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Ron Cecil  Certified Optavia Coach | Mystic DM to set up a free health assessment

Two years and over 30lbs ago.

This golden danger doodle needs a dog sitter from the 19th to the 22nd of this month. Any locals interested in unlimited cuddles, games of fetch and a new friend for life? PM ME!

My little dude did it!!!!

That’s my wild-eyed grandmother on the left and her mother on the right. My grandmother, her nick name was Dugie, since she was a teenager, faced incredible adversity. While she deserves an entire book to tell her story, the gist is this: having been raised by a single mom in the post-depression rural southwest, she too became a single mother after her husband was thrown in jail. Despite her faithfulness to him and his change of heart away from a life of crime and towards a life of service to the church, he ended up running off with the deacons wife. Throughout all this she was insanely resilient. While parenting her four children and taking care of her mother, she taught herself to drive, then put herself through school and became an elementary school teacher. She was fierce, she was loyal, and she always had a fantastic outlook and sense of humor. She had one green eye and one blue eye. She was totally unique and was a force. She taught me how to read and made each of her grandkids feel loved and supported. I think we all lived with her at different times in our lives. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. I miss you, Dugie.


Progress! Now to tighten them trucks and put a stop to that wheel bite.

Mid day strum session for mental boost. I got it!

10 years ago I was living in England working for the heritage British automobile brand, MG- starting over after going out of business. Simultaneously, I was starting a long distance love affair with this beauty. Now, whenever I see an MG I’m reminded of the early days of our romance and the adventure that we were on the very early stages of. Just like that brand, we were starting a fresh life. Don’t ever forget, life can begin again. #mga

My Danger Doodle, Goldie is always glad to have us home. #goldendoodle #thepearlpdx

Turns out @hellofresh was pretty dang amazing!

Why haven’t you had a float session yet? No, seriously.

Saturday skate session.

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