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Razorstorm Design Co.  Artist of alternative fitness clothing . Circa 08 // UK // #razorstorm


A head stuck on a pike no longer conspires
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Found this crappy design I was working on months ago for a rash guard project that ultimately ended up dropping the whole concept and never got finished. Only around 5/10% of designs ever see the light of day . But it's good to get these things down on paper even if they go no where.

Summer threads hitting the shores soon #razorstorm

Every tee is authentically hand printed in house using traditional methods #screenprinting #razorstorm #viking #norse #handdrawn #artist #ink

Dwarven brothers Brokkr and Eitri were master craftsmen and legendary blacksmiths, known throughout the lands as being the best, or so they would like to believe. One day a visitor appeared at their workshop in Svartalfheim.
It was Loki the trickster and with him he brought a challenge. To create the most magnificent artifacts to present to the Gods. As Loki's serpent tongue started to run Brokkr and Eitri's blood started to boil.
Loki had already previously been on a quest to the visit the sons of Ivaldi, master blacksmiths in their own right and rival aritsans. Dwarfs are stubborn and never back down to a challenge even if Brokkr had a feeling Loki was up to no good. They couldn't let those Ivaldi argr scum dethrone their honour.

The challenge was simple, each forge had to make 3 remarkable gifts. Brokkr looked at Loki and commanded that if they win, they could take his head. Loki agreed to the terms and the master dwarfs fired up the forge.
Over the next few weeks Brokkr and Eitri worked as a team, one brother would work the bellows while one would craft and manipulate the materials. The temperature of the forge was crucial and a precision part of the process to reach perfection, a few degrees out would result in disastrous effects.

Loki the shapeshifter knew this, he could not afford to let the brothers win, his head was on the line afterall. Shifting his form, Loki slipped into the forged and began to sabotage the craftsmen anyway he could. As Brokkr worked the bellows, Loki took the form of a monstrous insect and bit down into Brokkr's flesh. Dripping with sweat and in agony but knowing the up most importance of the process, the Master dwarf was not distracted. The situation became desperate for Loki, he rampantly chomped, bit, scratched and aggravated Brokkr anyway possible. The Dwarf could hardly see, his eye lids swollen and blood shot. Loki had his victory, Brokkr could not control the bellows with pin point accuracy and the temperature began to soar. It was too late, the item was ruined and there was no time to craft anything else.

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