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Nicole Hill  Black. Fat. Female [She/Her]. Feminist. Pan. As in sexual; but also as in Peter (Never grow up!) Twitter/Snapchat/FB: Rawrrbot


Happy birthday to a bitch who literally physically prepares herself to hit that chorus and that choreo. 😂 I love you, chubby! @breezythacoolkid

Slightly less ugly than usual. #GPOY

Ya girl been with the shits. 😂 Too fly. #TBT
#TheLittleMermaid #WoodyTheWoodpecker #90s #Pink #Aesthetic

What y'all need to understand is this shit taste bomb and I added way too many of these boba? balls (you can pick your own, biih!) #AboutLastNight #Prinkipia 📸@oceanloveherr

Idk this shit cute. #AboutLastNight #WCW

Piggybacking off @malibudollface #TBT lol We was an entire ass mess that New Year's Eve

#FBF @wesperiod sometime in 2009 at In N' Out. I have an unholy amount of photos of this kid... I guess I really fucked w/ him. Still do. #LateBloomer

#TBT to like 9 days ago. A bitch was like 11% cuter than normal. #StillUglyTho

15 N to Las Vegas

My granny and I just came back from watching #RogueOne and I have so many feels. It's SO GOOD. Ain't much else that can follow that. I haven't watched this in a over a year, so I have to do it. #StarWars #ANewHope

Sean stay fucking with me. @kidquizine @3oh3 #Live #AboutLastNight with @breezythacoolkid

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