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"Rye•uhh"  Glass.Snow.Denver.Find me on the mountains. Eatin plants.Currently open for customs DM. 3K Giveaway soon! Info comin @derinimoon 🌙🌑💛 18+ only

#thomasfire Night #2 Fire currently right on the other side of Stanley across the highway an small creek right by my dads house, luckily not windy currently hopfully they dont pick up fires heading toward the beach down the 33 grew up in that house i hope it makes it #nbcla

Fires currently In ventura, few houses are currently burning down, hope everyone is safe,keep ventura in your thoughts, might evacuate soon, the cross burned down.#ventura #thomasfire Ive never seen a fire in ventura do so much damage, the wind is fueling the fire about 60 mph winds going on now, been hearing explosions

#available Who wants to see me make more of these? #poll this set would be the ultimate gift for anyone this christmas thought id do a little video since the Bubble cap is done 😁 Comes with a Pomegranate Pendant, Dabber, an CFL Cooler Bubble cap with pommy crystas that fits 30mm an below thermals an flat tops, all the crystals on the Recycler Turn Blue 🎁 this is #1 with the collabski lesson with @joecopelandglass !!

Finally back in California, this time im here to stay! 🤜🏼🤛🏼Just wanted to take a second an reflect on everything these past 4 years have been in Colorado, all of these people impacted my life in awesome way, weither it was collabin, chillin, snowboarding, burning fatty blizzys all of these guys are my homies, i need to remember to take more pictures with my friends so heres some of our collabs haha, ive learned alot from my time, honed my skills on the torch and on the mountain, an now i have a career an a path to walk, cant wait to come back an crush some glass an crush some beers with all of you guys gonna miss you fools👊👊😘😘😘💓💓now to make all the new 805 glass homies🤝🏿

Been pretty inactive lately trying to get ready to move so heres so collab auction action for ya AUCTION NUMBER #21 collab with @jtglassco he hooked it up with of his dot box an i shaped em an put serum crystals an nossel on it! Rules now!!!
3.Increments of at least 10
4. Ends tomorrow 9am mountain time
COMES WITH Free shippin other wise shippin is 5.00 in the U.S.

Happy thanksgiving people! This is a collab set with @joecopelandglass named 💎Frozen Space💎 encased space tech with joes flat cone adorned with frozen crystals!Came out baller an the amount of light this thing refracts is insane! This set is Available, gonna be running #SmallBuisnessSaturday Sale from now till MIDNIGHT SATURDAY if youve wanted to scoop a piece now would be a good time for anyone whose looking for the perfect gift for her or him🎄🎁🎀⛄⛇☃. All collabs on sale as well till Midnight Small Business Saturday appreciate the support from everybody, will be posting All available pieces later🤜🏼🤛🏻DM for info!

#boroforsale #borosilicate  #dabber #glassforsale #highendglass #10mm #sublime #illuminati #wax #girlswhosmoke #weshouldsmoke #dabbersdaily #dablife #pendantsofig  #glasspipe #pipe #ganjagirls #ganja #bongbeauties #suhdude #waterpipe #pendantsofig #pendants #glasspendants #carbcap #glasssculpture

Got another Collab for ya viewing pleasure with @synergyglass killt the assembly slyme with purple an recessed joint showerhead perc this girl purs with the saw cuts DM myself or @synergyglass for Details, got more collabs to post keep your fawking eyes peeled 🤜🏿🤛🏻
#boroforsale #borosilicate  #dabber #glassforsale #highendglass #10mm #sublime #illuminati #wax #girlswhosmoke #weshouldsmoke #dabbersdaily #dablife #pendantsofig  #glasspipe #pipe #ganjagirls #ganja #bongbeauties #suhdude #waterpipe #pendantsofig #pendants #glasspendants #carbcap #glasssculpture

Collab with the new homie @brodglassart on a fume wrap an rake saucelock, his fume is poppin! Love takin this piece outside to see the true beauty of fume in the sun, 10mm recessed joint,all fume, with the infestation of crystals starting to engulf its host 💎💎 hhaa sorry nerded out for a sec, #available hit that DM this one wont last oh yeah did i mention that bitch sparkles? 🎆✨🎆✨😰🎆✨🎆✨

☠⚡AUCTION⚡☠ #021 ●Slime Alive● Today up on the auction block is this something a little special to me, it was a turning point in my career where i actually spent 3 extra long work days making an assembling this piece, when i started putting serious time in pieces, sometime winter last year, i became a little discouraged with my creatures when they sat around but i loved this piece so much i smoked out of it a few times haha only been smoked few time WILL BE CLEANED AGAIN, JUST WANTED YALL TO SEE SOME FUNKTION so its gonna be a No Reserve auction so to get back into the groove of trying to make things come to life an glass an get back to trying to make gruesome shit an bigger and badder monster's, this guy comes close to 8 inches and a pound of slime an purple lolli pop by @trautmanartglass 5 Arms, 3 Eyes, Slime puddle, Purple lollipop skull an bones☠ excited to get back in the swing of creatures at least like 1a week hopfully once to start thanks for all the support people
Tag a Creature Lover, 10mm natural perc
1.Starts at 0
2.Increments of at least 20
3.Ends at midnight tomorrow night mountain time, going once style
4.shipping is 15
5.BIN 900.00 comes with free shippin in a Signed peli otherwise shipping costs of 15
6.Happy huntin an thanks for all the support🤜🤛

New phone, who dis? #iwearmyshaaaadee3'sAtNight

AUCTION #019 Stargazer cryatal traveler Number .01
Traveler i threw a couple crystals on an marble, great for on the go dabs measuring at just a bit over 4' this 2 hole 10mm banger hanger rules comin up, thanks for all the positive support an comments!🤜🏼🤛🏻
1.Starts at 0
2.Increments of at least 10
3.Ends at 12pm mountain time tomorrow
4.shipping is 8
5. No BIN
6.Happy huntin an thanks for all the support🤜🤛
#boroforsale #borosilicate  #dabber #glassforsale #highendglass #10mm #sublime #illuminati #wax #girlswhosmoke #weshouldsmoke #dabbersdaily #dablife #pendantsofig  #glasspipe #pipe #ganjagirls #ganja #bongbeauties #suhdude #waterpipe #pendantsofig #pendants #glasspendants #carbcap #glasssculpture

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