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Ray-Ban  Genuine Since 1937

If you’re into the Justin, you’re the type that doesn’t settle. Your style, your rules, right? Well, this is precisely the reason why you should make YOUR OWN Justin. Go customize it with #RayBanREMIX​

It has had the same iconic style since 1937, but you’ve seen it in every imaginable color. Don’t you think it’s time to customize your very own Aviator? Oh, yes it is. Right now. What are you waiting for? Go play with #RayBanREMIX

They say Clubmaster is the style of intellectuals. And since every intellectual has his own point of view, why shouldn’t he have his own customized Clubmaster too? #RayBanREMIX​

Hexagonal is great, isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be cooler to be able to choose every single detail of it yourself? Well, actually you can with Remix. Now go and customize! (you’ll thank us later 😉) #RayBanREMIX​

Inspired by the retro style of French and Italian women, this vintage classic has been thoroughly brought up-to-date with Havana tortoise-shell frames, flat lenses and Limited Edition bold colors chosen by @ninakraviz herself. #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

“Giving away the need for control, that’s where your real self is hidden.” @ninakraviz
#FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

Unmistakable 60s aesthetic meets contemporary colors and flat lenses in the Nina Kraviz x Ray-Ban Studios Limited Edition. Just purrfect. @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

“A magical flow starts, and then all I need to do is to press the record button.” @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

The Havana tortoise-shell cat-eye front speaks of the 60s. The vivid green temples with the Ray-Ban Studios logo and the unmistakable smiley engravings shout @ninakraviz. Say hi to the Nina x Eye Green style from the latest Ray-Ban Studios Limited Edition. @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

“When you feel the most honest with yourself, the most open, the most connected, and when this whole thing is aligned, then the muse sits on your shoulder and magic begins.” @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

The cat-eye, revamped. Don’t miss the Nina x Orange Safari style from the Nina Kraviz x Ray-Ban Studios Limited Edition. @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios

“I really loved my music to be super loud since I was a kid. I would imagine that I am standing in front of a big amount of people playing the music that I like.” @ninakraviz #FeelYourBeat #RayBanStudios​

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