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Ray Law  Reflexive Performance Reset, Creative Results Fitness Owner, Dad, Husband, Hunter, 2a. Bet your ass #IAM1STPHORM! Some day I will look like Bane


The next 6 months are going to test every cell in my body.
There’s people who want to see me fail. Thank you.

Friends who act like foes. Thank you.

People who don’t believe my idea is possible. Thank you.

People who say I work to hard and need to slow down. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me a chip on my shoulder for the 1st time in my life. . 📸: @kristinbiwanphotography .


Super Protein Waffles
2 servings kodiak cakes made with water
1 scoop @1stphorm Level-1 milk chocolate protein.
52g Protein
6.5g Fat
60g Carbs
So good and I don’t even like chocolate!! #cookinghealthy

My goal for when I step on stage this spring.

1) show the same class as the woman in the picture
2) be grateful that I get to have the opportunity to restrict calories and do cardio
3) teach and help people with their goals through educating and not being a highlight show
4) not be an asshole during the process
5) finish what I start, I’ve struggled with that lately in regards to athletic endeavors
6) leave nothing on the table
7) have fun


Awesome RD and Client @emilyfieldrd popped in and did some deadlifts.

We worked on speeding up the eccentric to help save some energy and strength to allow for lifting heavier loads.

Emily has flawless technique and is starting to push the weight the next few weeks.
255x2 here

1st time benching 315 in a long ass time!
Just doing the highlight reel no motivation, no education, I’m just happy!

The human body is incredible, but I’m starting to think my field has forgotten this.

You hear recovery this recovery that.

If the human body wasn’t able to figure it out, humans wouldn’t be here today!

Do you think these 2 lumberjacks went to their boss and said “My cores pretty sore today, I can’t work!” I’m guessing that wouldn’t have sat to well with bossman.

My point is our bodies are incredible machines that are capable of much more than we give them credit for!
Recovery is important don’t get me wrong but part of me thinks we are way more capable than science gives us credit for.


Who is this guy? Let me tell you
- unhappy - fake - mentally unhealthy
- physically unhealthy - undeserving - underperforming
- anxiety filled hot mess

I still look in the mirror and see parts of him, somedays more the others. Soon that person will be destroyed and even I won’t recognize him.
This photo was taken after 7 days of binge drinkinga d eating like an asshole, when I was in graduate school. Feeling like shit and hiding those feelings by exaggerating stories to make it look like I had it all together or had any value. I went over the top on trying to be someone I wasn’t to cover up who I really was. This is the thing that has changed the most about me so far and that’s what I’m most proud of.

What does #wedothework actually mean?
For me it means:
Doing the right thing all the time.
Finishing what I start.
Make no excuses.
No short cuts .

What’s in your tool box?
If you’ve ever trained with me, taken a class, been an online client or just asked a question, you know I don’t fall in to just training people one way.

Powerlifting, Crossfit, bodybuilding, endurance, Olympic lifting, Kettlebells etc they all have a place in a majority of people’s programs.
When training for people looking to be fit and stay on an exercise program year round....2things must happen...Results and fun... If your Training is missing those 2 things message me and I’ll shoot ya a weeks worth of new workouts...my toolbox is full


1,212 Miles in 48 hours.
Yesterday at the expo I had the opportunity to talk to some amazing people like @thecanadianninja
I think I’ve mentioned to 978 people that I have had the same thing for breakfast for at least the last 3 years. Cold press and Level-1. I’m a creature of habit and I thrive on routine. Every hotel I stayed at had a free full breakfast. Knowing myself though, I need to start my day with norm or shit will go sideways fast and with my nutrition!

What do you do to start your day?


If you’re here at the Deltaplex arena come by for high fives, hugs and gains!

People are always worried about what’s in it for them. Those people are only looking a week a month or even a year a head. Helping others and giving your time will always pay off. Being selfish and only thinking about how a situation benefits yourself will keep you in the kiddie pool for Life. I’ve learned that The more than you give you will receive 10x that in return. So the lesson is stop being an asshole and help others if you want success.

#1stphormathletesearch 📸@kristinbiwanphotography

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