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I'm Naked!!! Today is a BIG day - it's Rodan + Fields Go Naked Day!

One of the best parts of being a Rodan + Fields consultant is helping others. Now, you have an opportunity to join me! I'll be joining over a million others as we go 'naked' (from the neck up) for a good cause and post about it.
Who's with me?
For every makeup-free selfie posted with the hashtag #RFGoNaked, Rodan + Fields® will donate $1 to the Prescription for Change® (PFC) Foundation to serve youth with life-changing empowerment programs where they live through buildOn, an incredible organization that helps underprivileged children. Tag me and I'll enter you into a fun drawing! Any of my friends can do it (you DON'T have to be an RF customer)! Let's help these young people:) Together we can make a difference in the lives of others! ❤️ ***And if your skin isn't naked selfie ready? We really need to have a chat.

I'm looking for (2) people to join me in this life changing business. My goal is to work closely with YOU to promote to {Level 2} in your first 60 days!
Why Level 2? Because this milestone qualifies you to have your investment reimbursed 100% by corporate! Yup. 100% reimbursement of your initial investment back in your pocket. Plus commissions earned along the way 😊. AND because the average Level 2 makes $700+/month! What can an additional $700+ do for YOU??? But y'all!!! The BEST part is this is just the beginning! Your potential is LIMITLESS and I am going to help YOU reach it!! Who will be my next 2 to Level 2!? 💙

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Ashley was already gorgeous. Now she is glowing and gorgeous!! And those lashes. Wow.
Here is what she had to say...
"I cant believe the difference in my eyes and LASHES!!! My complexion is so much more even and my fine lines and puffiness is improved! I never thought my skin was horrible before but I am so impressed with how it's improving with time! Quite the opposite of what our skin typically does with age!" 80% of our skin's aging is in our control 👊🏻
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It's your choice. Choose well! #MondayMotivation

Not convinced that you need to take care of your skin daily and protect it from the sun's harmful rays?🙄 #yikes "I don’t really have any problems with my skin, so I will worry about what products to use when I do.”
Does this sound familiar?🤔 #areyousure

Unfortunately, while you are waiting, your skin is not. Much of what is happening with your skin is not visible to the naked eye. As we age, our skin slowly begins to change. Prevention is the key to healthy, beautiful skin. Rodan + Fields TREATS and PROTECTS! A little bit of prevention and care now will go a long way in the future!  Message me to get the conversation started 💻📱👥

SKINCARE 101 DAY 1: Why should you use Eye Cream?

Sleep deprivation, pollution, the sun’s rays, putting in contact lenses and taking off makeup...even smiling, frowning or just blinking - everything seems to take a toll on our fragile eye area. The eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body and since it’s constantly active (we blink 10,000 times a day), the skin around the eye area is the first to show age. Eye creams are designed to be lighter in texture than facial moisturizers. They are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye.
When it comes to eye cream, packing on a lot of product will not make it more effective. To apply, just use your ring finger to dab or dot a pea-sized amount along your brow bone and about a half inch underneath your eye. Do not use directly on your eyelids. Start at the outer corner of your eye where crow’s feet could be and work along the orbital bone around your eye. Eye cream can spread after applying so be careful not to get too close to your eye or on your eyelashes! Always give your eye cream about a minute or longer to absorb and dry before you put makeup on top of it.
If you are looking for a great eye cream, R+F Multifunction Eye Cream is very nourishing. It utilizes powerful peptides and optical filters to help reflect light. It helps to visibly reduce dark circles, crow’s feet, puffiness and brighten the eye area!

#skincare101week #premiumskincare #dermatologistcreated #clinicallyproven

Is there anyone out there who seriously doesn't want to look younger?? Or if you're young, to stay looking that way? Janis Becker is LOVING her results! #loveyourskin #byebyewrinkles #Redefineyourage

Current situation. #CampCowley #myhappyplace

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