shares their company.
I know not every family is this close, and I'm so appreciative now to have grown up with this closeness being the norm.


All those birthday "present" workouts I've written for our members are about come back and bite me in the ass in a big way. Special thanks to @abbythedinosaur7 for setting this up........
This beat down will be executed on Friday. I can hardly wait! 😑


Been a busy week. Just now really getting to dig in and go back through everything I learned at the @kabukistrengthlab KMS seminar last weekend.
@mad_scientist_duffin @brady_cable @brandon_senn and the rest of the crew did a great job breaking down concepts to a very diverse audience, some experienced, some total novices.
I really liked their 'load tensioning sequence' concept, and how they use that as the assessment to help them determine which intervention to use - if one is in fact needed.
I already have a well developed coach's eye, but this crew showed how I can better use that.
This photo is from day one, where we covered breathing concepts. I was reminded how powerful it can be to bring kinesthetic awareness to someone who is not currently in touch with, or 'feeling/sensing' their body.

Today, @paigerydberg leaves for Colorado - headed to the Olympic training center to start writing the next chapter of her story as a figure skater. ⛸
I've been lucky to work with immensely talented athletes. I've been lucky to work with immensely driven athletes. Paige is one of the rare birds that is both. I've never worked with an athlete as dialed-in as her at such a young age.
While it's of course bittersweet to see Paige go, we couldn't be happier for her about this move. This is the next step. This is what is necessary when your dreams are big.
Paige isn't just training to be good. She's training to be great. She's training to one day carry the hopes of a nation on her shoulders.
When you see her competing at Nationals, Worlds, and the Olympics, remember that we can't even fathom what it took to get there, and this sure as hell didn't happen overnight.
This isn't someone just cashing in on innate talent. Paige has dedicated countless hours to hone her craft. She's going from the pond to the ocean, and is ready to swim with the sharks. She doesn't require a pat on the back, or someone to pump up her ego, or anything like that. All she needs is some frozen water❄️, and some blades🔪 on her feet. Then, get out of her way. She'll do just fine.
This is the next step. And she is so ready for it.
We love you Paige, and we can't wait to see you write your next chapter.

UPDATE: Masculinity maintained. I tried to scoop out a hunk of this stuff, which is apparently waaaaay too much. I turned to my wife and showed her my super greasy, shiny hands and asked "what am I supposed to do now?" To quote @mrs.oberlin; "You have no idea how balms work. I think you just secured your masculinity."
After a full day of @strongfirst, the hands need a little TLC.
Thank god this brand has a badger, and lets me know that this stuff is for hardworking hands. Otherwise, how would I possibly preserve my masculinity?

Enrollment for Strength Faction is live! Get in on that action, folks!

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Ladies and gents, it's true. Enrollment for the Summer '17 #StrengthFaction is open...the first enrollment email just went out to our mailing list. That's who is getting first dibs on enrollment spots and early bird pricing this week. So, if you're digging on joining up, head over to www.strengthfaction.com and drop your email so you don't miss the next enrollment email!

Ya gotta take care of those callouses. ✋️
Using a pumice stone right after a shower is a great way to manage those bad boys.
Torn callouses don't amount to toughness, grit, or any degree of #beastmode. I struggle to understand the pride in wearing bad technique & negligent recovery as some badge of honor.
Enjoy the sidelines, ya goof. I'll be busy training.

Tough Guys.

The term "bad weather" is thrown around pretty loosely. Ever seen a tornado in person? THAT'S bad weather.
Today was inconvenient at worst. My plan for today, before I knew the weather, was to take my dog for a long off-leash walk. Do you think Moose wanted to take a pass because it was cold & drizzling? The dude grows a coat on his body. He's good. Do you think I did? Not for a second. I don't own dress clothes, so mostly everything I own is waterproof anyway. I'm not trying to make a point about how hardy I am.
I'm highlighting the fact that we give up or change course over the slightest inconvenience far too often. We put our life on cruise control, and always steer towards the path of least resistance. But that land is barren, and you know it.
I'm not trying to do the things that make me happy. I'm trying to do the things that make me great. I hope you are too.
(I realize that I post more pics of my dog than of fitness stuff. Might change, but for now, deal with it.)

So much inspiration.
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Many of you probably don't realize that I haven't always been fit. There was a time when I was extremely overweight. I went through a phase where I was trying to 'find myself' and I had gotten heavily into practicing yoga and meditation in the wilderness. My diet consisted of fruits, vegetables, and fish. The pounds started piling on and before I knew it I was approaching 400lbs. My karma and chi were balanced and my soul was in a state of utter peace and harmony but I was still lost. When I finally hit 400lbs something inside me snapped. I burned all my yoga mats, threw away all of my incense and spiritual music, and went on a diet only consisting of steak and hamburgers. The rage continued to grow within me. I embraced it. I loved the rage, I made friends with it and we had lunch on a daily basis. I began crushing weights, eating a diet consisting only of meat, listening to hip hop, drinking whiskey in the morning, and fighting. Soon I found myself a shredded 230lbs and fighting in the @ufc. After that I never looked back and became the man you see in front you you today. I killed off that punk bitch Robert MacDonald and permanently became the one known only as Bobby Maximus. I wanted to share this deeply personal story of my spiritual awakening with you so you could learn from my journey and get right with your life. Thank you all for your continued support. #transformation #successsaturday

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