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Hi. Wake up. #goldendoodle

Juggling my healthy choices.

New favorite way to hydrate when I’m wood working.

Warm up to 🧗‍♀️ workout.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was one of our very first dates. A weekend with me in England after months of long distance through skype. Lots of questions then: was this real? Could we trust what we were feeling? Was I ready to take on being a dad? What were the next steps? We didn’t know any of the answers, but we did have a deep sense that God and the universe had our back and we went for it. Sometimes fumbling in darkness other times with laser focus. Even after all this time and new lives with an new family we still have that same peace of being part of bigger conspiracy of love and redemption. Happy valentines @morgandaycecil

Pink pants don’t stop!

Apple 🍎 crunching face on the way to the gym.

No seriously, get your baggage out in the open. Do the work, make the effort.

Homemade fish sauce is going to make these Thai burgers💫☄️💥

A boy, his skateboard, his dog, and his school. #nwportland #skateboarder #goldendoodlepuppy #portland #hashtags photo by @morgandaycecil

Portland knows how to do a roast chicken. Especially these guys.

Look how dramatic I made our street meeting look. Feel the deep feels.

The shame!

‘Twas a 😎 kind of day.

Pre-dawn downtown hustle. Go get it!

If you’re running short on cuteness, here is two big scoops for you. And a dash of pink.

Sneak peak on the dinning room bench. 2 more units plus the corner unit to go. #woodworking #plywood

It’s her birthday and it’s time to get excited! 6 years old!

6th Birthday Party! She’s our resident Fraggle, cartwheeling to and fro with endless effervescent joy morning to night. Except when she’s throwing a temper tantrum, then she’s not so fun to be around. But mostly she’s pretty great. Happy birthday my darling!

We watched The Space Between Us last night, a teen romantic drama set on mars and earth. It was a zero gravity train wreck with 4 stars. astoundingly. Poor Gary Oldman (who normally can do no wrong) sold his soul with that film. It was so bad that we were crying with laughter. The other upside is that I learned how to turn the gravity off in my living room.

HK Cafe did not disappoint.

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