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It’s definitely been an eventful and eye opening year full of worry, change and growth. We don’t take a lot of photos together, but this was taken at my dads 80th birthday party. Cheers to your health! Happy Father’s Day, you’re not on instagram so you’ll probably never see this post. 😅❤️✌🏾(Don’t worry I called him) #Pajarty

Honored to see @m_shinoda perform his new album #PostTraumatic the same day it dropped! I have so much respect for Mike for making this album. It was definitely a highlight being right next to him as he jumped into the crowd. I touched his shoulder, we’re basically best friends now. Today was a much needed good day. 😜🤟🏾🎤 #mikeshinoda

1st time going to #LAPride! Also my 1st time being on a float! 😁✌🏾🌈 Happy Pride everyone! Got to awkwardly dance on the #Buzzfeed float haha

I got to work with Ben of @wobydesign’s to make this bottle opener out of recycled skateboards! Super excited about this project! Check him out on YouTube! Shoutout to @mark_celestino for putting this together! #latergram #skateboards #recycle

Something about getting donuts and taking photos with it today. 😅🙌🏾🍩 My coworker’s are fun and clearly candid. Haha. Happy #nationaldonutday #donuts @trejosdonuts

Today marked my 100th class at @BaseCampweho. I had no idea it was today. Since the start of the year I’m a few pounds lighter, a few waist sizes smaller and I’d like to think I’ve built some muscle somewhere. 😅💪🏾💯 It’s definitely been a journey, getting closer to hitting my health and fitness goals one class at a time. #keepmovingforward #basecamp

Ending the holiday weekend with ice cream blended with cereal using an actual drill. 😁🍦⚙️ pretty interesting concept. I got the “give me smore”. Chocolate ice cream blended with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. #getinmybelly #icecream #treatyoself

I’ve made this rainbow frosting birthday cake about three times now. It definitely requires a little more work than my usual cakes but I always love the reaction when the first slice is made. 😁🎂🌈 Check out the “History of Birthday Cake” in @buzzfeedtasty’s youtube Page.

Huge shoutout to @mattciampa for putting me in his “History of Birthday Cake” video on @buzzfeedtasty!! Check it out on Tasty’s YouTube Page! 😁✌🏾🎂 #Buzzfeed #Tasty #cake #birthday

Ending the weekend with these awesome people wishing @hwuwu safe travels for the next three months with my last batch of ube cupcakes. 😁🍠🎂 I’m glad everyone this weekend enjoyed my the ube cupcakes!

Spent the weekend out in Joshua Tree with 2/3’s of The @ModernMakerPodcast. I had a lot of fun helping out on projects and feeding Gary’s. Definitely feeling motivated to get back into my videos again for my channel. Thanks for the weekend @benjaminuyeda @modernbuilds @ijessup!

I made a batch of mini ube cupcakes and brought them to work on Friday and I also brought a batch up to Joshua Tree for the weekend. 😁🍠🎂 I’m definitely appreciating how easy it is to make and transport mini cupcakes vs a full on cake. #ube #cupcakes #latergram

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