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CALL FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Announcing Black Umbrella's first merch design contest. We're looking for someone to design a new merch piece for the Drive Theory album. There are no restrictions on what this merch item may be, but t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats are our most popular items.


Winner will receive: • Winner announcement post tagging you with credit • The final produced merch item • Signed copies of Cognitive Dissonance 1 & 2 by yours truly, Never Enough by King Leez, 5 Good Reasons by Sam & I and another random Sam Lachow Album... Please email sara@razsimone.com with your entry by 10/29.

New @1kingleez we popped down to Paris for this...
I hear niggaz is hating. Niggaz ain’t fuckin wit the squad no way. From music, to hands, to 🔫, to money to hustle, to heart. Real niggaz don’t hate they link up. Real bosses don’t gossip, they speak direct and build with each other. From all the blocks in the CD to the south end to Tacoma, The West, North Allat I fuck with my niggaz. Tap in.
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I’m glad y’all are enjoying Drive Theory..everyone’s telling me to wait and let it breathe but I feel like dropping bombs and not letting up...💪🏾👳🏾‍♂️🚘💣💥🔥

What’s the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to you and how do you/ do you cope with it?
Do you wish it never happened?

I’m looking for people who want to collectively invest in a few ventures like real estate. If you know me I’m very good at creating multiple streams of income and I want to be able to help build that with all My People, you. If you’re interested send me a message with your number and email. Also looking for salesmen who can sell anything and aren’t afraid of hard work. MOB.

Just dropped the video for Hatred on youtube..... go watch and share. Y’all are what keeps this goin, the love and the hate. Side bar: if I were to make a movie this year which genre(s) would you want to see from me first? Story ideas? Plot twists?
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I look and feel like a super villain no matter what I do..

No gas.

New Young California Interview.
Link in bio. If I wasn’t an artist and a businessman what could you see my profession being?

Drive Theory’s out now and doing very well, while I’m over here trying to hold myself back from releasing the next album already... Make the cover your profile pic and if enough people do it I’ll drop the next album 💪🏾👳🏾‍♂️🚘 talk ta me in the comments

Another DOPE interview just dropped with @_theupnup
We went over A LOT...
From the hustle and Drive Theory to getting bit by a lion 🦁😳 MOB 💪🏾👳🏾‍♂️
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#DriveTheory #BlackUmbrella
#TheUpNUp #h1ghrmusic

I’m the new episode of
THE BIGGEST PODCAST... Tune in. It just dropped today! There’s like 2 hours of getting to know me pretty closely packed into this joint... Link in bio.

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