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Baby Monitor Lizard Rescued from a Flat in Mulund

At around 12:45 PM today afternoon a distress call was reported to our helpline stating that there was a larger than a lizard sort of reptile spotted in the kitchen of a flat in a society sharing boundary with SGNP in Mulund.
While responding to the call a rescue team was assigned to respond to the distress call.
Hasmukh Valanju from RAWW rescue team soon reached the site and successfully rescued a young monitor lizard from the house.
The forest department was immediately intimated about the rescue and soon the reptile was medically examined and released back to its nearest natural habitat.

This a perfect example of coexisting, while living in a place next to forests we need to accept wildlife and the fact that animals dont understand man made boundaries and may be seen around human settlements.
We appeal to people to not panic in such situations and contact the nearest wildlife rescue teams or the forest department for dealing with such situations.
RAWW Helpline: 7666680202

Forest Department: 1926
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#Rescue #Conserve #Coexist


An Injured Olive Ridley Sea Turtle was rescued from Safala beach at Palghar by our team members Vaishali Chawhan and Prashant Mankar.

The sea turtle was stranded on the beach and was first seen by the locals who first tried to release the turtle back in the waters but due to complex injuries, distress and trauma it came back on the shore.
The rescue team was then contacted which immediately responded and rescued the turtle keeping it under observation and hydrated.
The turtle was then handed over to the WCAWA facility for sea turtles which works with the Dahanu Forest Department for treatment and further rehabilitation process.
Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar, wildlife veterinarian and sea turtle expert along with his team are looking after and treating the sea turtle.
Sea turtles found stranded on shores usually have some or the other issue which needs to be examined by a trained vet and should not be directly released in the waters without consultation.
If you come across such situations kindly report it to the forest department on 1926 or your nearest wildlife NGO.
For any such or similar help and assistance call our RAWW helpline 7666680202.
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#Rescue #Conserve #Coexist