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Rachael Carrullo  Don't be a hard rock, when you really are a gem. 💎

How is it possible that my baby brother is on his way to his senior prom? Time really does fly!

I love finding lost pictures of you. You were amazing, and boy does life still feel weird without you in it. ❤️DM

The Pineapple kings of 9th street

The good life

Wrapping up Mother's Day with a huge thank you to this big goofball for picking me to be her mama. She truly is the best gift god has ever given me. 💕

To the woman who made my life possible; Thank you for not only being my mom but my dad too, thank you for working 80 hours a week to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, thank you for walking around with holes in your shoes so that I could have new school clothes, thank you for smiling and persevering even through the darkest of times to show me that positivity can get you through any obstacle, thank you for calling me every single day, even at 30 years old, to make sure I'm doing okay, thank you for loving me unconditionally and being my biggest fan even when I'm screwing up in life. Thank you, thank you, a million times I thank you. #myrock #myworld #mymomma

When your dogs smile looks like she stole someone's dentures while visiting the old age home. 📷credit: @mdefrehn

Such a perfect day off with my love, thanks to @christadagostino and uncle Dave!

These two 😍

Easter 2k17; DeFrehn style.

Little 21 year old, pink haired baby Rae in south Florida. Jesus where did the time go?

My darling bought me a bike, and then gave my almost 30 year old goober ass a tutorial on how to ride it and not die.

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