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Grandgoon Commanda  An Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Rapper, writer, Actor, Model and a fun Loving Goon.

It all started when I got tired of wearing other types of prints and letter designs to stand out. So I created mine. Wherever you see something weird like this lion head, just know Raywonda is close by. #abujashopping #lagosfashion #weird designs #proudlyafrican #proudlynigerian #ProudlyNigeria @agathamoreno @agatha1129 @adaameh @stitchesnsoles @okeymus @moradekeadegboyega @moyolawalofficial @instablog9ja @411scope

Its all possible with God. Positive vibes always

The future is right on our thumbs. Its high time we stop talking the talk but doing the talk. Vote wisely Ekiti and may the right person win the election

Throw back to this wonderful piece on 411scope.blogspot.com. 9ja Girl in Capetown is sure to blow your mind every time. (Never say never, Ijgb shenanigans and a lapdance)

Everyone who knows me knows I never wanted to live anywhere else but 9ja. Nigeria was home, I will make enough money to be able to travel anywhere in the world on a whim, I love the crazy of Nigeria... I sounded like a broken record to my friends and family but last year everything changed... I moved to Capetown (how that happened is another story). So I came back for Christmas and being someone who really disliked the 'IJGB' mentality (for no reason except the air of entitlement they carried in their gait), I responded with Na work o... Whenever I was asked where I've been. So here I was, just got back and moving along like I didn't leave until I meet up with a friend Big Ben who sees me and goes: oh boy! You don fresh o, see your skin, your color just de shine", laughing I pulled out my phone and proceeded to show him a picture from last year. I was much fairer in this picture (because in 9ja, you can't afford not to take things like your skin seriously as a babe). He took one look and said 'babe, you yellow for here no doubt but you dry... Now you soft be like meat wen de freezer'. I rested my case and that was how my baptism into the IJGB club began, as pple dropped by to say hello, he made it mandatory to introduce me as his friend who just got back from Capetown for the holidays. Trust Nigerians, everyone wanted to get my number to keep in touch and come collect whatever I brought back (mind you, I just met these people but etiquette in 9ja, is overrated and I hate this when I'm here but when I'm in Capetown, I miss it). So yesterday I and an old friend- AL- planned to hangout (I saw him last about 8 years ago), he was with a friend of his and just as I was telling his friend that I came into Lagos for my brother's wedding and Christmas, AL proceeded to inform his friend that I just came in from Capetown... In my mind, I was like Babe accept the title cos indeed you just got back. We then proceeded to go drinking but first Suya! We get to the Suya spot and as the Mallam was busy grill

Breaking: Ben Murray-Bruce blows hot, faults Buhari’s claim on rail way achievement

Recall that President Buhari had said that the Abuja railway is an evidential proof that his government is delivering on its promises.

Read bellow Ben Murray-Bruce’s reaction to Buhari’s statement.

NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The Abuja Light Railway project today commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari is NOT an example of the present administration’s delivering on its promises, as the President claimed today. That is factually incorrect.

That is a project by the previous government. It was initiated by President Obasanjo and most of the work was completed by the Yar’adua and Jonathan regimes. Truth must be sacrosanct! #buhari #benbruce #pdp #apc #r-apc #npdp #goodluckjonathan #fgn #nigeria #thetruthmustbetold

God bless you @blackfacenaija for this piece of work. Its about time someone spoke to us about things happening in the country through music .

The future holds a lot for us, keep walking, so we can walk into our destiny

Happy birthday to my sweet sister, God bless you always

When the chips are down, only you can dig deep. #GrandGoonComanda #Raywonda

Blessed are those that see's the light, in the midst of the darkness #Accolades #Nigerianyouths #StandWithNigerianYouths #Raywonda #GGC

Gimme some #accolades, Nigerian youths never dull, even though all our leaders have failed us we still stand Strong. God bless Naija and the whole wide world

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