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还记得茶碗珍、佳珍建海吗?#RuiEn’s The In-Laws 麻婆斗妇 will rerun on @ch8sg from 28 May, Mon-Wed at 330pm. 😊 @leeszekee @iampierrepng @jin.yinji @cynthiakoh27 @darrenlim72 @leebelinda

You jump, I jump? 😂😂😂 #RBKD #RBKDorientation2018

@toggle_sg: Celebs who were practically born to wear a suit #RuiEn // Read this on Toggle.sg, direct link via our web (link in bio)

So how long have you known us? 😅 #rbkd10thanniversary #rbkd #rbkd十年了 #toopink 😂

If zombies are such graceful dancers, guess we would all be too attracted to run away. 🤣🤣🤣 #RuiEn #RuiEnsGracefulZombieDance 🧟‍♀️👯‍♀️ // Repost @denniszhouchongqing: After watching a horror movie, 弟 suggested we act as Zombie and take a video. 妹 was excited bout it and became a ballet dancer instead of Zombie. She can’t take it and of course look at herself lor! Please watch her hand and legs gesture. Think she going to Royal ballet school soon 😂😂😂😂😂

3.5 pages of #RuiEn on Toggle Chinese & 1.5 on Toggle English. Links via RBKD-online.com (link in bio) // Repost @toggle_sg: #RuiEn returns (on others’ social media pages), @zhang_zhenhuan gets the girl, @bts.bighitofficial’s Jin shares a hilarious and epic ride photo, and more in this week’s #Instabuzz roundup on Toggle.sg.

At the end of the day, fame has no substance, it is only a short lived tool with an expiry. Perhaps fame can indeed help one to gain opportunities, but only dedication in one’s craft can one prove that you are deserving of it, and only then can there be sustainability.
Whatever the future holds, may it be worth it.
#forwhatitsworth #yeswewrotethiscaption #leaveacommentshowyourlove #RuiEn #瑞恩 #联合早报

Thank you 澍城大哥 for always speaking up for her. ❤️
Read full article for free online at Zaobao.sg or via RBKD-online.com (direct link in bio’s highlight)
Thank you to @aiyoyochenliping & @romeotan too. 打扰到你们了. (Rui En #RuiEn #瑞恩)


#联合早报: “瑞恩公开露面,比《红星大奖》还轰动。这也算是今年《红星》的“效应”,少了以往服装成话题而粉丝气势也比别人强的瑞恩与欧萱,星光黯淡许多,感觉确实有些不同。
“我周围的艺人和媒体朋友也说今年的节目“安静”得可怕。 "我这一年每当遇上幕前幕后圈中人,都会听到不少人谈论或者八卦瑞恩的近况。谣言没有停止过,有说她状态未恢复,说减肥没成功,或者情绪问题,或与酒精有关等,我听听就好,没全然相信,反正她向来是圈中人八卦的焦点,暗地里议论、八卦、抹黑她的人本来就很多,借着她在社交媒体上增加点击率和like的也大有人在。
“瑞恩在圈子里是异数。艺人们大多拼命曝光讨好大众,私下又靠拢艺人同事搞小圈子,瑞恩反其道而行,只须做自己,专心演戏,观众已爱她。 “瑞恩是否另有选择?回到电视台拍剧吗?但一年的时间,电视台…”
#RBKD: 因为喜欢你的作品,所以愿意让你专心演戏。这里每一位点击"like"你的支持者,都是如此。 (#RuiEn Rui En #瑞恩)
Full article via link in bio. Buy today’s papers or sign up for free 14-day Zaobao’s account to read. #support

我们也希望啊~~ 是不是?😍😍😍
#RuiEn @elvinngchoonsiong @romeotan @iampierrepng @denniszhouchongqing (Rui En #RuiEn #瑞恩)

Ahhhhh!!!!! Would you like to see them in a @ch8sg drama together? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️😍
#RuiEn @denniszhouchongqing @elvinngchoonsiong @romeotan @iampierrepng (Rui En #RuiEn #瑞恩)

Yay!!! 😘😘😘😘 // Repost @hyperecordssg: 🏉 Happy vibes from #RuiEn and friends at the rugby match yesterday! Let’s welcome the new month with positivity and a fresh mindset! 😊 (Yay to a short week!🎉 Happy Labour Day! )
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#hyperecords #hyperecordssg @rbkd

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