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"Teach her to cook," my grandma told my mom. "Just because she's an only child, doesn't mean you should spoil her." I remember sitting in the living room reading while my grandma scolded my mom for doing everything for me. "You can't follow her and do everything for her in life." Self-sufficiency. Lesson in life #1 that my grandma tried to teach me. In some ways I've failed that lesson. I've become dependent on a false sense of happiness that has driven me mad to my core. I've lost sense of self and what it takes to be happy. Few things make me happy these days, except perhaps my annoyingly cute puppy and cooking. One of my earliest memories of food is this dish. It was in the first mobile home we lived in after coming to the US. I must've been around 3 years old at the time. My grandma had labored away in the kitchen on that sunny afternoon. It was a time before I had memories of the kitchen, of how it gathered our otherwise dysfunctional family together, how the kitchen was always warm even when everything else felt cold. Today I've poured my energy into making this dish for the first time. Some things in life will fade but the memories always stay long after the dust has settled.
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She loved love too much they said. It was her weakness and her strength. She never knew when to stop, when to hold on, or when to let go. She knew about failures and the lessons they taught, but she couldn't watch her life fall apart without fighting harder. She was in pieces, watched herself morphed into another being at the hands of betrayal and disappointment, but she always managed to hold herself together. She believed there was beauty in imperfection. That was just the sort of woman she was. A little madness, a little strength, a little messed up, a little tender. πŸ’•#imperfection #breathe #strength #holdon #letgo

"Hear me roar." When the days turn gray and the nights seem endless, I'll be there. #pomeranian #pompom #puppy #roar #instapuppy #friendforlife #womansbestfriend

First time making fresh pasta tonight... red wine braised short rib ravioli in a cream sauce with mushroom and spinach πŸ˜‹πŸ΄ #homemade #pasta #rustic #braisedshortribs #ravioli


10 years of friendship. #missyourface #friendship πŸ’• @bwald

Missing the days when this puffball was a miniature puffball. #mylove #pomeranian #pompom #puppy #tbt

Best cafe sua da ever! β˜•οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’―#Nespresso #cafesuada #coffeetime #coffee #caffeineaddict

"Oops, excuse me!" Puppy burp πŸ˜‚#pomeranian #pompom #puppy #puppylove

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