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New year's resolution #3: giving yourself the chance to belong to someone special. #ProudToBelong​

New year's resolution #2: always being proud of your ideas - however unconventional. #ProudToBelong​

New year's resolution #1: spending more time with friends we belong to. #ProudToBelong

Be proud of what you achieved this year. Now it’s time to look at the one to come. #ProudToBelong​

A toast to the new year, a toast to old friends. #ProudToBelong

Is there anyone out there who has one good reason to wait until new year’s eve to party? #ProudToBelong​

You either love it or you hate it, but what’s Xmas if not a moment to belong together? #ProudToBelong​

Xmas: that moment where family and chaos belong together - in a good way. #ProudToBelong

No matter how far they may be, there are places and people we’ll always belong to. #ProudToBelong​

Ugly sweaters and wrapping paper. Sweets for kids and cookies for Santa. Always singing the same old songs. Any other good reason to be a proud Xmas lover? #ProudToBelong​

You may not be born under the same roof, but you've always walked the same path. That's more than friendship. That's family. #ProudToBelong

There are eyes that tell stories without the help of words. They just take a look at you, and you immediately feel part of those stories. #ProudToBelong​

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