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  Sharing my love of fruit, vegetables, flowers + foliage 🌱 For design commissions + limited edition prints please contact me ✉️: info@ambaliving.com

Excited to be heading out to LA for @arroyosecowknd festival this weekend! Anyone else going? #arroyoseco #arroyosecoweekend #pasedena

Loving these photos from the Summer Festival @daylesfordfarm last weekend! So many talented little artists stopped by our ‘veg art’ workshop to create their own mini-masterpieces from the gorgeous organic fruit, vegetables and flowers that surrounded us in the heart of the market garden - such a blissful day! Thank you so much @daylesfordfarm for inviting us🌿

Building new herb beds outside my greenhouse 🌱 ..thank you so much @greenboxwatcher #herbs #herbgarden #greenhouseonahill #englishherbgarden

Patterns.. always making patterns!

Our pretty pink horse chestnut has just come into flower and it’s full of busy bees! 🐝

Sweepings up from a shoot today ..often the prettiest part! 🌿

Food to nurture the HEART chakra - greens with a hint of pink 💚 One of the images I created for the amazing CHAKRA PROJECT book by Georgia Coleridge (@chakraproject) #chakraproject #heartchakra #greenchakra #anahata #anahatachakra #thechakraproject #chakras

American Sunk Cabbage I used in my last design.. #meforscale

American (Yellow) Skunk Cabbage.. and pear blossom, both fragrant! #lysichitonamericanus #yellowskunkcabbage #americanskunkcabbage #pearblossom #springflora

Setting up.. 🎬 Super-exciting project on the way! x

YELLOWS to feed you Solar Plexus chakra 💛 ..one of the images I created for the beautiful ‘Chakra Project’ book by Georgia Coleridge (@chakraproject) #thechakraproject #solarplexuschakra #chakras #yellow #chakraproject

Checking the focus with Frankie.. @frankieferrari

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