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Unbelievable Facts.

A short interaction with students of Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Marine Lines, Mumbai on - Human Wildlife Conflict Management - Urban Wildlife Conservation - Science logic and myths regarding snakes just before Nag Panchami to spread some awareness and information.

Rat snake fighting back to survive.
A Rat snake was submitted to the forest department last week with complex injuries which was further handed over to us for examination and treatment.
The reptile was in pain and distress as it had both internal and external injuries.
An open wound on the right side of its head which was treated with sutures and an internal wound on its head which showed neurological damage due to collision/ hit with a hard object.
The reptile has lost its vision completely due to the internal injury. It is under 24 hour observation along with treatment and medication.
It has been more than five days and the snake has been responding to some amount of treatment but is still very critical due to the nature internal injuries.
We are trying our best!

To report such wildlife distress cases, please call Forest Department on 1926 (toll free helpline)
For any assistance and help please note our helpline 7666680202

To donate or sponsor such wildlife rescue, treatment and rehab by RAWW please get in touch.
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This should happen accross all countries not just a single.
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5/8/2018 Olive Ridley with two missing flippers rescued on Friendship day at Thane
An injured female Olive Ridley Sea Turtle weighting 17 Kgs was rescued and admitted to Thane SPCA's hospital and emergency facility.
The turtle was severely in distress and trauma, two of its flippers one front and one back were missing which had almost made its survival in the wild a rare chance.
And in another overnight joint effort for the best of our wildlife the turtle was treated and stabilized by Thane SPCA , WCAWA and RAWW.
The reptile is currently kept under overnight observation and transit at TSPCAs facility and will soon be shifted to the WCAWA's Sea Turtle Rescue Centre facility at Dahanu where its further treatment and rehabilitation will be initiated with help of the Forest Department.

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Sincere thanks to Dr. Dinesh sir for not just being available in the midnight but travelling down to Thane for helping in treating the reptile.
Similarly to Thane SPCA for their 24 hour service at their facility.
And my superb team mates who are always available on a single phone call to assist in anykind of operations.
Mainly to the rescuers who took efforts to help the endangered reptile in distress.
To report wildlife distress please call on 1926 helpline of Forest Department.

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