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Ricardo Baldin  🌻 I take pictures, travel often and love nature ✈ #plantbased 🦒 ☀️Aquarius 🌅 Gemini 🌙 Taurus 📍🌏 @presetsmadewithlove available at:

What a moment to be alive in such blessed place. Kauai and it’s 5 million year mountain formations. Only well seen from above. Thanks @jackharterhelicopters for the experience I’m forever going to be grateful for! 🚁
#kauai #waimea #waimeacanyon #hawaii #travel #love #waterfall

The other day I read an article saying 95% of our actions keep us on our comfort zone. But that the 5% of the times we face our fears and get out of the box are the times that stay in our memories. .
I challenge you guys to choose one thing you’ve never done before and do it this weekend! Wether is an adventure, a charity act, a loving word.
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When you act, it’s either for fear or love. Be aware of your actions! ❤️
No better feeling than being grateful, for nature, for the air you breathe, the millions of cells that are running through your body keeping you alive.
What are you grateful for today?
#beLove #travel #sunset

Casually picking trash out of nature. 🤙🏽
I got asked this week why I like to be nude.
And I think it’s an amazing subject to discuss.
I’m against many patterns society has put in our heads of how we should act, dress, what we should do and what so not. Which are mainly imposed by media, religions, old family patterns, government, etc.
Guess what? If people don’t act differently, the world never changes, and life itself is change. Be proud of being different, be rad, be creative, be free, be you!
I recently got the opportunity to work on a set with about 15 people, me and another 4 models were also naked all the time in the cold weather for 2 days, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To get out of my armor and be vulnerable. To see other human bodies and its perfect imperfections, see its beauty without sexual thoughts. To remember our true selves aren’t just bodies.
And hey, every other animal in the world is naked, that’s how we come to this world. How can being naked be so harmful for humanity?
It’s time to think.

Instead of focusing on being eye candy, be soul food 🙏🏽 #balance #love #hanging

Exploring the heights and magic of Tepoztlán. 🏡 🇲🇽 #pueblosmagicos

Trust the flow

I had such an amazing 72 hours with @Heineken during the #F1 weekend exploring México City, from Lucha Libre to the trajineras of Xochimilco. Thank you so much #HeinekenF1 for taking such good care of us! #Mexico #xochimilco

May the light shine within us all 🙏🏽

How old is a pyramid that has tall trees growing on top of it? Over a thousand years!
Cobá is such a special place, definitely worth a visit to those who visit the Riviera Maya. And don’t forget to rent a bike to ride around 🚲. #travel #pyramid #coba #love #tulum #quintanaroo

We the monkeys 🐒 #Tulum vibes

No photos por favor ✋🏽 so stoked to be back at @encantadatulum, I missed the warm VIP treatment. #travel #love #grateful

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