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And four years after I planted this tank out, I'm finally happy with how its looking. Now to start another one :)

Almost time to march. LGBTQI young people are between two and ten times as likely to die by suicide :(. Promoting and celebrating inclusion literally saves lives! Also it's pretty fun to wear hot pants :)

I see a face in my Cabbage

Breaking news, the mango tree out the back has produced a fruit, and it's looking pretty edible!

Eye, sea, what you did there

Got a Bloody Mary with @__mshellodeez because it's cold and salty, just like us.

Today my amazing, strong, beautiful and talented little sister (who I think is actually taller than me) fly's out to the U.S for the foreseeable future. It's a sad thing, but also amazing because of the potential of the undiscovered country or her life that is open before her. I will miss you, love you lots. @phoebedehoog
P.S Prepare for incessant hangouts while my brain catches up with the fact that you're still there and in easy reach despite being on the wrong side of the planet :p


Noodle time

Breakfast is ready...At 1pm

When you're a bit cranky about being sick and you go to get a coffee and the barista gives you this. Namaste.

Ever wondered what bubblegum would taste like if it was beer? Wonder no longer!

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