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G. Ramsey Staab  •I am an artist of many mediums this is a peep into that.• •Business inquiries please refer to my portfolio/website:• 👽🌖👇🏼🤪👇🏼🌔👽

It’s my sexual inner chi. 🙌🏽🤪

#practice. #process. #profess. Life is refinement and every moment is an opportunity to get more in touch with yourself. Wu-tang!

A backyard flick. Be prepared for a lot of az sunset pics Tucson it was a good one!

:::sound on::: I did another #diy #homeproject a real #securitydoor for my dog door weak point into mi casa. Swipe for photos. All #materials were #upcycled and took about an hour worth of time. Thanks for checking it out.

Wow, technology has to be drip fed to a being or it seems to have to much control over them before they know themselves. 🧐🧐🧐 any thoughts? Let’s start a conversation.

A friend of mine got a tattoo from someone who bit of way more than they could chew. His is on the left and mine is the best save job I could muster with what was there already. It was challenging but I’m glad she doesn’t have to walk around not feeling confident with what’s on her body. I cleaned this up and she did energy work on me, this was a trade deal which I’m always up to discus if it’s good. 🙌🏽💚 thanks for looking.

Practice practice practice. First run thru of this little script piece. Nothing fancy just getting in more reps. Make art.

Buddies taking a nap on a Sunday. Doggie hangouts are awesome, they help us get by. #punchitchuy Chuy is my moms pup I’m watching for the weekend. He’s a good dude, a bit special but it’s what makes him cute. 🤪🙌🏽

Most of my family has moved onto the next phase of life, pretty much leaving me, my sister and mother left in this dimension. I was recently introduced to my long lost aunt, whose post I found online with some local newspaper in the town I was born. She was looking for her long lost nephew and niece(my sister and I). I was 11 when my father passed away from alcoholism, I didn’t get much time with him to talk about our family. His dad, my grandpa(pictured above with grandma Charmaine on his left & aunt Pam on his right) was killed along with his daughter by a drunk driver when my father was 14.
Anywho, here is a great photo of three dear family members I’m just getting to know through the rekindled family that I lost. My aunt Pam lives in Denver and I was able to connect with her, exchange wisdom and stories. Turns out my Grandpa was not a cook like he told everyone, he was a machine gunner for helicopters in Vietnam and Korean War...turns out I probably have a lot of karma to clear. My grandpa had full sleeves(tattoos) in the 50’s. Just wanted to give some love to those that brought me here. Thank you this story has been a road of sadness but there has been just as much gold along the way(wealth in spirit & power) thank you God.

Some of the beauties you find in the alleys in Tucson.

Experimentation and practice. #excelsior #werise.

Contest! Like the photo & tag me on the Repost of this post and the person with the most likes will win this #calligraphy #meditation. Winner will be announced thanksgiving morning. Very simple, thank you for looking and I love you for #sharing #art #creation #contest #winner #love

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