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It's 1.20am. There is a distant traffic noise and a lonely bird chirping right under my window. Why isn't it asleep? It's not even spring. PS: spot a cactus. #insomnia #cadaqués #lategram

Crawling home from the ballet class chewing on an eclair, and there is a debauch on the 5th avenue that made me walk around in circles for 10 minutes. Have I already mentioned I don't like the guy?

Set to learning the whole Widor 5th Symphonie this month. It's August 11th, and I can play through the whole 1st movement and the toccata. Three more movements to go. Then - a lot of 'living with it'... #organist #challenge #favoritetshirt #widor

I just read a short story that made me very sad. I want a hug. Will have a chocolate. So it goes.

Hey up there, will someone give us a pedal A?! #recording #pipeorgan #organ #recital @johann.vexo

Johann Vexo and Harry Munz of Gothic Records at Our Lady of Refuge. @pipeorgans @johann.vexo #organist #gothicrecords #pipeorgan #recital

5-minute dinner with home-made zucchini spaghetti.

Still life. I know it lacks a dead fly or something rotten. But a book on Robert Moses kind of makes up for it. #stilllife

Wear sunscreen. And you boys, don't forget the ears 😝

Please no deer in the bakery.

- Where are you?
- I'm near the tuba!
When you are trying to meet with someone near the subway with 10 entrances.

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