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I don't look like this in real life & that plant is fake bc I've been having significant trouble keeping the little things alive & by little things I mean me. #curlygirl #tinysmall #strugglin

thank you, Starbucks, for paying me for 5.5 years to hang out with all my friends, meet cool people, & listen to my favorite music.
also for the last two years of free Spotify premium. also for the caffeine addiction.
for my first love.
for my first heartbreak.
for my first best friend.
for my first college degree.
for the first person who told me "I believe in you". for my favorite window seat.
for the doctor I met in the drive thru that gave me my first job in the medical field.
for the parking lot naps between classes.
for the caffeine that got me through my longest days in scrubs.

but I don't know, mostly, thank you for the years I stumbled along feeling so lost; & I found, in you... no matter where I am in the world, Starbucks will always feel like home.
thanks for being my floatation device.
thanks; for being my Lighthouse.

let me know if you've seen enough baby fever pics so that I can let you know your negativity is disruptive. #babywatch #babyfever #auntielifey #isthatyourwifeywifeywifey

I panicked on a Thursday night & decided to run away for two weeks to gather some insight on a fast approaching decision I don't feel qualified to make on my own. I received more feed back in more areas than I set out for. this is the scariest, most exciting stage of my life & I cannot believe the safety net I have to catch my falls & house my run aways. of course, I'd never recommend it in normal conversation, but, sometimes... I guess running away is the answer. #summer17 #selfsearching #evolving

here's an action shot of me trying to impress the grumpiest lil guy I know. living proof that I am not good at everything. 🤷‍♀️ #homestate #summer17 #grumpiestGarrett #stillcutedoe #SoCal #babywatch #auntielifey #isthatyourwifeywifeywifey

died & went 2 heaven brb. #summer17 #tinysmall #homestate #auntielife

Imma just leave this right here. #foodie #summer17 #californiacoast #homestate #innout #basic

it's pretty obvious if it's a hike, I'm in. if there's an American flag at the top, I'm prob sprinting it. 💙❤️ #merica #roots #californiacoast #summer17

I was paddle boarding on my knees & this guy on his fancy boat yells "ITS EASIER IF YOU STAND UP" & of course I yelled back "GET YOU A GIRL WHO CAN DO BOTH" bc I'm a savage, holla. 😘 #firsttime #tinysmall #californiacoast

never felt grungier or happier! ❤️ #summer17 #baetch #californiacoast

finial Washington hike of the year. crossing Mount Rainier National Park off my list of fairytale mountain views. #newfriends #tinysmall #bigmountain #smallgirl #Seattle17

how fitting that our one year friendiversary falls during the same week of the Seattle beer festival! cheers to new friends! 🍻 #newfriends #sorryDrake #Seattle17 #seattlebeerfest

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