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MOLLY  i feel like it’s implied at this point but i love ray palmer

hahahahahahah i havent posted in a really long time. here i am with angst!
dt: @graysass bc i made it specifically for u bub
- lyrics from you by keaton henson

ray palmer, defeating angsty hero stereotypes since 2016. the best character. the love of my life. the only man i fully trust. raymond carson palmer. i felt like it was time i went back to my roots and i miss you so much darling

fjsj this is a repost because the filter was wrong on the first edit so i essentially just had to remake it lol but ANYWAY noone likes clara/danny but i don’t give a damn because clara’s last thought before she died was of danny even though it was at least a year after he died!! i could write an essay on how important he was to the plot :( dt: maya bc shes an angel who said she liked them
- quote from doctor who christmas special 2014!

BUCKY X CLARA is a CONCEPT and you physically cannot take this away from me. headcanon that connie in the first avenger is actually clara travelling with me/ashildr in the future
- lyrics from the night we met by lord huron!

you can insult stucky as much as you want, facts remain that they’re the most important people in each other’s life and they would die, kill and live for each other :)

i love bucky barnes SO MUCH and you can’t take that away from me
#buckybarnes #buckybarnesedit #mcu #mcuedit #captainamerica #wintersoldier

as of right now this is my favourite relationship in the entire arrowverse,, the sg writers can push lena/james as much as they want, the head of catco is in love with a short technological wizard, and thats that! also i actually relatively like this edit which is odd and unlike me

i’m sad but it’s a queen’s birthday and the s9 music came out on her birthday and that’s a gift to me and everyone, i love @jenna_coleman_ a lot

ok i gave up on waiting for the screencaps to come out and just downloaded the episode and made my own because i NEEDED to edit my boy. now that legends is done youll be getting a lot more winn edits (esp w the content we’re getting recently cause DAMN)
also this is my 100th post! isn’t that exciting!
dt: @quicksteels cause he’s our son

me, exhausted and sobbing: rip hunter deserved better
dt: @graysass @ripshunter bc honestly loves this british nerd as much as the guggies

okay so this is gonna be a long caption so you don’t have to read it but here i go
so i’ve had this account for a year today, and i think i can firmly say it’s been one of the best years on my life. i’ve laughed, and cried, and grown to love so many people in the time i’ve been here. this is my escape from the real world and the problems there, this is my own little patch of grass that i get to look after and care for. and it makes other people happy! i get to make people happy by doing what i love! and that’s the best feeling in the world. and it’s entirely down to one dr raymond palmer. he IS my hero. who cares if he’s the strongest, or the bravest, or the best? he teaches me that life is about living for now, and how helping other people and bringing people joy is the best thing that you can do. he teaches me that heroism isn’t superpowers, it’s kindness, and heart, and love. it’s making your own family out of the friends that you find, wherever you may find them. i don’t want a hero with strength that comes from anger, or bitterness. i need a hero like ray palmer, who chooses to be a hero because he wants to help. he wasn’t blessed with powers, it wasn’t natural. he worked for it because he wanted it, because he had suffered and he didn’t want anyone else to suffer. he is selfless, and kind, and has a childlike innocence to him that is so RARE to see, and such a delight that it exists. he is a beacon of light in the dark, as cliche as that is, because he shows us that as long as there is love, there is hope. thank you @brandonjrouth for giving me a character to adore, because you are ray palmer, and ray palmer is my hero. i hope he’s yours too. (please tag brandon!! i’d love for him to see this!!)

MY TOP EIGHT FAVE LGBT CHARACTERS!! there were so many that didnt make the edit (thomas barrow, alfred paget, alex danvers, elena alverez, charlie bradbury, ianto jones) but i love all these characters sm
dt: @graysass bc i made this for you and you know why

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